Global Water Justice Movement denounces World Bank’s strategy to promote privatization of water and the commodification of water resources through UN SDG Agenda

” Global water justice organizations from around the world sent a letter on 22 April to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in order to express their deep concerns about a new “high-level” panel convened by the World Bank at the United Nations focusing on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal on water and sanitation. The movement is particularly concerned about the strong emphasis on private sector participation and private financing in the framework of this panel”.


The frustration I feel when I hear pro climate change and climate ‘deniers’ (the ones that don’t deny change just it underlying cause) banging heads as they get passionate and heated. Yet if they gave each a change they would find (in my experience) they are saying the same thing when you look at the core of both side essential arguments.

One side argue for a better planet through better behaviour. The other argues that placing corporations and corporate back politicians in charge of such a policy and goal is effective as a one legged man in an ass kicking competition.

Remove the corruption remove the corporate control over who looks after the environment the rest will take care of itself.

If we don’t then what ever your views on words like climate change might be the planet will burn. As we hopefully all agree on that can we get down to business and stop being divided and conquered over semantics.

Our faith in black hat white hats is childish. No sides ‘team’ has all the answers. Likewise if you think any one gets to be the president, prime minister, in the current system were corporate dollars again dictate the kind of democracy were having (or not ) then your an idiot. The political blame game is yet another distraction from the real cause at work.

The UN may say water for all but they are not in charge of the purse strings on the UN sustainability plan. That would be the World Bank and their view is promote “investment” and solutions that “Optimize the use of water through better planning and incentives will help to improve welfare and increase economic growth“. The last sentence nailsthe problem they want a healthy planet and ever increasing profit. They want more and we all know how that story ends.


If you love the planet you will make it your duty to read the UN policy on sustainability and learn who its corporate partners are, how the World Bank and IMF all ties into this. Then once you comprehend that you will realise were putting the junkies back in charge of the medicine cabinet.

And what ever your stance on climate change maybe that is a bad bad bad idea!

Why is it bad?

Because the IMF and the World Bank Group have two main income streams.

The first derives from their lending operations, charging mainly the borrowing countries; and the second from their income on investments in financial markets. 

Its goal is on creating debt and maximising profit for it share holders. These are some of the biggest polluters and ritual practitioners of ecocide on the planet. They are not interested in saving the planet only in making more more. Dollar addicted swine whose addiction to greed risks this entire planet if we don’t wake up to the fact privatisation is killing this planet – yet being sold as the actual solution.







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