Fun Loving Criminals: The Jail House Kaikoura Kai-time in the Big House.

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I know eating meat in this day an age is almost a criminal offence. And yes a meat all diet is not a good thing especially if your products processed. But as I eat the Jail House ‘Jail Break’ burger in Kaikoura (as an all home made source combo of gangster mayo, chutney, tomato sauce, make a deliciously messy jail break escape from their prison of fresh buns, lettuce, red onions, beetroot, onion, cheese, premium quality meat patties and bacon) I cant help point out a reality often forgotten in this age of mass marketed McMonsanto Veganism.

How local produce, has bugger all packaging, low transport mile and keeps local dollars local, meaning if its is a villain then it a pettycrim in comparison to the organised crime syndicate/corporate pushed drive for industrial agriculture – heavy on pesticides, transport, packaging, (not to mention increasingly GMO based Super Villains).Besides these bad boys taste so good it would be criminal not to enjoy the great big juicy taste that has your body and soul responding to it in a way that no fake gsm injected fake meat can ever achieve. So chomp away and do collect $200 do pass Go as you enjoy these fun loving criminals.

Other jail themed naughty treats at the jail house include the knuckle sandwich, the pound, Outlaw, Piggy Jail Bird, Screw and Crim. The later is honest homage to those want a real vegan experience not the mcfraudlent version. With all burgers at the Jail House including a gluten-free option. It cost a few more coins but it is worth insist co-owner Trina. Trina keeps being told hey “I ordered a gluten-free burger because our burger taste like real bread because I wanted to make sure they had the same flavour and texture of real bread being gluten free and bread lover myself”.

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The Jail house also has a souvlaki menu, fries, hot dogs (bad dog, top dog and bad dog of course), a kids menu, drinks and some great desserts that Jason the other partner wont tell me about joking “nah mate I cant give you all our secrets you know the saying snitches get stitches”. Oh and if you do want time off for good behaviour yes they do have vegan and vegetarians options too.

14 West EndKaikoura, New Zealand Visit Us on Facebook Call 03-319 5637

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