WHEN IN DOUBT KISS A BABY: Politics For Dummies.


More PR bullshit aimed at pulling at our heartstrings while we actually miss the point. The child’s needs are playing second fiddle to the parents wants.

I know its a quaint and old fashioned idea, but I voted for leaders who told me they would give us 100% of their energy if they were elected. Sorry but having babies in the house, or work place, no matter who’s child they are, is just nonsense. It’s not a government or company giving 100% of their attention to leading the country that promised to work for fulfilling their obligations to their people. Or to put it another way when was it okay for the child not to get their parent’s attention 100% of the time, instead of just on the hop and in between work commitments. I don’t see it as endearing and cute I see it as a government so arrogant and deluded it does not feel it has to demonstrate to its voters that it’s their actions that count or that it takes its obligations serious at all.

God what curmudgeon I am but sorry when I see manipulative narcissist behaviour and disingenuous motives in action it just makes my blood boil at such soppy saccharine stunts


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