Its the story of Iwi (corporate) vs Hapu (local lower socio economic populace). Its the tale of a strategic partnership between aristocrats and privateers aimed at taking land from the common people. It a tale being wept all over the land as we speak.

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The Maori Land Court Proposal as written by Privatisastion guru Patsy Reedy
Read the fine print Very very carefully.

October Government quiety opens hearing on the Maori Land Court ( Te Ture Whenua ), to insure iwi has power over hapu submission close November 26th.

2014 Maori Land Review overseen by iwi and Patsy Reedy current Governor General. Reedy is former specialist in privatisastion for Brierly Invesment who helped privatise Air New Zealand and rubbered stamped John Key mass surviallance bill. A task which for which she was rewarded with the post of Governor General. The ‘protector of the constituion’ reporteldy responded to this by exclaining this shoudl be interesting as “I dont know lot about constituional law”

2017 Corporate friendly government mangles land reform to benefit corporate share holders. Review is shelved as public attention begins to focus on its pro corporate intentions and criticism makes it clear the reforms do not have the support of the Maori people.

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Ihumatao Hapu VS Iwi.

Fletchers conflict of interest on land rulings. (Post removed)

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Supported the TPPA All the way as FOMA ignored its own peoples cries to ‘walk away’

Iwi big wigs backed the TTPA al the way with the support of Big Dairy, oil, mining, water privatisastion industries and the US embassy.

NZ First back Tainui Iwi interest in Mining.
The Corporate iwi short change local hapu (again)

All The Kings Men

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ALL THE KINGS ‘MEN’ Maori King accusation of corruption
. The Bad Boy Who Would Be King. Maori kings ties to Mongrel Mob Kingdom Mongel Mob Kingdom hire PR expert become Mongrel Mob Kingdom

Wahine Toa First Mogrel Mob chapter.

+ Post on hui in which Labour Mana and Destiny Church, recognised allies of Mongrel Mob Kingdom (promised prison rehabilitation funding), encourage gangs to vote removed nearly 6000 gang members encouraged to vote. Never explained what they got in return. (Labour)

Related image
Operation Wahine Toa US sets out to win Hearts & Minds. US Embassy in New Zealand launch operation Wahine Toa as part of TPPA PR.

American embassy groom Maori women on the marae. Specifically those with access to wi funds and advocates of rogernomic privtisastion nicked named iwinomics.
US Amassador looks at NZ crime science and cyber bulling in Waikato US Corporate backed grooming exercise.

General intelligence – indicators Theft of hapu by iwi official and police officer in Waikato Maori trust. Police intelligence found in Waikato Mob hands. reflects centers were use epidemic as gangs flourish as result of P-scourge way waste to Maori and Pakhea alike.

Tainui Corporate iwi affiliated corruption. SFO hit back against criticism of Waikato Health Board CEO.āori_loan_affair origins of corporate iwi, CIA and New Zealand Bussiness Roundtable (Institute NZ) manipulation of the Maori people. The battle for urban Maori funds.



  1. The sad truth is that *Maori( not most Maori just certain IWI / corrupt treaty gravy boaters) are partners with the Crown.
    The treaty is bullshit. It has no legal standing it was signed by a few dead early settlers(their death which legally voids the agreement) with no mandate from the people , no written constitution and no understanding.Land ownership is quite different to guardianship.The treaty is a facade and without the treaty narrative the Bank or England’s Crown NZ Govt has nothing to legitimize itself.

    The Crown NZ govt is an illegitimate govt and that is why Maori ( early settlers, boat people not indigenous as John Key+ UN declared)are being used more and more.There were people on this land when Maori arrived.
    Haven’t we outgrown the Crowns attempt at an apartheid nation we are all human beings. Any obsession with race” has been implanted by Govt alone along with other silly memes used to divide.

    The Corporation ( Crown NZ govt) has always worked with and allowed gangs to sell and traffic drugs .Thats why the gangs (and NZ P market) is flourishing the Govt allows it.


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