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I) The Deadline Report – Ben Vidgen Investigates airs Sunday afternoons at 7pm on Fresh FM.

Investigative journalist author Ben Vidgen presents a 30 minute show offering quality alternative media backed by quality documented information on the issues not hitting the headlines but that should be. Mixed in with great music of all genres.  A double shot of reality, always educational if never pretty.

The Deadline Report – Jan 29 2023 – Ninety Seconds to Midnight( 0:28:13). “It is 90 seconds to midnight”. That is the latest conclusion from the science and security board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Yesterday, the 22-member group moved the Doomsday Clock – as a metaphor to indicate how near we are to a humanity-ending catastrophe – forward by 10 seconds

The Deadline Report – Jan 22 2023 – Electile Dysfunction The role of lobbyist and agents of influence including both American and Chiese and NGO based power blocks in New Zealand’s democratic process as we approach ‘election 23’

The Deadline Report – Jan 08 Gold Guns & Goons New Zeland’s mysterious private jets and their ties to mineral conflicts money laundering and destabiliastion tactics of the third world.

Can you hear it ring
It makes you want to sing
You’ll live like a king
With lots of money and things
Ka-ching – Shania Twain – Ka-Ching! Lyrics

II) The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.

This year the Therapeutic Products Bill is due to be passed.This bill will replace the Medicines Act 1981 and the Dietary Supplements Regulations 1985 to provide for the comprehensive, risk-proportionate regulation of therapeutic products, such as medicines, medical devices, natural health products, and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The Bill was introduced by Minister of Health Andrew Little. — DEADLINE investigates the link between lobbyist and agents on influence on new zeland elctin procress

The bill a large reminder, in the upcoming election year, of the state of our democracy and the influence of freing corporationsand gvernment in shaping policy regardless of who sit in parliament frront benches. For the bill confirms what a TPPA Intellectual Property leak forecast back in 2015 namely that access to medicines would be more difficult and expensive, and had major implications for the Treaty of Waitangi. The leak revealing how the TPPA would become a vehicle for multinational pharmaceutical companies to hinder public access to new drugs by increasing their prices. The leaked IP chapter how drug companies would protect their profits at the expense of people’s health, including creating new, longer, and stronger patent and regulatory systems for pharmaceutical monopolies.

The TPPA legislation was brought in by a Labour administration (after promising voters they would walk away from the TPPA) which since 2008, when then Labour Prime Minster Clarke first tabled the TPPA, have worked in tandem with their rivals the National Party. Since then and prior to the Therurapitic Health Product Bill Labur has also amended the 1996 Hazardous Substances and New Organisms. The amended bill means the issue of GMO in food and medicine would be passed on to foreign regulators and as long as they met their standard this would be acceptable.

The new Therupatic Product legislation is simply an extension of Labour Health Minister Anette King proposed legislation which sought the establishment of a joint agency with Australia to regulate therapeutic products. The bill was postpones in the face of voters clearly saying no to the idea. Nicky Hager 2008 Seeds of destruction inturn outlying the influence played by lobbyist in convincng the parliamentarian on both side of the house beehive to listen to drug companies not voters. Coming as Clark as the head of the UNDP based in New York began reversing the UN previous anti UN GMO position and John Key the New York banker became New Zealand new Prime Minister. King noted of the Therapeutics Products and Medicines Bill that it had been postponed, but would remain on the Order Paper to be revisited when sufficient parliamentary support came available.

Now let’s look at previous issues concerning politicians and political lobbyists. In 2019 papers reported “The government is ducking for cover over accusations it controlled the media” around the deal to fund the Cystic Fibrosis drug, Trikafta. Shortly before Pharmac used a television network to announce the move to pay for the life-changing medication, without telling patients first. Health Minister Andrew Little says he will look into it. “I’m happy to talk to Pharmac about that,” said Little. As the Health Minister claimed he was kept in the dark around the announcement and said it was out of his hands.

When the Dyslexic Detective looked into the matter we found that as early as 2006 drug company lobbyists were wooing parliament agressively beginning with hosting at a special dinner for Labour leader Andrew Little just months before Labour announced its stance to override Pharmac and funding of the melanoma drug Keytruda. Labour confirmed the dinner took place in Labour’s parliamentary offices, in September. The dinner was organised by Pharma lobbying group Medicines NZ and representatives from Keytruda makers Merck Sharp and Dohme, Pfizer, Roche, Healthcare Logistics and Sanofi. In 2017 Medicine New Zealand would sink more than $150,000 into a mysterious scheme called “Election 2017 Project”.Financial statements for the pharmaceutical lobby group Medicines NZ show the lobbyist spent $151,106 on the project, the firm’s second largest expense of 2016.The group has refused to reveal what the cash was spent on, and there are no references to a project of that name on the Medicines NZ website.

And it’s not just pharmaceutical companies that are keen to have the best democracy money can buy. In 2022 Andrew Little and the Prime Minister’s chief press secretary appeared as witnesses in a trial about anonymous donations to the country’s two biggest political parties. Little claims he was kept in the dark regarding the donations details. In this case the donation revolved around CSGA (Chao Shan General Association) and included donations made via the sale of luxury wines and art.

The donation lay the centre of a dispute between National Party leader Simon Bridges and former National MP Jami-Lee Ross which in turn led to a Serious Fraud Office investigation into a $100,000 donation at a wine and art auction ny National from Zhang and associate Colin Zheng.  Academics like Anne Bradey claim such donations aim to garner support for China’s “one belt, one road” infrastructure projects in New Zealand. Yikun Zhang was made a MNZM for services to New Zealand-China relations and the Chinese community in 2018.

Eventually three Chinese businessmen but no politicians (red or blue) where found guilty of making unlawful donations to the National Party while overseas the Chinese spy scandal involving Royal Canadian Mounted Police money launder investigator Cameron Ortis hit the headline. The outcome of the Ortis affair (which linked directly to cases of Chinese Mexican Russian money laundering In NZ, barely reported in NZ), was that both New Zealand and Canada would be excluded from the inner sanctum of the Five Eyes alliance net work as corruption was fingered at both National and Labour by US Congressional investigators and defence experts. Off shore media speculated if the case was related to Huwei the Chinese telecommunications being blocked from Canada due to allegation the firm was involved in collecting intelligence for China. Ultimately known agents of Chinese intelligence linked to both National and Labour would be expelled while of course the similar role played by western nations including the USA and corporations in all our major poltical parties was never openly discussed.

The 3 Chinese men would be sentenced to hard labour and given a ten yerar sentence. Nooooo just kidding the offender received community detention. Yikun Zhang received four months’ community detention and would have to complete 200 hours of community work. His honours were not requested back.Tāme Iti, former Auckland mayor Phil Goff, former Cabinet minister John Tamihere and other people wrote letters of support for Zhang speaking about his generosity and humanity. Former National MP Jami-Lee Ross would be cleared of fraud charges over political donations related to the Zhang affair on the grounds of mental health issues marking the increased use of the Mental Health Act by the state to silence or discredit political opponents. Ross went on to head the Advance Party with Billy Te K for Advanced NZ. Te Kaha’s own linked in profile, lists him as a promoter of the Chinese Belt Initiative, the Chinese equivalent of the US Corporate buyout of developing nations critical infrastructure headed by firms like Black Rock and Vanguard.

The Prime Minister’s Jacinda Ardwern inturn had her own links with lobbyist Gordonjon Thompson [GJ], whose clients include Huawei, which Ardern claimed “just happens to be a case of New Zealand being small”, she said. In 2019 Newsroom reported questions where been raised over Ms Ardern’s relationship with Mr Thompson, a follow communication expert, turned political lobbyist after having been her chief of staff for five months while the current Government was forming after the 2017 election. Thompson’s consultancy company, Thompson Lewis, counted Huawei as a client.  Chinese company Huawei’s bid to assist in developing New Zealand’s 5G network was denied by the GCSB in November in 2018 but as late as 2019 Ardern said the telecommunication giant who had wined and dined both red and blue might still be given access.

The CSGA would also make significant donations to the charity The Christchurch Foundation, to assist people affected by the mosque attacks on March 15, towards new ambulances for St John headquartered in Israel as par taking in a photo opportunity with Phil Goff Mayor of Auckland. Goff having been Ardern mentor who would single handily as one of his last act as a Labour MP given National the legilation needed to forge ahead with the TPPA before it was signed off by Ardern in 2017 after Labour got elected largely thanks to Labour’s pledge saying “no way” (Photo Labour MP Rachel Boyak pre TPPA holds sign pledging Labour’s opposition to to the TPPA).

  • Incidentally: The Christchurch Foundation is the same charity linked to Tel Aviv Foundation whose Chairman Nathan Jacobson was found guilty of money laundering in Canada in relation black market pharmacy sales. Jacobson a businessman with interests in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Iraq, Jacobson served in 2004 as founder, president and CEO of the now-defunct Magen David – one of Israel’s first online pharmacies whose own board of directors reads like a whose of who of Israeli military and intelligence czars. Notably the Charity is also linked to Global Thinkers a promoter of SMART cities who also works with the Christchurch Foundation in a role sponsored by KMPG (who donated $20,000) whose subsidiary KMPG Legal was formerly known as the Kensignton Swan who featured in money laundering cases including the Gang of 20, The Wine Box Inquiry and more recently the paradise Papers.

The growth of charity as a business in NZ is a recent thing and follows John Key, a former New York merchant banker becoming Prime Minister.Previously the maximum level of $5000 with a rebate or around 3% was changed under Key to 33% rebate with no ceiling. A change which permitted new opportunities for laundering, graft and tax evasion. Key went on to be director of the ANZ, a Christchurch Foundation donor, named along with raft of NZ banks more than 60,000 times. Key (who today is partnered with the Chow Brothers, brothel and stip club kings turned property investors) own lawyer in fact being a trust specialist linked to the firms at the centre of the Paradise Papers that focused on how to hide money be it to dodge taxes or bribes poltics.It in fact could be argued that the charity allowed corporation like KMPG to get a generous rebate on work they would have otherwise had to do any way. Overseas KMPG has featured prominently in relation to Tonkin Taylor another Christchurch Foundation sponsor with the nepotistic buy out and take over of critical infrastructure including water and electricity.

Former Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel defended the Christchurch Foundation against criticism when questions where asked about its auditing in 2020. Dalziel herself came under fire shortly before the Christchurch shooting. The scandal orientated around her husband Rob Davidson role in offering his legal firm to access the mayor office to chinese water buyers and later for questionable donations during wine and art auction into to her 2019 election 2019 Campaign bid shortly before being cleared.In 2004 as Immigration Minister Lianne Dalziel had to resign all of her Government portfolios when she lied about a how letter containing private information came into the possession of TV3. Four years later her long term Christchurch counterpart former head of the WTO Mike Moore would be made head of the Russian Atimo Foundation a philanthropic organization who claimed it sought to grow greater times between east and west through act of supporting the arts and or charities run by telecommunication giant Mikhail Fridman.

Fridman firms VTB can be identified in the Paradise Papers as involved in money laundering of Russian cartel money and in UN aid fraud along with Credit Sussie. Money associated with the VTB Credit Suisse UN money laundering scheme would be washed in part through Christchurch real estate market where it was exposed in 2018.

The launder’s New Zealand agent Robinson Brown Saunders who are also involved in several local charities are partner with the UK charity Global Party which inturn has links to prominent conservative politicians and Russian Oligarchs and tax evaders such as Paradise Paper documented tax evader Lord Stanley Fink the treasure of the UK Conservative Party. Other charities linked to New Zealand’s political landscape include The Robin Hood Foundation. The New York Charity has gained notoriety for permitting wealthy tax evaders to dodge taxes via utilizing chaity loop holes whose founder John Griffin who was to host Jacinda Ardern 2022 wedding at his Cape Kidnapper charity. Griffin’s co-patron and long term friend American Julian Robertson ‘the Wizard of Wall Street’ who partnered with Key to sell the idea of NZ as a billionaires investment bolthole.

In 2017 in response to such issues as lobbyist nepotism, big pharma bullying and agents of influence, the Australian government unveiled its own plans to ban political donations from overseas and introduce a register for foreign lobbyists. RNZ reporter Jacinda Ardern stated New Zealand was “unlikely to follow Australia’s path”. It is not on record what National’s position is but it is fair to its politicians like Labour will want to remain in the dark and will continue to have the best democracy money can buy.

Freedom Just Another Name For …..

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” George Orwell’s 1984 

In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Liber (/ˈlaɪbər/ LY-bər, Latin: [ˈliːbɛr]; “the free one”), also known as Liber Pater (“the free Father”), was a god of viticulture and wine, male fertility and “freedom”. He was a patron deity of Rome’s plebeians and was part of their Aventine Triad. In classical and modern culture the triad associated with Minerva know in its neocolonial offshoots as Britania and Zealandia.The NY Liberty Enlightening the World,” sculpture carved in France in 1875 a beacon for the power of the “new colossus” or new rome which the USA and New York represented.

1905 Fictional godess Zealandia created to recruit soldiers to fight in Boer war South Africa. Zealandia is added to NZ coat of arms.

1941: Freedom House sponsored influential radio programs including The Voice of Freedom (1942–43).Freedom House was incorporated October 31, 1941.

According to its website, Freedom House “Freedom House is the oldest American organization devoted to the support and defense of democracy around the world. It was formally established in New York in 1941 to promote American involvement in World War II and the fight against fascism.” After the war and the allies liberation ofNazi occipied Europe Freedom House joined with other US government agencies such as the CIA and State Department to combat “Soviet and Chinese Communism, anti-Semitism and the suppression of human rights in Eastern Europe and Asia”.

During the 1980s, the organization began to receive a majority of its grant income from the newly created National Endowment for Democracy (founded by Congress in 1983), and contracts for Latin America far surpassed those for Eastern Europe. Freedom house would also be credited with helping spawn The Voice of Ameria Radio also known by its nick name Radio CIA.

1949: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) a United States government funded organizations that broadcasts and reports news, information, and analysis to countries in Eastern Europe, Cental Asia and the Middle East, where it says that “the free flow of information is either banned by government authorities or not fully developed”. Radio Free Europe was created by the National Committee for a Free Europe (NCFE), an anti-communist CIA front that was formed and received funds covertly from the CIA until 1972.During RFE’s earliest years of existence, the CIA and U.S. Department of State issued broad policy directives, and a system evolved where broadcast policy was determined through negotiation between them and RFE staff. Radio Free Europe received widespread public support from Eisenhower’s “Crusade for Freedom” campaign. In 1950, over 16 million Americans signed Eisenhower’s “Freedom Scrolls” on a publicity trip to more than 20 U.S. cities and contributed $1,317,000 to the expansion of RFE. Radio Liberty is formed by American Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia (Amcomlib) in 1951.Originally named Radio Liberation, the station was renamed in 1959 after a policy statement emphasizing “liberalization” rather than “liberation.”

1956: Libertarian theorist Robert LeFevre founded the Freedom School in rural Colorado where students came to hear lectures about free-market economics and anti-collectivist political theory. Charles Koch sat on the school’s board of trustees and directed its parent foundation. He was decribed as a” diligent student and enthusiastic cheerleader for the institution”. He was also a major donor to the Freedom School.

1970: Libaterian Party formed in USA preaching unregulated free market. Today it is the third largest political party in the USA. Academics muse on wether Libateriamnism is the natural evolution of New Zealand Neo Liberalism (established by Labour in the 1980’s under its finace minister Roger Douglas who went on to fund the Act party fund by Ron Brierly). A model where you can have the freedom to do any thing …if you can pay for it.

Liberatarian heraldry a torch of liberty surround by gold on a blue background representing law of sea or as its better known commercial law. In 1980, Oil cartoon David Koch was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for vice president. The Koch brothers are the sons of Fred C. Koch (1900–1967), who founded Koch Industries, now the second-largest privately held company in the United States. As of 2012 they owned 84% of Koch Industries stock.As of December 2022, Charles Koch was estimated to have a net worth of $66 billion, making him the 14th richest person in the world.

1970: The Principality of Hutt River, a Libaterian micronation is established in Australia. The principality claimed to be an independent Free sovereign state. It was dissolved on 3 August 2020. heraldry Phoenix and Bull of Baal (in a nd to the free market lust of Wall Street) on blue background surrounded by gold representing the law of sea/commerical law. The principality has multile affiliations to money launders tied to Vanuatu Libaterian inspired coups.

1972: Failed coup of Minerva by the Phoneix Foundation affiliated with USA Libaterians.The ‘President of Minerva’, Morris Davis, declared at the time: “People will be free to do as they damn well please. Nothing will be illegal so long it does not infringe on the rights of others. If a citizen wishes to open a tavern, set up gambling or make pornographic films, the government will not interfere.” The Phoenix Foundation was formed by three gold fever libertarians: Nevada-based real estate millionaire Michael J. Oliver (born Moses Olitsky) his friend James Murt KcKeever, and investment advisor Harry D. Schultz.

Minerva Flag a golden liberty torch on a blue back ground (representing law of sea) surrounded in a circle of gold. It minted coins with Torch of liberty on side and Minerva Brittania Zealandia on the other side.

1978: Phoenix Foundation failed invasion of Vanuatu.(lost the coup but it did manage to establish Vanuatu as a money laundering and maritime flag of convienance hub). Libaterian plotters sought UN recogition of separtist Jimmy Santos.

1979: The Cato Institute is an American libertarian think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C. founded in 1977 by Ed Crane, Murray Rothbard, and Charles Koch, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Koch Industries.

1980s – numerous names associated in failed Pacific coups act as key players in the Iran Contra scandal where Regan admistration secretly backed right wing and Islamic mercenaries (such as the Taliban) to fight in nations, such as Nicaragua, Afghanistan and Mozambique, against Soviet backed develop nations. The contras where led by CIA General John Singlaub of the Phoneix death squad (Vietnam Laos Cambodia) would be called “Freedom Fighters” and even minted their own “Freedom coins” minted by James Blanchard a co-investor in a NZ luxury lodge Wharekauhau (The Wise Men) Lodge alongside Act founder Sir Roger Douglas. Ayn Rand’s last public appearance was at a Blanchard conference. James U. Blanchard III was a former chairman of the National Committee for Monetary Reform and was previously a member of the Cato Institutes Board of Directors. Blanchard was a frequent pen pal to Harry Schulz one of the Phoenix Foundation’s founders.

In support of the USA and South Africa war in Mozambique Blanchard III made a killing from huge land leases in Mozambique by building a luxurious beach resort/safari park. Of the local communities, Blanchard’s articulate general manager said, “We gonna come here and say ‘Okay, now you’re in a national park. Your village can either get fenced or you can have them wild animals walking right through your main street’.” Wharekauhau affilate lodge Huka Lodge was owned by Ducth businessman, honorary consul for NZ to Holland a suppporter of ‘Peace Parks’ which supporters called conservation parks but which its critics call blantant land grabs.

Van Heeren was subject in the 1980’s was subject to breaching embargos on importing steel to South Africa in the 1980’s. Hukalodge has since being embroiled in one of the weirdest and longest running business fall out in New Zealand legal history revolving around his former partner Michael Kidd which involved tasers, blackmail threats (and accusation of more arms deals), illegal arrests, dodgy New Zealand cops with strong hints of Van Heeren invlovement in apartheid era attempts at securing part for South Africa/Israel’s nuclear weapon program.

In January 2006, police in Zimbabwe removed 700 families to make way for Trans Frontier Game Reserve – ‘Peace Parks’- which border Mozambique and South Africa. The government says that the move was necessary as part of a move, first launched back in the sixties by Prince Bernhardt, to create a protected zone for endangered rhinoceros
species and elephants. Critics responded that the plan was simply a long and established process to privatise the area, so as to create a mecca for wealthy tourists, while exploiting the region’s mineral-rich reserves. The more than 26,000 Mozambicans who live in the area, where not consulted and cannot expect to receive any of the profits which the project generates. The idea behind the multi-national park originates from a meeting between Dr Anton Rupert, president of WWF SA [South-Africa], and Rothmans Tobacco, 1989, and President Joaquim Chissano, of Mozambique (a current Peace Park patron). They met to discuss establishing a permanent protected area in southern Mozambique, adjacent to counterparts in South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. The Foundation was established on February 1st 1997. In order to establish a secure financial base for the Peace Parks Foundation, the three founders, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, Nelson Mandela and Anton Rupert, established Club 21. Club 21 was an up market model of an early fund raisig program Club 1001, whose supporters included Van Heeren, the late James Blanchard III, former New Zealand finance minster Ruth Richardson and no less than Libaterian Robert Vesco one of the Phoneix Foundation’s 1978 Vanuatu attempt coup strategist.

1987: TVNZ Eye Witness expose contra support network active in New Zealand, used to fight proxy wars against the USSR, Project Democracy. Project Democracy over seen by the US National Endowment for Democracy (who alongside Freedom House helped spawned The Voice of America Radio/Radio CIA). It would be headed in New Zealand by high ranking military and National MP including Hugh Templeton Minister of Foreign Affairs.

1987: Mercenary firm led by former South African/Rhodesian special forces formed in Christchurch Dunedin called Minerva Security. Formed to fight in South Afirica the CIA’s secret wars in the USA a subsidary of arms import firm SM Andrew Limited. Andrew directors included Project Democracy’s Hugh Templeton. Minerva would be led by former SAS officer Mike Graham who served in the British SAS and fought against the communist in Africa under the white ruled Rhodesian regime (Photo right: The Major’ Mike Graham Minerva Security with Rhodesian Minister of Defence Pieter Kenyon van der Byl).

1993: Lindsay Perigo quit television work and he returns to radio for several years, with a Libertarian shows on Radio Pacific and on the now defunct New Zealand arm of Radio Liberty.

1995: Libaterian Party NZ candidates include Stephen Berry a future candiate for Act running on right-wing positions.

1995: Libertaria NZ formed that advocated libertarianism, favouring self-government and limiting the power of the government over the individual. Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism is a major influence on the party. Its slogan “More Freedom, Less Government” is indicative of the party’s basic policy platform. It went into recess and was de-registered by its own request in 29 January 2014. It’s constitution has since being replicated basically word for word by Kelvyn Alps for a proposed Hutt River allodial micronation called Freeland supported by former mercenary, CEO of Phoenix International (A gold investment scheme which flopped), former skin head and president of Hells Angels patch over Bikie gang Viking MC, Kelvyn Alp of Counter Spin.

1995: Libaterian NewZealand forms. Party leadership includes The Platform Sean Plunket former co-anchor Lindsay Perigo who went on to head the Libaterian New Zealand party. Its logo is the torch of Liberty. Its consititution has being replicated word for by Alp as the proposed constituion of a proposped allodial land clam promoted by Kelvyn Alp and Liz Lambert known as Freelandia in 2022.

2000: Libaterianism begin recruiting at New Zealand universities as it seeks new blood.

2003: the Koch’s become disillusioned with mainstream Republican promotion under President George W. Bush. At twice-yearly gatherings Koch invited wealthy conservative donors to “seminars” to cordinate the funding and direct a “full array of political party-like activities“, including organisations that could operate in the states and mobilise grassroots activists using “paid operatives”.

2009: University drop out Vinny Eastwood joins the American Freedom Radio network based (at that time) in Austin Texas. a US radio station who uses the liberty torch and promotes Libaterianism idelogy on his own platform. Include a series Eastwood calles ‘Counter Spin’. The name is later replicated by Kelvyn Alp for his own media platform. Counterspin is possibly a term first coined in New Zealand political landcape by Lindsay Perigo in his Radio Liberty days.

2010: The Tea Party is formed as a fore runner to the QANON movement which saw the right form a power base by tapping int politics formerly the dmai of the fringe left. The Party liked to present itself as a grassroots insurgency made up of hundreds of local groups intent on toppling the Washington elite. But the Tea Party movement, biggest financial supporter is the Koch brothers. One Koch subsidiary alone pumped $1m into the so called grass root movement.

2011: Kelvyn Alp who tells me he has walked away from his skin head days as a member of the National Front founds the OurNZ Party which I join. Kyle Chapman founder of the National Front is currently the social media manager for the Outdoors Party. Alp describes OurNZ as a “a cross between NZ First, the Libertarianz, and a splash of all the others”. I am paid $NZ10,000 to market OurNZ through my paper DEADLINE. Alp now claims this was a gift but regardless my role as a party candiate can be confirmed by the electral role application I filed for the 2011 elections.

2019: March 15th Christchurch Shooting Brenton Tarant an associate of the Right Wing Resistance and kills 51 perople at Mosques in Christchurch before detained by Senior Constables Scott Carmody and Jim Manning.

Carmody is a descendent of Christchurch settler family who married into Ngai Tahu heritage and is listed as a director of Pro Liberate Limited (1627217 REMOVED 2005). Its a firm with a rather unusual name that has a specific and ironic meaning in the context of Tarrant’s own politics. Pro Libertate meaning ‘For Liberty’ comes from the legend of Scottish hero William Wallace who was given an education by one of his uncles, by the priest of Dunipace, who taught him basic French and Latin, and instilled in him a love of freedom by teaching him a Latin verse – “ dico tibi verum, libertas optima rerum: nunquam servili sub nexu vivito, fili” which translates as “my son, I tell thee soothfastlie, no gift is like libertie: then never live in slaverie”

Today the name favoured by Scottish nationalists (were its symbolised by a knight with sword carried in the right hand) and by Neo Nazi nationalists in the Ukraine where its symbolised by a Knight on back of the Ukraine’s national colours (the symbolism associated with the Ukrainian conflict). A conflict which the Christchurch shooter Tarrant has himself being linked too – a proxy war between Russia and Nato.

In Switzerland Pro Liberate represents anti-communist right-wing political nationalism. Pro Liberate is the war cry of fascist nationalism and militant gun nuts, the quintessential badge of the angry foot soldiers with a cause. The president of the association Thomas Fuchs (author of ‘A Concise Biography of Adolf Hitler’) is an openly gay MP who is spokes man for the ultra conservative far-right anti immigrant Swiss People’s Party the largest political party in Switzerland in the late 1990s. Its message is clear ProLiberate is freedom protected through the power of the sword. Charmoudy partner in the arrest senior constable Jim Manning was at the centre of high profile and long running feud with firearms and right to bear arms lobbyist Richard Lincoln who in 2013 sought to show the police interpretation of then existing firearms laws where flawed.

Kyle Chapman used to head the far-right National Front, before denouncing his Neo Nazi poltics before then forming the Right Wing Resistance (logophoto left) before ….renouncing once more his Neo Nazi politics,

2019: I cover the Christchurch shooting after being requested to do so by Vinny Eastwood.It not before Vinny says our investigation in Christchucrch needs to move way from the event itself and should instead focus on the consequnces – namely the attack on our freedom. Freedom suddenly revolve around the government ‘taking way our gun rights’ and other topic more widely associated with the right as opposed to issue such as corporatism or privatisation of critical infrastructure which had first formed our relationship when formed in 2011 in response to the TPPA.

I soon after cease my collabration with Vinny Eastwood after learning of his involvement with Kelvy Alps and experinciing myself Alp’s role in attempting to guide the narrative of our Mosque investigatin. I additio to unearthing his financial ties to NZPP where Eastwood would form a role I similarly took for OurNZ back in 2011 when I began working with Eastwood to expose the TPPA and US military industry expansion in to the Pacific.

2019: The Neo Nazi movement Action Zelandia is formed. Many suspect this is simply The Right Wing Resitance rebranded in the manner the RWR patched over the National Front (organistions founded by Chapman) and Alp’s Viking MC are a puppet patch club awaiting to be patched over by the Hells Angels.

2019: USA Libertarian. Adrian Wyllie, chairman of Florida’s Libertarian Party, resigned to protest the party’s U.S. Senate candidate, accusing the rival of supporting eugenics and for being expelled from a cult group for “sadistically dismembering a goat in a ritualistic sacrifice“. The candiate goes by the adopted name Augustus Sol Invictus and was a headline speaker at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12, 2017 (that ended with three death). The dispute between the came to a head after Wyllie was unable to persuade the Libertarian Party of Florida’s executive committee to publicly disavow Invictus, an adopted name that means something like “Invincible Sun Emperor”.

Invictus, 32, is an adherent of a religion called Thelema led in the early 1900s by occultist Aleister Crowley of the Golden Dawn Invictus was expelled from the religion’s fraternal organization, Ordo Templi Orientis, but denies Wyllie’s specific claim about dismembering a goat.Invictus confirmed “I was expelled from the order for political reasons. And animal sacrifice was part of it”. But that is Wyllie said he brought up the issue of Invictus’ religion because the candidate has cited it as justification for supporting potentially violent revolution. Republican Donald Trump, has been approached by Libertarians in Wyllie fraction to run against Invictus and even the Vinelanders called him extreme. Trump’s response is not known currently.

Many of Invictus supporters are known member Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups, such as American Front, Vinelanders (Photo Above) and Stormfront, and Invictus (posing above with Ivictus rightof photo) has been recruiting them into the Libertarian Party,” Wyllie said on Facebook Invictus campaign website includes a video where he says “I’m also Old World Pagan and a white Southerner” he calls for his followers to practice “sourcery”. Ordo Templi Orientis, was established in New Zealand in 1905 known as Whare Ra where it would established the influential Havelock Movement which Neo Nazi Kerry Bolton (some time Satanist some time Christian fundamentalist) has claimed, without however offering proof, of a direct pedadegree to. Bolton was the secretary for the National Front founded by Nazi Kyle Chapman and whose follow members included Kelvyn Alp.

2020: Billionaires gather at via duct including owner of Gayle Force (originally built as PATRIOT) Wayne Laufer a major Donor Super fund established by Koch brother to see Trump elected in 2016, The Freedom Partners where supported by media mogul Steven Bannon who host Alp’s Counter Spin. Prescious metal dealer Michael Hill’s (who would attended A Freedom Voice event in 2022) boat the Beast, Jeff Bezos and Larry Page (both widely alleged to be Libaterians) boats Rocinante*1 and Senses where also on site. The duo can linked to Epstein’s New York thinkers dinners. Private events which would focused on a mixture of Ayn Rand philosphy, eugenics, technology and new age style occultism/libateranism based on Ivy league old boy clubs/ Greek alphabt ring fraternities such as the Bohemian Grove. The VIPS sought in their words to “enlighten” and “liberate” the world — using their influence and wealth from the shadows. Or in this case down under in the land of billionaire bolt holes. The flotilla was also joined by three boats owed by media magnate Rubert Murdoch family. Murdoch identifies himself as a libertarian, saying “What does libertarian mean? As much individual responsibility as possible, as little government as possible, as few rules as possible”. Murdoch also served on the board of directors of the libertarian Cato Institute.

*1 = Ownership of Rocinante is disputed but not that Bezos was in New Zealad at the time.

Laufer is a former Shell Oil executive and retired co-founder and CEO of Bois d’Arc Energy Inc a Texas based company that specialises in offshore oil and natural gas exploration and production. Laufer retired from Bois d’Arc executive management in November 2007 but remained active on the board of directors until the company was sold to Stone Energy Corp. for $1.4 billion in August 2008.  

In 2016 the Laufer’s donated $600,000 to the $900 million Freedom Partners Action Fund.

The FPAF is part of a cartel of energy firms headed by Koch Brothers..The majority of Freedom Partners board was made up of long-time employees of Koch entities. Freedom Partners, officially organized as a 501 (c)(6) trade association for the purpose of “promoting economic freedom,” funnels money from the Koch Network of billionaire donors to a growing number of political advocacy organizations controlled by Koch operatives. Freedom Partners reports $18.7 million in compensation, salaries and wages for the operatives hired to build the best grass root politics money can buy.



  1. Now that was an epic read! A lot of REAL “Far Righters” in the mix there as opposed to the imaginary far-righters slur applied to anyone further right than Marx, hehe.
    Will share the info on your Fresh FM Deadline show via a notice on Uncensored site, might bring in some new listeners.

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    • If “paid off” you mean I worked for Alp as OurNZ marketing manager in 2011 and they where one of my clients who I helped brand then yes.

      However it not a fact I have never made or tried to keep a secret (the opposite in fact – I mean it was only on my social media profile for all too see for the past 12 years). I however dumped Alp as a client in 2012 and made my reason for doing so quite public, publishing an open letter in 2011, when I came to realise ALP had not renounced violence and harbored view I found simply repugnant.

      Said detail I revealed voluntarily and published well BEFORE I knew of Alp’s full back ground which vindicated my decison was the right one – most of what you know about ALP are in fact from stories I broke after becoming aware this guy was not what he tries to presents himself to be. This is in contrast to my former colleague Vinny Eastwood who I publicly split from back in 2019 when I became aware of his own association with ALP and other parties with known US intelligence links. His payment from said parties via organisations like the NZPP Michael Stace an association with ALP came only AFTER being exposed (by me in fact).

      During my break with Vinny in 2019 on these grounds I was also offered large sums of cash and media exposure for my platform in the American Australian which I declined after doing due diligent and linking the front for these offer to people linked to Alp which I also made sure to disclose and document.

      So to clarify — coming clean BEFORE your hand caught in the cookies jar because you discover something not right and you cant keep shut in good conscience is called an act of disclosure and whistle blowing. An act done in the interest of ensuring you operate with full transparency and a clean ethical record. Which if you look at my history is and will always continue to be a record I am quite proud of.

      However coming clean only AFTER your caught with your hand firmly in said cookie jar and you have no choice because you have being caught red handed and now have option but to come “clean’ is not an act of disclosure. This is simply called being a back peddling rat bastard. A bastard I may be (will at least according to some of my ex-partners ) but not of the back peddling rat bastard variety.

      Let me know if there any one else in my PAST you would like know about. More than happy to give you details when I accepted them/rejected as clients contacts. Though if you bother to look you will find I will have already published said details in the interest of full disclosure – because that how I roll.



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