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Spoiler Alert: warning no actual aliens were hurt in the making of this story .

Visa the recently raised issue of ‘UFOs’ in the night sky of Australia (see link below)

Yes there have being strange lights in Australia since April (same areas as the defence exercise Talisman Tiger: notably mention but not named or its scale 25,000 soldiers reported).

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In New Zealand we have getting the same BS since January nearly over 19 UFO stories that aliens might be real popping up at the same time Uncle Sam in the form of Lockheed opened up defence satellite weapons launch facility.

None of this is New Just Go Ask Owen
Oddly in the same areas plagued by quakes every time they launch a series of satellite tied to propagation boosting (giving signal on ground weapon more bang) or were the USAF conducted “geo-warfare operation (Wilkes Owen Protest 1973 Turnbull Library Archives Wellington ) in the 1970’s.

A discovery which a sparked now forgotten public protest -Wilkes was some what of a legend in his time a respected academic, peace activist and all round kick ass investigator ( The Pentagon hated him passionately)

Owen Wilkes, once faced jail for allegedly spying in Scandinavia after an invitation to work at peace research institutes in Norway and Sweden following Wilkes work on the proposed Omega transmitter station in the South Island (pre HAARP), which he believed would make New Zealand a target in a nuclear war.  The problem arose when the academic trained Wilkes went to the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo in 1976 and became curious of the US electronic listening posts in Norway (also pre HAARP) . 

Eventually Wilkes and his colleague were identified as not working for any foreign power and let off with a fine and a suspended sentence.  Wilkes then took up a job with the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, but by 1981 he was in trouble again, this time with Swedish authorities accusing him of improperly acquiring classified information on Swedish defence. 

Claims by Wilkes in the early 1980s that the communications centre at Tangimoana in the lower North Island was actually an electronic spy station and part of an American worldwide network were immediately denied by the Government. This and other Wilkes missile defence research focused angle were later proved correct.

Author and researcher Nicky Hager described Wilkes as a genuinely exceptional New Zealander, “partly because of his independence but also because of his ability to research and articulate ideas not yet understood.”. 

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More bullshit lights down under

This is a subject I have being covering since 2015 (in relation to Rocket Lab inMahia Peninsula East coast North Island New Zealand) as we have observed the build up of US defence operation in ‘Nuclear Free New Zealand’ whose clients include QuakeTec an electromagnetic seismic satellite made at Victoria University (Wilkes, who held a phd in physics and was respected by NZ then half decent MSM wrote extensively on how NZ atmosphere was used for test next generation missile research) and again defence funded.

More Bat shit and Dingo Fake News from MSM

It comes as Channel & one of Aussie main MSM can also be pushing idea that exploding meteors were weapons from Aliens the same week.

Yeah right Brucie. Strewth pull the other one Bob.

Restaurant At The End of the Universe.

These lights in this case are not UFO but bats for certain.
How do I know for certain.
I lived there and in the 1990’s did a spot waiting down at the Rocks and out side restaurant the bats came out many night and looked like UFOs flying in formation if the light was reflecting right. Our (the waiters) personal little lets fuck with the tourist head joke was to pretend we had not seen them and when asked (usually by Americans) ‘what are they?’ were would go ‘oh those are our local aliens’ nonchalantly.

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The bats however were well known and even have there own website – how batty and non alien is that?

Met with disbelief we looked at the patrons and go ‘no seriously and they telepathic look I will show you’.

At which point you clapped your hands loudly and for a split second the formations (if close enough – which generally was the only time you did this to be fair) they would break apart then regroup. And the crazy thing is you always got tipped generously for the honour of messing with their minds. Like you had pulled a really cool magic trick, and they would looked at you as if they knew you were pulling a con but could not spot the exact flaw. (clue: aliens really have far better places than to hang out than the Rocks: as pleasant a place for a beer it is as any).

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Rocks Sydney Cray Fish again not Aliens

It does however make the bizarre increase of UFO activity, reported increasingly as serious news in MSM, a little less odd ( ‘nothing to report you are not seeing signs of increased militarisation of our skies it just ET. Now go back to your X-Box and rot your brain some more. In no time we can get you to believe any thing suckers’) – as specifically we get shown the same low grade proof of aliens that right up til now our beloved cynical MSM rightly rejected as flaky. Sadly this post is not about the interesting subject of genuine Ufology and lets just stick with Carl Sagan yard stick “extraordinary claims require extraordinary levels of proof” and that ain’t it Tonto.

But back to reality & a really scary lethal monster called the Pentagon

More alarming than the Bats is the arrival of the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Wasp which I cover in depth with real lights that’s are not aliens or bats.

In one sense yes they could be said to be proof of little Green Men up to no good in your neighbourhood – will they are wearing US Army Green at any rate.

That concept of US warships and odd lights did not go so well last time NZ had an exercise – the first in 35 years actually – coinciding ( just like the last two NZ quakes 2010 2011) before a major military law enforcement exercise with a quake which oddly also saw this same rush of bullshit UFO/strange lights stories then as will.

A phenomenon reported down under since May 28th 1993 when yes a US carrier was also in Aussie ( the link below well worth reading and having gone through much of it years ago I would say Mason has being largely vindicated by latter events -despite exhausted attempts to down play his findings and two consecutive government (Australia & American) investigations into this very issue) too

The Ronald Reagan (the father of the Star Wars Defence program) Strike Group, led by the U.S. Nimitz-class supercarrier USS Ronald Reagan, arrived in Brisbane, Australia, for a port call on July 5, the U.S. Pacific Fleet’s Task Force 70 announced in a press release. Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Chancellorsville arrived with USS Ronald Reagan into Brisbane on July 5. One day earlier, USS McCampbell, an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, arrived in Townsville, Australia.

By 2020 more than 60% if the US navy will be based in the Pacific.
More than 20,000 personnel will support 2500 permanently based Marines ( most insider think the figure will be higher much higher)

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Ronald Reagan is the United States’ sole forward-deployed aircraft carrier, currently homeported in Yokosuka, Japan.

Also on deck the USS Wasp carrying 2500 marines and F35B Lockheed Jets

Participating forces are also expected to conduct amphibious landing drills, and enhance interoperability in land force maneuvers, urban operations, air operations, maritime operations, and special forces operations.

Talisman Sabre 2019 will take place in the Australian Defense Force’s Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area, off the coast of Queensland.

It is understood pubs in Sydney are doing a great trade as result of all the little men green sadly not from Mars but Uncle Sam – whose leader to be fair is a bit of Zaphod Bebbke Broxs and perhaps not of this planet 😉

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Jokes aside

Bats are however sensitivities to electromagnetic disturbance as are bees, dolphins, and New Zealand native Fan Tails all of which have popped up in the last two weeks in relation to odd phenomenon – again much of this not new to long term observers.

Animal do weird shit + mystery lights near state of art defence facility – NOT GOOD!

Or A (animals) over L (lights) + P (pentagon ) = SNAFU situation normal all fucked up.

Its a simple but winning formula I find.

Combined with what we already know things could get very interesting this week.

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  1. […] The reverse of that for example the Area 51 and near by China Lake anomalies which clump around the China Lake quake events which goes back to just before Russian spy planes in January (That when Russia became interested in something specifically being tested in area 51 back in January according to MSM and major networks) and to reports of microwave weapons testing coinciding with recent quakes (a story which in fact dates back to 2016 with identical phenomenon taking place in same spot). These can be found in pages pushed offf the top twenty google searches by Area 51 popularity and subsequent search algorithm shaped as a result of the new trend. Intentionally or otherwise.… […]


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