Its Not Rocket Science Its War. Or Why the Greens Need To Get Over Their Electric Addiction & Get Behind The Rainbow Warrior Peace Flag & Real Sustainable Policies If They Want To Be More Than Neo Liberal Labour’s Pet

I plan to write an in-depth article shortly on US Chinese economics, energy policy and defence spending shortly.

To save you the bother of reading it let me sum it up for you.

America is toast and its energy policy has nothing to do with sustainability or climate change and is all about privatising energy into the hands of a few.

Rather it based on the insane notion that if it can convince the world, or at less it allies, to switch from one finite resource it has comparatively little of (against China Russia) to another finite resource it has little of — but which it hopes to expand it existing domestic monopoly globally — it can corners the market . So then American makers of war toys (which cost the US so much) can then become not just makers of stuff but also energy providers in their own right. Think Enron with a Bazooka if you will.

America is already one of the major owners of private electricity’s companies introduced by Labour in1984 with John Key opening the door for further privatisation in 2011

This is of course great for Gun R Us who get to become makers of stuff and energy providers to boot. It however is shit deal for US debt, domestic consumer’s, America’s allies and the planet as asides from destroying biodiversity of rivers, generating food shortage, the horrors of energy mineral mining, the gun makers like to see their product used so they can then keep selling more bullets.

The ideas based on the logic if you control the weapon production and energy consumption you can then control the debt.

Or in other word America is bent on repeating the same mistakes and well ultimately burn like Rome as capitalism driven by the biggest debt generate on the planet the military industrial complex consumers it own tail. PEACE not capitalism is what will save the day.



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