Why Hemp is a carbon atm machine – not hemp is not marijuana and you would need to smoke a joint the size of telegraph pole to get high.

“Making one tonne of steel emits 1.46 tonnes of CO2 and 198kg of CO2 is emitted make one tonne of reinforced concrete. One square metre of timber framed, hemp-lime wall (weighing 120kg), after allowing for the energy cost of transporting and assembling the materials actually stores 35.5kg of CO2”.




Can also be used in biofuel, organic pesticides, building materials (hemp is 12 x stronger than steel), food, medicine, textiles, pretty much you name hemp can probably do it (will almost).


Venture Southland a Invercargil Council backed project http://venturesouthland.co.nz/resources/land-use-information/crop-data-sheets/hemp-cannabis-sativa

Hemp Health: Paul & Dave very knowledgeable dudes keen to promote the health aspects of Hemp and its use as agricultural crop working with Venture Southland and Southland farmers 

http://hemphealth.co.nz/ 112 Dee St, Invercargill, 9810 027 750 8789

The Hemp Store great site fill of great facts.
253 Karangahape Rd, Auckland, M-F.10-6 Sat.10-5 Sun.11-4 [map] Phone us on 09-3025255. 

Hemp Brokers: 271 Hinemaru Street City Centre Rotorua, 64 (0) 27 348 8842

Hemp Natural Water Purification (for gardeners & farmers). 

Click to access 2.pdf

Countering nitrate leaching protecting your water source.




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