AUSTRALIA’S FIRES – AGENDA 2030 What the corporate media forgot to mention when they called it ‘ridiculous’.

The Herald, as a part of the standard corporate media trend (where news agencies take it upon themselves to tell you what to think instead of simply reporting the facts), recently ‘reported’ on the idea that Australian fires were not as random as the official narrative claims. Their headline boomed authoritatively;

Tens of thousands of Aussies are lapping up a “ridiculous” conspiracy theory — that climate change is a United Nations-led hoax to aggressively depopulate the world.

Social media platforms are being used to push the theory, known as Agenda 21, and, in the past four weeks alone, hundreds of Australians have engaged in posts about it. A joint investigation by and social media intelligence agency Storyful over the past month has found only a handful of these posts take place on fringe sites such as Gab and 4chan. The bulk of Agenda 21 conversations are on mainstream platforms Twitter and Facebook — where tens of thousands of Aussies have liked and followed Australian-based pages dedicated to the conspiracy.


“The conspiracy theory centres on the UN’s non-binding Agenda 21 sustainable development goals, adopted by more than 178 governments in 1992. The document sets out broad objectives for governments to combat poverty and protect the environment. These goals were updated in 2015 with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which sets out 17 broad aims — including to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts” — agreed on by all UN member states”.

According to Herald this is all climate change nothing to do with the 100 arsons, council ineptitude (e.g. banning fire breaks), fire department funding slashes, spending on war and spy toys not critical local infrastructure, ignoring indigenous habits learned over 50,000 year, Antarctic draft – a non climate change phenomenon, flammable retardant in rain making aerosols (used ironically to fight fires), water sold off to water miners (instead of used for local purposes such as combating drought and fire), a seventy year weather cycle that has brought major fire crisis after major fire crisis since Australia European colonisation. Or a naturally occurring solar cycle, or the mass rape of Australia water supply (such as the Murray Darling basin fiasco) were through bipartisan (corporate backed lobbyist) permitted water harvesting and private dams the valley has being pushed into a drought that is entirely man made.

Image result for "snowy mountains hydro" water privatisation australia

Links below include mainstream reports to support each of the 13 alternative contributing factors I list which have added to the brutality of the Australian fires I mentioned above and below. the past 30 years we probably have had five or six occurrences that didn’t quite qualify as a sudden stratospheric warming,”Bureau of Meteorology’s Dr Harry Hendon.

“The flares are filled with combustible sodium chloride—pulverized table salt mixed with a flammable potassium powder. When the switch is flipped, the end of the flare shoots orange fire and trillions of superfine salt particles are released into the cloud. Water molecules are attracted to salt, so they bond to the particles and coalesce into raindrops.

Image result for "water privatization" china belt

Methods were now witnessing in New Zealand along with an equally set of sly moves aimed at stealing the water from the people. One which as in Australia focus of infiltration of the government not so much at the central level but via the local level which in New Zealand case was excluded from the electoral inquiry and is steered by Local Government NZ a corporate lobbying tool under the control of the Business Round Table (Institute NZ).

As mean while thing like Tiwi subsidised carbon bill, Rocket Lab hyper-sonic carbon bill, cruise ships and international aircraft omission omitted from IPPC reported are never discussed by the same profit seeking parties.


They also say the Agenda 2030 Agenda 21 goals are fiction and that the idea of ecocide and genocide do not exist. Because they say so.

Yet the article and many like it omit the most significant fact that Agenda 2030 UN policy is being driven by corporate scum bags (the financier of the World Bank and the International Money Fund who control and execute UN policy via control of global debt). Mega corporations many of whom have terrible history regarding human rights and the environment. Multinationals who repeatedly put people before profits and are on record of engaging in ecocide and whose monopolisation steps will cause economic apartheid which will result in death through lack of vital resources like food and water.

Source: Alternatives to Economic Globalization: A Better World Is Possible


Companies in on the Agenda 2030 resource grab agenda include according to their own website or the UN;

Image result for agenda 2030 monsanto

Shell – BP –
Cocoa Cola

Image result for nestle water privatization

The Herald’s omission of this key fact which is a solidly documented fact of who Agenda 2030 sponsors and there strategic partners are is proof that this is not actual news but rather an orchestrated attempt to smear those critical of the Agenda 2030 program. Its in fact damage control of facts which are concerning and are challenging the official narrative such as the role of the Australian military spreading flammable chaff over a fire risk area now ground zero of the great Australian fires.

A fairly informative video I like that he points out the ultimate winner is the mining companies which replicates those driving the agenda here in New Zealand

At 11:44 The video above shows the clip from Channel 7 played in October 2019 Queensland listing flammable military chaff being sprayed into the high risk area.

I confirmed the exercise took place on Oct 24th 2019 following a news report into a probe into fire at military barracks;

Investigations are under way into whether a fire that broke out during a military training exercise is related to a blaze that damaged three houses in the Gold Coast hinterland weeks later. Officials from the Department of Defence and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) are still fighting the fire burning on and next to the Kokoda Barracks field training area at Lower Beechmont since October 27. The cause of the blaze on defence land is being investigated for its potential link to training exercises. A fire sparked during an exercise at the Kokoda Barracks field training area on October 24 was extinguished, but fires repeatedly flared in two sections of the defence land in the days that followed. Defence cannot confirm if these fires are related to the military training activity of 24 October.

Image result for caused fires chaff military australia radar nsw conspiracy

A second report on the Australian Broad Casting February 7th 2019 shows the use of flammable military chaff clouds (which covered a large area caught on weather radar shown on national TV) in the high fire risk area was not an isolated case.

As for the idea that Chaff pose a fire risk and like cloud seeding includes the uses of flammable material the proof of thaat can be found in a US Air-force manual;

“The main issue with flares is their potential to start fires that can spread and have significant adverse impacts on the environment. Fires can cause a wide variety of significant secondary effects on personnel safety, soil, water resources, biological resources, land use, visual resources, and cultural resources”


Image result for chaff military fire risk
Chaff on Radar: April 22, 2016 National Weather Service USA

The Herald in one breath happily reports on weather manipulation tools in the hands of the Chinese but then says those who debate the idea the fires are being fed not just by ‘climate change’ and or allege the fire are started by military weapons is a nutter.

Even though we have several cases where the fire do lead back to arson, military induced technology, absence of water due to water harvesting, bureaucracy which ignored indigenous methods that have worked for thousands of years, in favour for means that ultimately provided food for the fires in an area with a history of weather patterns that are well record but whose impact is now being minimised and down played for an allegation offered up without citing a single shred of actual empirical proof for an opinion they disguise as a fact despite a lack of documented evidence to support their position.

The chambers burn solid fuel to produce silver iodide, a cloud-seeding agent with a crystalline structure much like ice. The chambers stand on steep mountain ridges facing the moist monsoon from south Asia. As wind hits the mountain, it produces an upward draft and sweeps the particles into the clouds to induce rain and snow”.

That the fires are not as random as they claim (on your behalf) is a clear. As is the hard fact that those telling us to only believe their version is are the same parties who are part of a rampant monopolisation and corporate control of media. As is the facts those insiting we listen to only their version are increasingly being surrounded by overly armed draconian enforcers.

It far from a conspiracy theory its a fact.

Fact is not using fossil fuels and a whole bunch of other ideas we do under the banner of fighting climate change are what we need to do anyway. If we want a healthy planet. Not disputing that at all.

But this does not change the other contributing factors, or that Agenda 2030 and its corporate sponsors (including BP, Shell and Chevron) are very real and getting to be more real every god dam year as they hijack environmentalism in the name of their corporate jihad of profits before people.

Reality really is a bitch.


II This is related social media post I made in February 28 2019 before the fires began.


It simply took its water.

Image result for "snowy mountains hydro"

The Australia government just approved the sale of Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation the subsidiary and brains of Snowy Hydro Dam the very heart and soul of Australian water.

The Snowy Hydro dam was approved in October 1949 to fuel Australia post war rebuild and military ambitions was completed in 1974 at cost of 820 million, then a considerable slice of Australia budget in the frugal post war years. Today Snowy Hydro is the commercial heart and soul of Australia’s water needs.

Yet less well known is how it was a leading pioneers in geo-engineering technology as Australia realised it would face water demand issues in the future.

Its ties to geo-engineering date back to the 1950’s when it was part of of the US Australian New Zealand based Project Crow Flight and experimented with the primitive means of cloud seeding. This was conducted in Australia and over the oceans of Tasman between Australia and New Zealand before arms convention treaties between the super powers made the subject of geoengineering taboo and it became a topic, in the 1970’s deemed fringe by mainstream corporate controlled media.

Today Snowy is an international multinational on its own right, associated with far more sophisticated method of water/weather manipulation including mountain geoengineering. Mountain geoengineering works by holding more snow in the uppermost reaches of the mountain ranges (i.e. peaks) where temperatures remain cold and holds the vast majority of water fit for human consumption. For usually snow falls on the mountain peaks, it eventually slides to the lower base of the mountain, where it melts in spring.

Image result for geoengineering snowy mountain

As global temperatures rise snowfall in the lower base of the mountains it won’t survive the heating atmosphere so would thaw and evaporate to quickly to be used by humans, their crops and farm stock. ‘Snow-dams’ however hold the snow on the uppermost elevations prevent thawing and then convert it to water using technology which reverse engineers the affects of snow machines that now dominate ski field around the world and have done so since the 1990’s.

This technology has huge ramification in relation to current moves by offshore firms to take control of New Zealand’s own glacier Mountain gold fields:an issue DEADLINE discussed recently following revelations of

1. Visit by offshore bankers, including the CEO of Goldman Sach’s (pioneers behind the concept of Green Bonds; the 100% privatisation of water, energy and carbon credits) to Te Anau (hosted by DOC, Ngai Tau, Meridan Energy), to Southland glacier regions.

Image result for fonterra water privatisation

2. The discovery of moves by Meridan to buy out the valley below (“sell out or be flooded out” ) and Nick Geritch, an IP lawyer working for Fonterra’s, public admission at his wife Barbara’s gallery Convergence, in Picton, during a exhibition on water scarcity, he was receiving briefing from the Pentagon. From a 3 star general to be specific.


Because in Nick’s words Fonterra wanted “to get out of milk farming and get into water farming”.

This is all to be done under the public guise of conservation and pest eradication. A similar strategy that now lies behind the buy out of not just the entire Mahi Peninsular but the Easts coast and Bay of Plenty were Free Pest 2050 major backer is multinational Bayers (the parent firm of Monsanto who own the patent on 1080). It comes as China seeks to move into the East coast and not just grow hemp but more importantly control hemps IP patents [which gives not only a financial return but ensure market control].

Post WWII Snowy Mountain Hydro was headed by New Zealand’s own Super weapons scientist Professor, Lieutenant Colonel, Thomas Leech, O.B.E.,, the dean of engineering at Auckland University school of engineering and the head of Project Seal Tsunami generating weapon. In 1950’s, under Leechs directorship, Snowy Mountain Hydro Dam was ground zero of Australia short lived nuclear bomb plans and has a tunnel complex which goes right under Canberra’s parliament.

Image result for project seal

This is widely considered the Australian equivalent of Cheyenne Mountain/Area 51 and is the home of Australia government in the event of disaster. Or its where the real work gets done if you are of a conspiratorial bend and believe in shadow governments or concept such as the deep state. If not and you reject that allegation as horse shit, fair enough, that however does not alter the fact water is the economic heart of Australia in the 21st century.
Control this you control every thing.

The company which has offices around the world was privatised and sold to its employees in 1993. Many of whom as we see with Leech had a back ground in the more secretive arms of the military industrial complex.

The purchase of Snowy Mountain subsidiary Snowy Engineering with decades of secrets, military and economic, in its archives compares to the purchase of South Canterbury Finances; whose subsidiaries Scale Shipping (was the base stone of NZ Merchant Navy Special Operations {namely the supply of arms to Moscow during the second war (when the Russian’s where the West allies} in WII) & Helicopter NZ, the helicopter and gunship pioneers, whose original backers included Air America and the CIA (as alluded to in Alan Hubbards own biography).

Both firms ultimately fell into the hands of Chinese backed firms offshore.

Image result for rise and fall of brierley investments

The Rise Fall & Flight of Brierlys Tony Wall: also documents the early attempt to take over SCF firm Scales which is also one of the largest owners of pastoral land in South Island. Today most of Brierlys firms are now owned by Chinese firms such as Lippo Group whose CEO James Riady, a recognised asset of Chinese Military intelligence, was identified as a major contributor to both the Obama and Clinton election campaigns in 1999.

This week Snow Hydro was brought by Surbana Jurong, (leading pioneers in Agenda 2030 smart city technology and urban redevelopment construction) an arm of the Singapore government, in a $400 million deal. It will merge with Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation double its size and lift revenue to S1.1 billion. The firm is now also buying up additional acquisitions in healthcare, aviation and facilities management.

Image result for snowy mountain singapore Surbana Jurong,

The question is whose fueling Surban Jurong spending spree?
Where the sudden influx money coming from?

Answer: In 2016 ICBC (The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited) signed a MOU (Memory of Understanding) with Surbana Jurong,to strengthen collaboration with a full suite of comprehensive financial and engineering expertise for major urban and infrastructure projects related to China’s Belt and Road initiative {who also build the technology behind the US major NAFTA highways).

Image result for China jenny shipley

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited(ICBC) , associated with former New Zealand Prime Minister Ruth Richardson, signed MOUs with organisations across Singapore and China on September 19 2016, strengthening its commitment to infrastructure partnership and financing efforts related to the “Belt and Road” initiative. The signing of agreements was witnessed by Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry (Trade) Lim Hng Kiang, Chinese Ambassador to Singapore Chen Xiaodong as well as about 200 representatives from Chinese and Singapore companies.

Singapore is also a junior member of the Five Eyes ( a government/ corporate partnership) intelligence alliance and were to have based a cyber security hub and fighter wing at Ohaka part of the 20 billion spend up on military and cyber security undertaken by John Key as part four commitment to Five Eyes. Suddenly and without explanation that deal is now said to have being cancelled.While questions now exist around the future of Five Eyes following allegations that it has being compromised.

This is not the first time the question has being asked has Five Eyes being compromised via it big business crown business partnership nature.

Image result for five eyes secrets sold canada arrest

According to the Chinese agreement, Singapore branch of ICBC will extend up 50 billion yuan states the Xinhua News Agency. Singapore’s capital markets and support Chinese companies looking to list equities or bonds on SGX, with a focus on real estate investment trusts (REITs) and offshore RMB bonds.

The Belt & Road Initiative Weekly states;

“China has set an excellent example for promoting sustainable development both nationwide and for the world as a whole”, said chiefs of international organisations and overseas observers on September 19 2016 (same day as the MOU between China and Singapore was signed) after a symposium on sustainable development at the United Nations headquarters. This is known as the UN-facilitated 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and was adopted by world leaders one year ago under pressure from the IMF and World Bank and its corporate backers which include firm owned by China’s Sate government plus multinationals like Nestle, Bayer, Monsanto, who have lobbied aggressively for water privatization one of the things that Agenda 2030 outlines under its 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) which it says is aimed at guiding the world to pursue economic and social progress while protecting the environment and it strategic partners profits.

Image result for "dams" china belt road australia

In 2017 the Australian government injected $2 billion into the Snowy Hydro project for expansion in a over to provide water to Australia struggling agricultural sector. It may own the hydro scheme but it has sold off much of its supporting infrastructure and associated water rights.

“The Federal Government’s long-awaited foreign ownership of water entitlement register reveals investors from China and the United States have the biggest stake in foreign-owned water entitlements in Australia. The majority of foreign-held water entitlements are in the northern part of the Murray-Darling Basin…The register, compiled by the Australian Tax Office, shows one in 10 water entitlements is foreign-owned at 10.4 per cent. Chinese and US investors each own 1.9 per cent followed by the UK owning 1.1 per cent. More than 1,800 gigalitres of foreign-held water entitlements are within the Murray-Darling Basin, which is 9.4 per cent of the total Murray-Darling Basin water entitlement on issue.The findings show the majority of foreign-held water entitlements are in the Northern Basin at 21.9 per cent, followed by 5.5 per cent in the Southern Basin”.

Today Australia is struggling to meet their water security needs and situation is likely to be repeated in NZ as local politicians like Lianna Dalziel (also a participants in Rockefeller 100 cities global government initiative) James Shaw, John Key, have being shown to get into bed with private firms- many of whom are part of the Agenda 2030 policy. These are dollar chasing parties who have neither our interest at heart or the environment, regardless of slick marketing and the support of the corporate owned media, as they put profit before the people or the planet. And climate change or not that is as much a factor behind Australia fires as the weather is.



  1. This is pleasing to read Ben, a great dot-joiner.
    I remember when we had the fires here in Christchurch a while back. You asked my opinion at the time and I was rather reserved in giving a reply, as I suspected something rotten at work but was surrounded by claims of Directed Energy Weapons and death rays…but no clear motive forthcoming just wild theories.
    Meantime I’ve watched fires in California, The Amazon, Aussie…and in each case we’ve had the same agenda bleated out by the MSM and the politicians.
    I’d say you’ve well and truly hit the nail on the head here mate. Hats off to you.


  2. “Having read this I thought it was very enlightening. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together. I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!”


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