“I love meth it make the workers work harder for me” Comment made by welathy Tasman captain of industry a millionaire with interests in mining dairy forrestry and fishing”.

“God bless you ignorant cocksuckers in Deadwood who strive mightily .. to add to my ever increasing fortune,” Al Swearengen Deadwood The TV Series.

My great grand father was a Deniston coal miner from that perspective I see three tragedies at the recent protest which saw thousands turn out in the mistaken belief they were marching for a better deal for the coast. And in fact are being exploited by opportunist who come election time are seeking to generate opportunity out exploitation.

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Eugene Sage the poster girl of arrogance like Helen thinks the Coasters are “cunts” and “ferals”.
She knows best so do as she says and will all get along

1. CHILDREN JUST DO AS SAY (not as I do).

Environmentalism on the coast is being set back hundred years as twats in suits in Wellington or mock safari Doc (Department of ‘Cunts’) tell these people what to do instead of working with them to find environmental solutions that work and put food on the table – “Greenies” as result are despised on the coast because of such hubris. The city hipsters who see the coasters as dumb red necks. A view point stepped in ignorance that two faced big bussiness (smart phone mining) dollars encourages as it prods these ‘greenies’ to go right on in and belittle these pride, resilent, folks. People who when spoken to with respect and due diligence (for their role in shaping New Zealand’s once elegatarian society) can thinks outside the circle as good (in fact better) as any one else if given the opportunity and a formula in which they too are allowed quality of life and not just exsistence.

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West Coast Unions based on socialist values taught us we swing together or we hang together.

2. YOU FLEECE THE GOOSE- I’ll PLUCK THE GANDER.A lot of old two faced bugger in bed with government, who need to change their way, will have their power entrenched the more the Coast is alinenated. Coasters are loyal to a fault and take a long time to accept the folk they went to school with do not always have their best interest at heart.

The issue of roads being allowed to fall into disgrace is aimed at creation of road through National forrest and mineral rich area. Throw in an area deliberatly targeted with meth, gangs, decline fishing and local industry, all the coasters can see if mining (done the old way) goes in is food on the table. Deliberately being placed under seige so they can seen only one option and will be greatful when blasting begins and their resources are pinched for pittance in royalties (crumbs off the cake) and resources such as water and wild food are taken from them to make sure they remain good gulag slaves.

The cycling roads are not for tourism but step on for mining roads of minerals for our 5G prison. In a perfect world we would mine the coast and the coaster themselves would be majority shareholders of their own land (hapu instead of iwi control local control over local investment). Thus you would need but one mine running not a 100. NZ get the resources it needs, the environments does not get trashed,resources are spent to expand infrastructure and develop environmentally sane solutions and the world slavery by 5G plan can bugger off to back Auntry Helen’s underpants where it belongs.

3. Coasters, historically, have always risen up first (and the government knows this and literally have built this fact into their counter insurgency population control strategy e.g. Operation Katipo was centred in the National forrests ) as they feel the boot on their necks first. And thus this is why they will be targeted and isolated (roads not repaired no infrastructure being put in) the hardest first. Kill it before it grows.

Ditto the folk in oil rich Kaikoura from all works of life who are seeing the rot first hand and coming together to oppose it will need to watch their backs. They represent a threat and thus are high priority target.

Mining companies are not stupid and literally operate from counter insurgency mannuels based on hearts and ‘mines’.

They aim at wining over local support and destroying potential opposition before it even gets started (kill it before it grows). This point is illustrated in the fictional series Deadwood, in which large mining companies, on the wild west fronteir, smash the free press (literally). They then buy their own media to ‘shout down’ every other remaining dissenting voice, they then purchase local elections, are generous with the booze, and put but a single bullet in the head of the local engineer. A precise surgical strike on the only guy, amongst the little people, with the technical skill to compete against them, once the sheep are shorn and those who wont be part of the heard have being singled out, removed from the pack and then put on a spit and roasted.

How do I know all this?

Well because I’m one of the guys who during my time in the army helped write the play book now in action ( as a partipent in Counter Insurgeny Exercises ‘Lawman’ (3Fld HQ Artillery Intelligece), ‘Ivanhoe’ [attached to the Force Intelligence Group[ FIG] Counterintelligence, ‘Golden Fleece’ 3Fld HQ Artillery Intelligence and others. Executive: Military-Style ‘Psy Ops’ Experience Applied’

The latest version of what I trained in the 90’s is 2017’s Operation Katipo located in the heart of the West Coast national forrest an area briming with mineral specifically those used in 5G based technology.

Katipo is a military exercises are supposedly based on a fictitious scenario set in a Pacific region called Becara (the full gaming scenario was developed in1990’s at the US National War College) , “which is now suffering high unemployment, due to a decline in forestry, coal and gold mining and ‘low investor confidence’. When the Becaran government proposes a new economic vision for the region, some Becarans object and form a resistance movement to oppose it”. The rest (which the US version list as “a compliant majority” just see jobs and are happy to support the occupying forces as they are encouraged to focus on short term gain.

Coasters need to get back to pre Labour when they (not politicians or the captains of industry) spoke for themselves and they supported themselves.

They need to recall their own history the story of proud Cornish and Welsh aritsan who downed tools and stood in solidarity and said to the captain ‘go ahead use the derelicks left from of the gold mining era. Use the drunks, thieves and remittence men, who ot of desperation will work themselves to death so they can get pissed at night for a few coins before they fall asleep in dirty over croweded work huts. Go ahead and see your profits dive’. The professional miners stood strong and the mining industry sure enough came crawling back when they realised their profits were suffering at the hands of an incompetnet scab workforce (purposely keeped pissed and dsyfuntional). They got their working wage and 40 hour week. New Zealand began to look like a democracy not a colony to be drained and feed upon. We have the West Coast largely to thank for that.

Now I am not so sure if they get this or remember it. Pike River politics has shown me how Labour exploited their hurt at John Keys hands, to exploit their personal suffering. Pike was Labour’s means of helping them them forget betrayals such as the TPPA and the Timberland’s accords – a time when Helen Clark showed her distain for the West Coast calling them “ferals.” Now they call Adern a “pretty communist”as National and potentially New Zealand First get ready for the game of seduction and tag team switch aroo as the industry boys prepare for the chance to gang bang the coast’s ass and treat her as their bitch once more .

LOST TRIBES REVISTED: How the Coast was Conned.

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Silly words that forget

A) the role socialism played in giving the West Coast (and the rest of New Zealand) a fair deal not just for a few but for all.

B) Adern like Key/Peters supported the TPPA a promining mining (but with out workers safety being a factor) pro big bussiness scam. One in which the locals get nothing (but enough to get pissed/baked and pass out) and big bussiness takes all the cake. Thats not communism (which literaly got an ice-pick in the head in Mexico courtesy of Mobile Exxon/Ford’s boy Stalin in 1930 ; but thats another story) that my friends is literally fascism (the state in bed with big business). Time we started get our vocabulary sorted and used the right words.

C) Those who spat at NZ First Green Labour back in 2001 are now in bed with the Neoliberal ‘Kochsuckers’, so as in one breath Labour says no to coal/fossil fuels it says yes to smart phone minerals, water privatisastion, US access to mineral rich Antartica and deep sea bed mining. While the good old boys who spat at Labour NZ First during the Timber Accords say ‘let us look after our own resources but keep using 1080 and brodifacoum as it poison the food chain, dont worry about crumbling infrastucture and diversification. No!! their can only be one way for Coasters to forge ahead and thats mining in a manner were the ‘good old boys’ get the plum and you get a few dollars to piss up against the wall. Those ‘good bastards’ who want it all and have the audicity to think socialism a bad idea and well encourage coaster (using the shit and non socialist examples of pro TPPA pro Tally Adern/Winston administration) to forget socialism is the workers getting to gether to make sure every one gets a slice of the pie and not just those Good Bastards who want the Coasts pie for themselves when all is said. Those who believe in the wants of a few over the needs of the many.

The irony these are the very ‘Good’ bastards who slagged Labour NZ First and Doc. But who are now firmly in bed and are now getting vocal come election time as they seek to apply pressure and control the vote pie to the highest bidder -funny that. Their mobilisation of popular opinion comes as a second gold rush is around the corner but the locals will see none of this. As they think these asshole have won them a victory and thankfully doth their hats for the scraps they are given. Blinded to how they are being prepped to be bent over and shafted good and proper.


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