The Magic of Honey ENZBEE (Nelson)

Warren Ensbee loves his bees and works hard to keep them happy and safe. “Bees go way back in our history. Poets have raved about them and people have worshipped them. They are special for their ability to communicate within their colony, navigate, and for their ability to read the seasons and pollinate fruit, flowers and vegetables, which we rely on to survive”.

In1983 Warren, who was now living in Nelson, was given a swarm. Eventually his “hobby” became a full-time job. Today Warren has 40 hives all over Nelson and the West Coast producing a variety of quality bush and Manuka honey plus beech honeydew. This is in addition to Warren growing herbs which Warren uses in the 3C’s Healing Ointment he and his partner, Nina Carpenter developed. Flavour is infused into these balm through the honey to provide hints of lavender, lemon balm, rosemary or sage. “Honey has amazing medicinal qualities” says Warren– who keep his his own hay fever under control through “the magic that occurs by eating honey” which Warren credits for “boosting his immunity to local allergens”.

ENZBEE herbal honey sells between $5.50 and $8, is great on toast and as a “pick-me-up”, or used in drinks. Warren also sells bush honeys, but does not blend these, preferring “to keep them separate so people can taste the distinct flavours”. ENZBEE honey comes in glass jars which Warren is happy to accept for recycling. Warren invites all who pass his stall to stop and taste “the Best honey in Nelson”.
Warren can be located at the Farmer’s Market (held at Kirby Lane 105 Bridge Street Nelson), on a Wednesday, the Motueka markets on a Sunday and the Nelson Markets at Montgomery Square on a Saturday.

Phone 545-6288.


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