Masonry Scotia Dear Dunedin – A Tale About the Tartan Mafia & White Supremacy & Rifle Clubs in NZ.

Some one just asked me about the masonic influence to be found in Dunedin
This coincides with a wee project Im working on to illustrate just how badly this cult has influence New Zealand and its on going influence in current affairs. Come on get your walking shoes and sammies and let me be your guide.

You have Dunedin it has a lovely beach it called St Clair
You have Dunedin it has lovely but cold suburb called Roslyn.
You have Dunedin’s Octagon & Freemason Robbie Burns sculpture.

“And you, farewell! whose merits claim Justly that highest badge to wear: Heav’n bless your honour’d noble name,To Masonry and Scotia dear!”

You have Dunedin with it lovely settler museum near the old stock were old boys made gold and Queen victor park were each ANZAC day we come to recall the young men sent to die because old men dreams of empire and power. If you look closely you will see it side bears a fascis in ancient Rome, the fasces meant a bundle of rods strapped together around an ax—it was a symbol of power domination and even subjugation.
Later on it will mean fascism the ideology associated with skin heads and white supremacy. I always thought it odd that statue dedicated to those who fought such evil would bear such symbols. It also contains the two laurels you will see on every war memorial not just in Dunedin but through out the former British Empire. A time when white supremacy and the right for colonial Christian empires to treat their indigenous people and their resources like chattle was a given.

You have Dunedin’s fantastic ice cream parlour the Rob Roy dairy. Named after the chief character in Freemason grand master mason Sir Walter Scots masonic symbol chocked novel Ivanhoe.

Image result for dunedin flowers stairs albany street

On a good-day you can sit outside enjoying your ice cream and marvel at the spring flowers on the steps across the road. Some time they grow them so they form the letter G, a masonic compass and even a skull and cross bones.

Image result for dunedin gargoyles university

Walk down the road Albany St (Albany Masonic Temple in Albany, New York sits on the oldest property continuously owned by Masonry in the United States) you will see that clearly masonic symbol of the ivy league in form of skull, owl, or atlas [holder of riches] as you walk into the university.

Symbols carved into the stone above the clock tower in a style which matches exactly with what you will find on building in Oxford University, Harvard, or any ivy league school. The symbols of white snobs who dominate our our board of directors and hang on to the old school blazer and rugby cap culture of an old boys network via their private sport clubs (rifles and rugby anyone) and elite scholarship programs. There too ensure the status quo never changes. Regardless of the neo- liberal package and lip service pc bullshit which pop culture like Bro Town beautiful demonstrate and and lampoon as still being very part of our modern social fabric.

Image result for "bro town" quiz

You have Dunedin it has a shit transport system (controlled not by the DCC but the old boys Otago Regional Council which sit next to the multi-storey masonic lodge (making it one of the largest lodges in the country) preaches need to take the “climate crisis serious” but loves it oil guzzling cruise ship market. The old boys Ritchies who run the Regional Otago Council sanctioned monopoly responsible for the shit transport system are located next door to the old boys club the Dunedin Club and the Dunedin Masonic Lodge.

Its members are sometime called the ‘Tartan Mafia’.

Image result for "dunedin club" fern hill

A place where you can hang with the Consuls and the Pretoria, the movers and shakers, like a young John Key or. Lieutenant General The Right Honourable Sir Jerry Mateparae Key’s choice for first the Director of the Government Communications Security Burea then as the GovernorGeneral during the flag debate. A time when republics were all the rage even with hip cool kids who had no idea what a republic actually meant or at least not what version of a republic Sir John Key had in mind.

Image result for dunedin club

The Dunedin club also called the Fern Hill Club, or Fern Club, is built on Fern Hill or Fern Hill St, originally by the Bank of New Zealand founder the genocidal gun runner Johnny Jones. Jones originally a convict from Australia built his fortune trading rifles for flax with Taranaki tribes in the 1820’s before moving down south to secure it gold and whaling who worked closely with Ngai Tahu in the 1830’s to secure the land rights to New Zealand natural resources (the atlas of Boaz) by subjugating existing hapu with trade musket (aimed to fire at shorter distance with less power than colonial military firearms) marriage and even disease .

Image result for john key new zealand flag

Jones like the ANZ original founder (home of Silver Fern Flag champion John Key) slave trader George Fife Angas (who worked for the City of London banking syndicates) belonged one of the ‘Sydney Syndicate’ who along with old school family and trading slave trading families like the Jardine, Vidgens, Griffiths (my reallies) and Holyoak (also my rellies) carved the south pacific up like personal kingdom in pursuit of wealth and tough luck for any one who got in their masonic way.

Image result for pacific island slave trade

For example my great grand father George Littleton Griffith was the first editor of the Fiji Times. It was set up sadly not to find the truth but rather so investors and commercial syndicates could bully the Crown into letting commercial syndicates get their hand of land occupied by indigenous groups. In a similar vein my relatives the Griffith (dads side) and Stewarts (mums side) can be found on the edges of the tragedy, as ultimate land winners on the Chatham Island where my grand mother June Griffith spent time growing up as the daughter of trader and wealthy land owner after the convenient massacre of the Moriori by Taranaki tribes who had being trading rifles for flax around the 1820-1830’s While it was a distant relative Freemason Walter Burley Griffin who was on the people who designed Canberra and Australia’s federal parliament which he based on clearly masonic symbolism.

Image result for canberra free mason

In a great article in National Geographic James Weirick, an expert on the work of the Burley Griffin and his wife, says “their background may have given him “spiritual awareness, but their work was not consciously occult-related. The fundamental idea I think was that the ultimate authority of spiritual development was the soul itself,” he told ABC’s Compass program. And this idea that there is an inner quality and inner mystery is something which lies at the heart of everything that the Griffins do.”

Image result for johnny jones bnz whaling
Johnny Jones

Johnny Jones (photo above house on Fernhill was also built by Freemasons. Specifically Freemason David Ross, who also built the St Patrick Temple (the Temple Gallery -photo below) on Moray St in Dunedin. In 1874 the Dunedin Club purchased Jones’s Fernhill property after Jones short lived engagement which fell apart due to his fierce temper. Again the club spins this as his “colourful character” when the man was clearly a violent greedy bully who thought he was entitled to indigenous people land.

Image result for masonic lodge fern hill dunedin

Reportedly the club heraldry included or will include two silver ferns. Yet that seems to have gone to ground since I reported that last during the flag debate. No one I spoke to at the club, by phone, knew any thing about it when I rang. This is despite talking to the club general manager and clubs archivist’s Mr Stephen Dawkins in 2017 but this time around was not available to speak to me.

Regardless Fernhill was not as the Dunedin Clubs own official history maintains (despite the actual facts being listed on the government official historic encyclopaedia) built by Johnny Jones.

In 1874, four decades after the signing of the treaty which guaranteed Maori and Pakhea self sovereignty the Dunedin Club purchased Jones’s Fernhill property. This historically significant building is “a dignified example of mid-Victorian colonial architecture, set in spacious landscaped grounds”.

Yet it was originally owned by Captain Edmund Bellairs who sold the house to Jones in 1854. The Captain is listed as Royal Norfolk Regiments 1st East Anglian Regiment

Image result for volunteer "rifles norfolk"

A military unit of colonial conquest whose heraldry as we begin to see shows the silver fern has absolutely zero to with Maori culture and in fact is a masonic badge of colonial oppression which first showed up in Dunedin thirty years before it would then be associated with New Zealand’s native fauna.

Even today the silver fern, or laurel as we shall see is where the silver fern originated, is associated with southern white supremacy by New Zealand Neo Nazi and Skinheads who do so as that’s hows its perceived overseas and across the skin head culture who get their inspiration from Nazi Gernmany’s own symbols of fascism. The kiwi far right see it as a nice cross over to the Roman inspired symbolism of the Third Reich and New Zealand version of patriotism. The kind of patriotism sold by rich white old boys as we have pumped generation of young Pakeha and Maori to fight and die in gruesome war of imperial avarice from the 1880 to the present day.

The white supremacist groups in New Zealand are allegedly tied to the March 15th Mosque shooting in an event orchestrated by Brenton Tarrant. Tarrant in turn claims to be a a Freemason (to be fair I would take everything Tarrant says with a large cup of salt). Regardless he would be drawn to Dunedin a Scottish settlement stepped in Freemasonry. Where he joined a rifle club which since the shooting has being widely painted as a den of white supremacy. Which as the photo below show have their own ideas of what the silver fern means as they draw from the far right extremism who own values are in many ways the same as the Tory values of the old boys network who use like minded symbolism.

True or simply exaggerated these clubs had little real inspection from a Dunedin police culture not with out its own sordid reputation for key stone stupidity and brutality (murder, prostitution, drug trafficking and lest but not last chicken fucking). The Dunedin police, already the subject of several books and at least one inquiry, have well known reputation for sharing culture of nepotism and racism with Dunedin.

Dunedin has become known as the place where the cops top brass send other cops to lay low when they truly fuck up.

It an institution who had used the same rifle ranges used by the March 15th killer but who also had members of the Dunedin pistol club where in 2017 more than 20,000 rounds walked out of an open safe taken by biker the Bandidos.

The gang was built upon the bones of the Road Knights ( The Red Knights or Crusaders on Bikes if you will) and the the Southern Viking who recruited in turn from white power street gangs in rural Southern working class towns dominated by beer, rugby and bike clubs. To say there was no sign of a white power aggression or danger is absurd.

Image result for ]southern vikings
Image result for road knights
Image result for crusaders

Dunedin has become known as the place where the cops top brass send other cops to lay low when they truly fucked up. While culturally the Dunedin police are institution who used the same rifle ranges used by the March 15th killer but who also had members in the Dunedin pistol club where in 2017 more than 20,000 rounds walked out of an open safe taken by ‘new’ boys in town the Bandidos. The gang which has ties to the ultra violent American Aryan brotherhood is built upon the bones of the Road Knights ( The Red Knights or Crusaders on Bikes if you will) and the the Southern Viking who in turn recruit from white power and skin head street gangs from New Zealand’s poorest Southern towns or worse urban neighbourhoods and where once the bad taste but commonly told joke went its you did not complain because it “all white here” . New Zealand likes to think its a sophisticated multi cultural society but we forget it was not that long ago Polynesia immigrants in working inner city class suburbs had to run ‘pig patrols’ to counter the overt racial harassment migrants faced on a family day. While the guy below ( Karl Chapman National Front) actually had job with the local council and the National Front received a stipend for good behaviour from the Prime Ministers office in the 1990’s under National.

Image result for national front new zealand

But lets get back to Dunedin and its first clan of red necks with guns.

Riflemen Form: A Study of the Rifle Volunteer Movement 1859-1908

According to the official historical encyclopaedia

The 12th: The Suffolk Regiment (“The Old Dozen”) was in New Zealand from 1860 to 1866 as part of the Maori war to seize land and gain control of the nations natural resources as the 12th (Suffolk) Regiment, under the command of Lt.-Col. H. M. Hamilton, C.B. “New Zealand” is worn on the regiment’s battle honours. The Auckland Regiment (Countess of Ranfurly’s Own) is allied and was now amalgamated with The Royal Norfolk Regiment as the 1st East Anglia Regiment (Royal Norfolk and Suffolk).
In 1854 *the year Jones brought Fernhill from Captain Edmund Bellairs the Captains regiment sailed for Australia from England and remained there, and in Tasmania, until 1860 when it went to New Zealand to help put down the Maori Rebellion.

The dates of his ownership of this exception expensive mansion beg the not insignificant question what was Bellair doing here? Who funded his lavish housing tastes six year before war had broken out officially in New Zealand in an action which would involve his unit directly?

All we know, at this point was that the Norfolk regiment and the other British Volunteer Rifle regiments of the Reserve Battalions were funded by land hungry aristocrats seeking social advancement who were happy to pay and have their sons die if need be for the opportunity to achieve those goals. In 1858 the Reserve Battalions would be amalgamated into New Zealand’s 2nd Battalion or the New Zealand armed constabulary.

So at its roots the NZ Army and NZ police were built upon the bones of the British rifle volunteers system. The volunteer rifles were affectively private military contractors or colonial gladiators who supplied the Crown with cannon fodder to create armies of colonial conquest and terrorism. The knobs back in England were literally paying for the grunt work in New Zealand return for a share of the booty. All based on the symbol of the old boys net work the two laurel, or what we Kiwi have being encouraged to think of as ferns.

Put it another way basically hey were her Majesty street gang.
And their patch? What they would put on their gang’s club house.

These are the symbols we associate with Minerva (the owl), or what we commonly call Britannia the military face of feudal England’s aristocratic system, subverting that contract symbolically (symbols count in law and issues of nation hood) and flying not two flag one pakeha one maori but flying two flags one which stood for British law and the other British sovereignty enforced through force.

Image result for bobby helmet london laurels police

Image result for "new zealand police" helmet

The symbol of Sir Robert Peels ‘Bobbies’! or Peelers as they were first known when first established in Glasgow and then Ireland where the Royal Irish Constabulary was established in 1822, in large part because of the Peace Preservation Act of 1814 ( what we now legally call terror suppression bills which Peel was heavily involved with and was his solution to Ireland winter a”agrarian outrage (being pissed off because your starving because of greedy English aristocratic landlords) . Following the success of the Royal Irish Constabulary in 1829 when Sir Robert was Home Secretary in Lord Liverpool’s Tory Cabinet, the Metropolitan Police Act was passed, providing permanently appointed and paid Constables to protect the capital as part of the Metropolitan Police Force who use basically the same symbol our New Zealand police except were told falsely that the two ferns are same as that white chick and black dude on our passports when in fact it represents an IT a singular entity which has two faces.

People have come to think the silver fern is Maori as that hows it now sold. But its not.
The heraldry proves that without doubt.

The New Zealand silver fern routes officially dates back post colonial times to the late 1880’s after Peel influence rifles volunteers and their two ‘fern’ gang patch had being well established and was introduced officially by Thomas Ellison in 1901 after Ellison 1893 tour on England. It was here that Ellison had proposed the first annual general meeting of the New Zealand Rugby Football Union that the New Zealand Native Rugby team’s uniform be a black jersey with silver fern monogram, black cap and stockings and white shorts. This was later adopted by the All Blacks.

Image result for thomas ellison rugby

Overlooked the Native teams own smart and forward thinking decision to use not one flag but two. One being the Union Jack which symbolised as it did in Australia a colony based on English constitutional law – the Magna Carta. The other their decision to use the 1835 flag of Maori independence which recognised Maori sovereignty.

It a symbol which old boys, status quo, controlled partys like National and Labour have denied has merit as they push one flag with one symbol on it theirs. Despite the over whelming evidence and parliaments own standing rule regarding the vital role flags and heraldry play as “important” symbol of a nation laws and self sovereignty.

Ellison family and tribe had worked for Jones dating back to his gunrunning flax days in his original headquarters at the whaling settlement of Karitane just outside Dunedin where my family also reside and are married into the Ngai Tahu iwi led by Ellison descendants today and claim a direct tie to the story behind the silver fern.

Yet to claim the Ellison introducing the silver fern to New Zealand is in correct. He was not alone and it was becoming popular symbol used extensively by the old boy volunteer rifles net work which drew membership from the colonial forces and pro crown hapu who had fought in the Maori war on the side of the crown.

The Nelson Evening mail reporting in September 1905 that the Nelson Navals and Nelson Rifles Association “was held at tne N.C.O’s Club Rooms last evening. The President (Ex-Captam .C. Y. ■Effi) presided, and their was a good-attendance of members; _ .. The Secretary produced a sample hat badge he had obtained from London. The badge had the name of the Association on top, the year it was established, also & crown and two crossed fern”

Kiwi have being told the fern used on such logos is referring to our native fern and ancient sacredness the Maori held for a fern and fauna not actually unique to New Zealand at all.

Dr Adrian Dyer, a professional botanist and husband of the Revd Janet Dyer, former Priest in Charge at Rosslyn Chapel in St Clair Scotland the home of Scottish Freemasonry found in the botanical forms symbolised in the Chapel they are stylised or conventionalised (use what already around and familiar with people ) and are not meant to be identifiable plants (with one exception. Hart’s-tongue fern, an ancient fronded plant, was growing in Roslin Glen in the fourteenth century and is still found today under Rosslyn Castle use in masonic ritual).

It in fact the fern is a kiwi conventionalisation of the Caduceus the silver magic wand of the god Hermes. Originally its an olive staff or fascia twined with fillets (often thought of ivy and the basis for the slang Ivy league. These were gradually conventionalised to be (eagle) wings laurels or swords.

Image result for jacob boaz masonic

Cadeuceus presents in Masonic lodge architecture represent the pillar of Jacob and Boaz which held up the mythical Temple of Solomon which Free masonry always comes back to and appears in every masonic temple you enter. That by the way is not theory or opinion but an actual fact easily verified if you do a quick goggle check.

The Cadeuceus in ancient Rome however surrounded the letters of SPQR which were imprinted of the Standard to the armies of Rome ( were battles were fought for their return such was deemed the importance of flag) with the letters SPQR an abbreviation for Senatus Populusque Romanus (Senate and People of Rome) it was the symbol of republicanism were people in meant not the citizens and slaves but government.

Which under the First Reich of Casar’s Rome divided into two part.

One: the aristocratic Senate, whose will was executed by the consuls (bureaucrats – which is wear the police would fall under strictly speaking ) who represented the olive branches or laurels of Caesar or the state


Two: the Praetorian (the soldiers or ‘storm troopers’ of the empire ) who bore two swords.

It is interesting that the New Zealand Army symbolism verses the Police laurels as foot solider of the republic evolved from two swords (in 1995 the new logo was adopted), a symbol solely of British dominance to a sword (the Crown) and a taiaha. The latter being a traditional Maori warrior weapon, which symbolise Maori sovereignty. A positive sign as this is more in line with the Westminster system our constitutional system is based upon in were we the people (peasants) get a say verse the version of Roman republicanism, or limited democracy by the few, favoured by Key and his corporate buddies as they sought to push literally and symbolically a fascist system of republicanism using the same strategy deployed under the first Holy Roman Empire, then German Empire of 1871 to 1918 (the Second Reich) and finally Hitler in the lead up to WWII.

I wont bore you with corporate ties to Dunedin old boys which relate to things like Silver Fern Farms, Otago Silver Fern Netball or Dunedin Club rugby team the Pirates or Silver Fern Forestry. Suffice to say their a direct tie to Dunedin’s Otago old boys net work and Dunedin Masonic lodge, the lodge in old gold town Naseby and the lodge in Arrow town ,where the older original lodges (also match the one over seen by Michael Hill in Summer) also use the distinctive no window mausoleum style you will find at Oxford and Harvard ivy league alumni.

Yup white supremacy and the old boys net work with it silly blazer and man boy rugby caps is very much alive and kicking. If you look not at the image your sold in your old boys controlled newspapers but just go for walk around your own own town and become a bit more acquainted with history as it can be documented in still existing sculptures, street names, architecture, heraldry, the rolls of honours which sit proudly at the gates of old boys schools, on tombstones, churches, and forgotten archives and every day symbolism that surround us. This is real history and not just manufactured spin sold to suit those who only listen to the victors who write our a very self serving form of history.

“And you, farewell! whose merits claim Justly that highest badge to wear: Heav’n bless your honour’d noble name,To Masonry and Scotia dear!”



  1. Thanks Ben, if it was not for history and its teachings we would be history already, whether we like it or not. No amount of politics can stop reality and I guess luck is on our side because politics is someone else’s lie 🙂


  2. There are a lot of comments on Masonry from those who are not members. While its true in the past a lot of the power players were in the craft it is no longer the case now. I would consider interveiwing a few Freemasons to get both sides. It is not a suspicious cult , tho in the past it may have seemed that way to outsider, for example we are not to discuss religion or politics and we are told to respect the laws of the land.Im not online much but would be happy to talk about this subject as it relates to modern times.


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