Looking at the Kaikoura UFO case in the context of the ‘crop circles’ found in Ngatea made the same day in 1969.

These events have been used to strengthen the case for UFO being actual aliens. A theory promoted recently in reputable publications including the Herald Listener and New Zealand National Geographic. 

However closer examination of the events, partnered with an unwillingness of these same publications to tap into existing declassified documents, which document New Zealand Government interest and awareness into the military potential of the  earth’s ionosphere (which follows observation made following the first atomic bomb explosions). Documents which do not support ‘the aliens are actually here’ argument as the various stories contend.        

To begin with, when you observe the actual photos of the alleged Ngatea ‘crop circles’, which LGM (Little Green men) supporters make out are the imprints of alien spaceships landing gear, they show they are not (not even close) asymmetrical. And certainly not inline with the perfect triangle sketches offered by the farmer who drew them and first suggested they were the ‘proof’ of alien touching down in the North Island (on the same day as the so called 1969 Kaikoura UFO incident). It is hard to imagine a spacecraft built without asymmetrical landing gear. Meaning the imprints are not mechanical or sentient in design but point rather to an organic or natural source.

2. However there are a number of explanations for radiation not excluding that this area is known to have the same electromagnetic anomaly as Kaikoura where the US was conducting classified ionosphere research. This area has, as previously noted, become an area of interest to UFO researchers including the Chilean military (who beyond UFO’s seemed more concerned with US military ionosphere research) recently again. And comes just as the US resumes research into the ionosphere above New Zealand. 

3. All three regions linked to crop circles are in areas of strong volcanic activity. They also all take place in locations which are essential to satellite telemetry. 

As noted a spate of UFO sightings in 2020 described as ‘dozens of lights moving like a train’ that appear to be moving ‘in formation’ across the night sky and were recently spotted and recorded in several locations across New Zealand were nt UFOs “they are the latest stunt from billionaire turned rocket engineer Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX. These are the newest satellites from Space X known as Starlink, designed to bring global internet coverage to virtually every person on Earth” Ngatea is located near the town of Kopu. Kopu is Maori for Venus and is the site of an early Maori observatory and a refection of why the location is also favoured by companies like Rocket Lab in relation to its telemetry which is significant to object orbiting earth such as telecommunications satellites.

4. Ngatea and other NZ ‘crop circles’ are also known to have spooked cattle and horses. Again without full context and further data this remain intriguing but inconclusive proof. Though associated headaches are also noted at Weedons Gunnery range in Christchurch where experimentation into the ionosphere D spot is consistent with research undertaken by the USA’s Airforce’s Project Long bank in Kaikoura in the late 1960’s. A fact noted by researchers such as Martin Harris who notes “That HF output must cooking brains and vegetation alike in the surrounding areas“, I thought, “no wonder those army boys wear tin helmets!“. In fact, I had a pounding headache for two hours after just a few minutes here”

5. Dargaville is also one of the locations of North Island ‘crop circles.’ It is also noted as an area where data was collected concerning the D layer of the ionosphere – coordinated with the Chatham Island, Kaikoura research on the 1940’s-1970 and area now of interest to the US military today. Research into this section of the ionosphere began in 1945 not long after the first detonation of a nuclear device in Nevada USA took place.

This research (covered by a multiple of military and scientist headed research projects) follows a global conference. Subsequent documents on this topic covering multiple files relating to this are classified Confidential Secret and even Most Secret and exceed the usual Top Secret classification system used by New Zealand) over seen by New Zealand’s leading military scientists. This included Professor Thomas Leech the father of the so called Tsunami bomb, Project Seal, (and who post war headed the Snowy Hydro project which later emerged as a front for Australia’s short lived secret atomic weapons project). The conference recognised the strategic military importance of an ionosphere sensitive to electromagnetic stimulation of its electron based particle and New Zealand’s own role in researching this phenomenon further. For New Zealand already possessed three ionosphere observatories which made us at the time leading expert into ionosphere based anomalies.

The Devils Triangle

6. In World War II a top secret radar network was built near Pae Totara Pa, half way between Mahuta and Dargaville area due to the region’s natural atmospheric propagation abilities which assisted the transmission and reception of broadcast radio frequencies including those lined to studying the earth magnetic field and in monitoring nuclear weapons test. Dargaville was also used in 1969 to gather data specifically relating to how eclipse impacted solar radiation feeding the D layer of the ionosphere. One of the best areas to collect such reading was listed as Chatham Island with related monitoring equipment located in the East Coast of Canterbury, Northland and Norfolk Island. The three spots form a almost perfect triangle around New Zealand’s South Island and the so called UFO hubs. 

The ionosphere is known to be ionized by solar radiation. This radiation plays an important role in atmospheric electricity and forms the inner edge of the magnetosphere. It has practical importance because, among other functions it influences radio propagation to distant places on the Earth. It also impacts and filters the affects of solar radiation which other wise is harmful to human health.

Ionospheric heaters located in Polar Regions (EISCAT, HAARP, HIPAS) have been used extensively to generate electromagnetic waves in the ULF/VLF/ELF frequency range and this concept has been referred as the Polar Electrojet (PEJ) antenna. A major problem with the PEJ is its reliance on the presence and strength of the electrojet current. This restricts not only the location of the heater but makes their generation highly unpredictable. A new concept of using HF heating to generate a virtual antenna in the ionospheric Hall region at ULF/ELF frequencies without relying on the existence of electrojets, was advanced recently by Papdopoulos et al. (2010).  [Source is https://www.cambridge.org/core/redirect-support]

7. Orgone or Plasma. Supporters of the LGM theory believed the alleged radiation of the Ngatea Crop circle was “Orgone” and also note seen glowing lights in the sky nearby at the time.

What is Orgone?

In 1940 psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich was alleged to have discovered a heretofore little known cosmic energy that functioned within biological systems as the life energy. Further investigations over the next seven years revealed that this energy, “orgone energy”, could be accumulated from the atmosphere, concentrated within an enclosure, and used as a motor force. Aluminium could be used in strictly physical experimentation, but could be toxic in living organisms. Reich later found by objective measurement that a box consisting of six alternating layers of material would concentrate orgone energy eight times what it was in the surrounding atmosphere. 

As noted Orgone is in fact pseudo science and the properties of orgone replicate many of the properties associated with plasma a by product of the earth’s electromagnetic field. From 1954 Reich came to believe that the planet was under attack by UFOs, or “energy alphas”, as he called them. He said he often saw them flying over Orgonon—shaped like thin cigars with windows—leaving streams of black Deadly Orgone Radiation in their wake, which he believed the aliens were scattering to destroy the Earth.

Experiments in to Orgone conducted by Reich replicate experiments also conducted by US military backed scientists into the ionosphere at Lauder and Naseby Otago in the 1970. Where witnesses say a PRC77 (standard field radio used by Infantry troops usual range with a whip 14km) located next to a tall pole was used to speak to some in Alaska which is located on literally the opposite side of the world as Otago which is located on the 45th latitude. The experiments included the lighting up of a long neon light bulb by pointing it towards a tower located in the ground. (The tower later ended up in the back of one of the witnesses storage sheds). While experiment into the ionosphere and auroras was conducted near Kaikoura as part of the highly secretive Project Long bank

The Otago Kaikoura experiments also seem awfully similar to the patent produced by the controversial scientist Paul Eastlund. Eastlund’s 1987 HAARP Patent examines the HAARP patent and how the ionosphere is utilized as a “mirror” so beam weapons can, with enough charged ionospheric energy, employ phase interference that can focus, localize, and pulse vast quantities of extra low frequency (ELF) energy on regions of earth far from their sources. In general discharge of ionosphere induced plasma takes place in the hemisphere opposite from where the signal transmission had begun and is sometimes referred to as as electron arc bridge as it displace the total electron count (TEC) from one hemisphere to its magnetic opposite.

The locations and anomalies of the Ngatea North island crop circles, as opposed to supporting evidence of LGM, in fact provide further support for the idea the Kaikoura UFO’s where not LGM but simply men in Khaki. Earthlings using the story of Aliens to camouflage their own war of the worlds technology.

Technology which as the declassified documents of our own national archives show offer a far more scientific explanation than orgone powered aliens space ships. An explanation which our national media seem keen to ignore as they peddle LGM’s despite a lack of actual scientific fact to support there ideas.  


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