Music Review – The Sound of Puke Mike Puke.

I just head no Onslaught this winter I wanted to throw up. Luckily I have just the album for the occasion The Sound of Puke by Mike Puke.

Onslaught* is how Dunedin’s independent music legacy could market sustainable tourism verse the dicks at the DCC who can declare a climate emergency (translate debt at rate payers expense resulting in family silver sold off later on) with one face and then with the other simultaneously woo a dying ecoterrorist cruise ship market. High salary morons who having declared a “climate emergency” promptly target high carbon consuming tourists who spend zero on accommodation, dining out, or night based live entertainment – good one DCC give yourself a clap. Better still get the clap.

Puke has spat diced carrots non stop for 30 years in Dunedin and elsewhere around the South Island (The Pukes, Boris and others),his album is the best of his barf which Mike has keeps in a gumboot under his bed. Stinky classics like NIGHTMAYOR OF NELSON, BUY CONSUME DIE, THE SOUND OF PUKE. Jokes aside the smell of hurl is what we need to wake in a homogenised world of fastidiously crafted ‘me, my, I’ musical sterility. Sane lyrics for an increasingly insanely two sided one coin dominated dukebox*:

* = Neo-liberal fright wing fiscal frigid socialist fascist flavoured panties to the left – Neoconservative toupees and war porn penis implant fascists to the right.

Punk not dead, this pile of delicious edible spew proves it. A counter culture alternative delivered with the force of a Pangalatic Gargle Blaster based drunken bender that projects thick dripping chunks of ‘Yeah right! Nice one you wanker’ into and around a toilet bowl of porous mesh and barb-wire dipped in STD’s. It will marinate your punk pjs all night long. So buy it and get down with the sickness.

Buy, consume, die after hearing Mike Puke’s The Sound of Puke in the next 5 minutes will throw in a bottle of Rats Piss (urine infection guaranteed with every bottle) and get a kick in the bollocks for free.


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