Meanwhile in other news.

Okay what I would like us to keep focused on as the Christchurch Mosque drama grab our attention (feel free to add key topic we need to keep focused on in the comment section) include the following subjects;

“You Know I could rent you out as a decoy for duck hunters” – Groucho Marx.

1. The electoral reform inquiry and role of third party to subvert democracy.
2. Monsanto Bayer utter con-job in relation to Agenda 2030 as they set out with their pal in the US/Chinese banking sector to ram through a fascist agenda by wrapping it in a liberal (but it isn’t spin -and yes that includes the fact James Saw has himself listed as consultant to Monsanto daddy Bayer.
3. A continuation of 2. Water privatisation and preparation of mining company’s in world without human rights (to be spread headed by the UN Global Migration Pact as the public relation and propaganda arm of Agenda 2030 that big stinky corporate poo dressed up as child loving greenie.
4. Rocket Lab only the single largest development in warfare since the Manhatten Project taking place right here in NZ and basically ground zero of land grab orientated around New Zealand mineral resources in the Coromandel and surrounding regions.
5. 1080 and the need for activists to remain non violent as the deep state does every thing in its power to demonize social activism and make out that objections to genetically modified fascist who have their cock sunk deep in the ass of the military industrial complex as the servants of the TPPA (we do all remember that right) suck their hairy balls, does not make you a trump loving right winger, but simply a sane person with a low tolerance for bullshit.

Oh and PS take a good hard at Mickey’s map and ask your self how many of the firms who support the UN Global Migration act, who support the UN Climate Summit as sponsors supported the TPPA and then go ask your self do these people really care about the planet or people human rights or just their profits and market share.  

Now do you get it?


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