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“Monsanto develops agricultural products to assist farmers in cultivating the land, but we know that in order to build a better future, the world will also benefit from cultivating responsible and motivated youth”. Monsanto Cultivating Youth for a Better Future

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Education Correspondent for Radio New Zealand John Gerritsen has reported students involved in the recent School Strike 4 Climate campaign, are reaching out to Union’s to send the country on strike.

He and other reporter identify Sophie Handford and Raven Maeder as leaders of the ‘spontaneous’ global youth movement. John’s relatives include Nick Gerritsen, a major green wash consultant for big business. (see below)

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Raven Maeder is on The New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO Aotearoa Youth Leaders group (More about them shortly). Her job at UNESCO is to “attend all National Commission meetings and provide advice to the National Commission on how to engage young people in UNESCO’s work programmes”.

Sophie Handford is born in Paekakariki, a small seaside village, north of Wellington decscribed as a diverse community of artists, musicians and “passionate activists.” Sophie attended KāpitiCollege where she is “head girl and involved with environmental activism groups”. This year she will be a UN Youth Ambassador for World Vision charity and part of the Wellington Forest & Bird Youth Council. Sophie Handford, will be standing in the upcoming Kāpiti Coast District Council elections.

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Sophie father Peter Handford comes from a background in forestry and is a NZ Institute of Forestry Registered Forestry consultant and lobbyist. Peter is also the director of Groundtruth a New Zealand company using science and “smart technology” to engage communities. Groundtruth websites states “Our services and products are designed to achieve positive and sustainable land management results that are supported by local communities, businesses and other stakeholders”.


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Sophie Handford and Raven Maeder will be speakers at this years LGNZ 2019 conference, LGNZ (Local Government New Zealand) past leadership read like a whose who story of right wing corporate cheer leading.

This is because Local Government New Zealand is a product of Rogernomics (the far right fiscal polices of Labour 1980’s government under David Lange and Labour Finance Minister Sir Roger Douglas – Sir Roger was later the founding member of right wing Act) neo-liberal policyiesand follows the amalgamation of municipal authorities in the 1990’s from 870 to just 87.

LGNZ is in short a vehicle use by big business lobbying interests to drive further localized Rogernomics style privatisation as it ultimately creates debt, misspending, which ultimately place power in the hands of a few.

This year 2019 conference” ‘Riding the localism wave: Putting communities in charge’, is all about communities and empowering them to take charge of their social, economic, environmental and culture well-being through localism. The Deep South Challenge is proud to be a gold sponsor and to continue our important and ongoing partnership with LGNZ, supporting our local communities to adapt to our changing climate”.
Panel speakers will also include;

John Mauro, Chief Sustainability Officer, Auckland Council; originally from the USA Seattle’s Climate Plan, a Watson Foundation which is funded by IBM computers and the Rockefeller 100 Re-silent Cities (also involving Christ church Mayor Lana Dalziel) a defacto smart cities hedge fund rather than being an actual charity and is partner to the United Nations Agenda 2030 Climate response.

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James Palmer, Chief Executive, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council who gave decided part of Napier Port will be sold to free up cash to pay for protecting the region from climate change. Before taking that role up in 2014 James was the Director of Strategy Systems and Science Policy for the Ministry of Primary Industry responsible for the Ministry’s “strategic policy and science policy functions, policy capability and regulatory performance”, in addition to being MPI’s Departmental Science Advisor, for the Primary Growth Partnership and Irrigation Acceleration Fund. That last bit in case your were not paying attention meas he is part of a growing industry based water privatization lobby group. †

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The LGNZ current president David Cull is the out going mayor of Dunedin where the The DCC, one of the most debt ridden council in New Zealand, has racked up the third highest spend on travel expenditure among all NZ councils as it cheer leads Climate emergencies while simultaneously promoting the disastrous carbon unfriendly cruise ship industry. When David Cull came into public politics as councillor he cheered very very loudly for the Dunedin Forbar Syth Stadium but in the end chose not to vote for it only because it became clear it was a vote looser that has now ended up costing the rate payers over 400 million. When the stadium debt became apparent the administration Cull was a part of repeatedly raised the idea (through councillor Michael Guess) of selling the port of Otago to cover any debt which ’might’ result from this vanity project.

Children The Key to A Smart Future (Market)

Students rising up for climate change by going on strike. Whoo-hoo! Awesome!

Let’s get behind that – said many who sanely think we need to fight this good fight. And soon word spread on the schoolyard. It’s cool to be Green. And if you don’t think that, you can’t hang with the cool kids. Hmm. Did any of us adults ever bother to find out where this ‘spontaneous’ movement actually sprang from? What would you think as a parent if I told you it was being fanned by some of the filthiest planetary vandals?

Well, that’s exactly what is happening when student’s invited students from around the world, including New Zealand, to skip school on the first day of COP 21, the UNFCCC Climate Conference, it was called ‘Climate Strike One’ and was organised by the United Nation Global Youth Network whose sponsors for this very ‘green’ teen slumber party included water privatisation monsters Nestle, their de facto subsidiaries Coca Cola, Pepsi,Starbucks, Du Pont Chemicals, Anglo-American Tobacco, BHP , Billiton, Syngenta, Shell Oil,Rio Tinto, Monsanto and its new owner, German pharmaceuticals and chemical giant Bayer – just to name a few of its partners from a long list of corporate scumbaggery.

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Sponsors also included Autodesk, a Canadian smart technology giant recently purchased by TPPA member Singapore state-owned Surbana Jurong – China’s economic expansion partner in The Beltway Roads who last month (as NZ wakes up to reality of water privatisation that the NZ ratification of the TPPA has brought upon us), bought Snowy Mountain Hydro Engineering Ltd.

The latter is the brain of Australia’s Snowy Hydro Scheme which in turn is the absolute arbiter of Australia’s water strategy for the next century. This is all being marketed under the auspices of the United Nation’s corporate dominated climate strategy known as Agenda 2030.

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Finance for the Surbana Jurong spending spree came from China’s International Construction Bank, whose directors in New Zealand included Jenny Shipley famed of the Mainzeal rort, Oriva (Food & Water) and who is Vice President of the Club of Madrid who also promote the 17 goals of Agenda 2030 and the goals of its ‘partners’, Nestles, Coca Cola, Monsanto and its parent firm Bayer.

Then there were the COP21 speakers; Tim Grosser, an economic hit man, who as a senior Foreign Affairs officer helped to pass the TPPA under the governments of both Helen Clark and John Key.

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It was Metiria Turei, of the Green Party,who first called the TPPA, “A Magana Carta for Corporations that delivered absolute power” (Dunedin 22/5/2015) – a statement made shortly before she fell/was pushed onto her sword during the last election and was replaced by James Shaw, co-leader of the Greens. Shaw, incidentally, is a former consultant to Bayer, the Hong Kong Shang Hai Bank of China and Price Water House Cooper (PWHC). PWHC told the NZ government that if it signed the Kyoto Protocol in 2002, the government would make $3 billion a year – only to tell us after we ratified the treaty that– No. New Zealand would lose $3 billion. PWHC had made a $6 billion per annum gaff that it simply calls an “accounting error”.

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Shaws best friend in Nick Gerritsen’s a consultant for Fonterra and their plans to get into water farming. Nick also has clients in the oil and arms and related smart technology industry that’s driving sea bed mining in the Cook Island in the form of Lockheed Martin (Rocket lab) owned UK Resources Ltd believed to be partnership with New Zealand whose new High Commissioner UN Agenda 2030 envoy former mining security firm CEO and smart technology specialist Tessa Temaata

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Other speakers at COP21 included Sean Kidney of Climate Bonds, Wayne Sharpe of Carbon Trade Exchange, and Carl Pendragon of Carbon Wealth.

STORM AREA 51 Yes. The Agenda 2030 corporate-controlled version of global environmental being sold our kids is not so much a benevolent Spock and Kirk spouting one planet – live long and groovy, baby – but rather a case of corporate Klingons chanting, “nachDaq yInISQo’ qoH chev pong Qot” (‘only a fool lets his head be separated by lies‘), who are pushing a predatory form of fake environmentalism, via sophisticated marketing aimed at the youth market, that ultimately will deliver the very opposite results of its carefully crafted propaganda.

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Sadly, we have put the junkies in charge of the medicine cabinet and hopefully our kids are smarter than the many adults who seem to have formed opinions without doing their homework first.

One more reason to stay in school, kids.


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