NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM IN SPACE – The Pentagon Dollars Hiding Behind The Billion Dollar Egos.

The Peace train is really the Greens last hope of moving forwards.

Labour has stolen all their environmental ideas, or Adern brand power has robbed them of the demographic vote they pursue. In contrast Rocket Lab offers them something Labour can’t borrow.

People hate this billionaire space race for its pure egotism. So much wrong on Earth and this what they spend their money on. What makes it worse it is only half of the full ugly story.

SpaceX won a $149 million Department of Defense contract to build satellites to track hypersonic missiles, marking it the first government contract for building such equipment for Elon Musk’s ground breaking commercial spaceflight company. All part of the Space Development Agency’s planned “mega-constellation” of weapons-tracking satellites valued at $193 million. SpaceX was also recently selected by the Space Force to carry out national security space launch missions over the next five years.

Under the new Pentagon contract, SpaceX will use its Starlink to build its four missile-tracking satellites. Meanwhile Starlink satellite chains had travelled over New Zealand many times promoted in national media (located usually in between the advert for Spark or some other telecommunications firm) as being part of satellite based 5G network which will make your internet go faster. The network will eventually include up to 42,000 satellites with the 600 or so Starlight satellites in space currently also operating under contract to the Pentagon who are using it as part of their testing on the Pentagon global based targeting and battle field communications network.

The same true of Bezos civilian scratch the surface and you find military green behind those billions – space exploration my ass. This is a great way for the military to out source material which NASA would not touch with a barge pole as mean while private firms get to plunder space’s mining potential unregulated, unanswerable and in a manner where there will be little accountability. FFS we cant keep corporations environmentally on the straight and narrow down here on Tera Firma without making a mess. At least here on Earth corporations have to worry about some one finding out what they are up too. But as they say up in space no one can hear you scream.

Oh and by the way did I mention the CIA venture firm that own large shares of Rocket Lab (and whose former executive works for Rocket Lab as its CE) Intel-Q-tel also own shares in Evident link a firm which is co owned by John Key new boss at Palo Alto where IntQtel own about 50% of the new space and cyber start ups including Palantir the firm started up by Peter Theil the tech John Key let buy his way into New Zealand in Queenstown where Fives Eyes rolled out its plan in 2017 (circa).

A plan based on General James Jones the former commander of NATO belief that 5G, Space and AI combined will be the tools which lead America to dominate China in the new century — Recommendations on 5G and National Security Strategic Insights Memo by James L. Jones,

An idea that is reckless and likely to drive us to nuclear war. A war in which the hypersonic rockets Rocket Labs is helping to develops for ‘civilian’ space exploration (paid for by shipping US military satellites) will be capable of firing a nuke from Beijing to Washington in just seven minutes (27.500 km). Space exploration has not only brought back the spectre of nuclear war but due to the speed of the technology involved it now enhancing the chances of a war starting by accident. The Hypersonic Rocket arms race brings us closer to the brink than we have literally being before hand.

Until we get people passionate about that fact and bring the military industrial complex to heel their will be no famineless years, no years without wars, there will be no climate change response that works.

Adern calls standing up for Climate Change her “Nuclear Free moment”.
The actual truth is you can not have a climate change moment without first being equally seriously opposed to space exploration and its Pentagon private business partners which include New Zealand’s Pentagon CIA funded Rocket Lab.

War continues to be the elephant in the room, invisible to all, absent from the public conversation were having about what is killing planet Earth. Despite war having the largest man made carbon foot print on the planet and that is the largest investor in space, tech and big pharma.

Keep this up their can be no real progress on climate change. There can only be room for bucks bombs and billionaires with bigger faster deadlier space toys.


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