There once was two DJ’s

DJ Dimension & world class tennis player Novak Djokovic

One DJ Djokvic went and declared his unvaccinated status believed he was operating within the law and got punished.

The other DJ DJ Dimension was vaccinated given privileged at home MIQ status which was promptly abused as he left quarantine early to go and party and he was not kicked out.

One DJ used the court to fight the case and was over turned by a politician after he won.

The other DJ infected his vaccinated mates who promptly used their status with the PM’s Clark Gayford, the first man, to try and bully a pharmacist into giving them RAT. A test not made available to the public (despite widespread request to make them available so people can keep their jobs and medical choices and not endanger other), with no paper trail (funny how the tracking system crashed).


Meanwhile what did the government do once it knew the naughty DJ had not only breached quarantine but had brought Omicron into New Zealand. Will they literally went on holiday and treated the whole thing like a an joke.

No guess for whom the politicians will be blamed once the PM hubby and the firm (and festival organisers) he works part time for has being forgotten.

Meanwhile the Royal wedding news for our usually publicity hungry PM is strangely silent. I am guessing the PM not to keen to have her VIP guess status put under scrutiny I wonder who is their DJ.


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