Kai -time@ Kaikoura Sea Food BBQ

Louis and the team at Kaikoura Seafood BBQ kindly cooked me some awesome kai. Which is just as well as I had worked up an exercise as I walked along the wild and unique Kaikoura coastline admiring its beauty and all the kiwis and tourist out to enjoy a real bit New Zealand. Some things need to be left just as they are.

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The story of Kai and Kaikoura begins with the Māori, the first inhabitants of Kaikoura, drawn by the region plentiful food (kai) stock including kaimoana (seafood) and seabirds. In the early 1840s, Scotsman Robert Fyfe arrived with four whaleboats to chase tohorā, the mighty southern right whale. Their oil would light the homes of Europe, far away. Today just like the whales the oil is running out. So now were looking at ‘smart technology’ civilisation built of precious metals and super highways that cut us off from nature. As we repeat the tragedy of the slaughter of whales and the greed of oil. I have chat about that as I head off for a lunch that delivers on its mighty reputation built on natures bounty and keeping it real.


Kaikoura Seafood BBQ places high on Lonely Planet’s “Ultimate Eat List” of 500 food experiences. The editors of Lonely Planet have compiled a list of 500 experiences to create an Ultimate Eat List.

Crayfish in Kaikoura was the top New Zealand food experience, because of how simple and fresh the food process was. Kaikoura Seafood BBQ manager Kate Claridge said providing the winning kai was very exciting. She was humbled to learn her business had placed seventh on the list. “We do quite simple foods, but it must be the taste of the crayfish. That isn’t something we engineer.”

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