THE HAND MAIDENS – Politics & PR Using Sleight of Hand: The Dark Arts of Spin.

“opportunity can be seized from crisis if politician can learn to “present a sincere face”.  Crisis X

Hmmm as Macron faces similar issues now faced by Jacinda Adern (as increasingly she loose the support of the middle class) Jacinda and Adern have come together to look at new ways to protect us from ‘right wing’ terrorism on line (aka big tech censorship and corporate spin).

A move which comes as more and more of the middle class wake up and get what the working class already know that its right wing corporate wankers controlling the puppet strings what ever the market branding on the “socialist” chardonnay bottle might say.

Macron politics like Adern markets itself as progressive liberal (e.g. its left wing) but in reality is simply Neo liberal.

Neoliberalism is the political ideology which emerged when Labour economically lurched from being a central left party to being a centre right party under the Labour government of Rogernomics.

Neoliberalism ultimately packaged itself in a liberal façade but ultimately its a right wing economic formula. One which in New Zealand political history failed to deliver the trickle down affect promised by Labour’s Minister of Finance Sir Roger Douglas (who went on to found the right wing Act Party) and its big business partners such as Fay Richwhites Investment the stock-market cowboys (also associated with the first New Zealand America Cup Challenge famed for its boat Black Magic and red socks fund raiser), later found guilty of inside trading and tax evasion.

Following the ‘New Zealand Experiment‘ of Rogernomics (in which Labour lurched to the right) the same policy was repackaged and exported to the governments of France Canada and the Clinton USA and Tony Blairs UK in the late 1990’s early 2000. This was achieved in part by the governments, who adopted not the policies of Rogernomics, using marketing and communications graduates of New Zealand University who were also also tied up directly with the Labour Party cabinet behind Rogernomics. Overseas Rogernomics became known as the ‘Third Way

As a young Owling the young wizardess Jacinda Adern is sent to study the dark arts of public relation and propaganda under the tutelage of Hogwatrz (JK Rowling’s slang term for the Invisible College of old school tie networking’) Sir William Sargent – whose contribution to the world of political spin and Holly wood include doing PR for Neol Liberal Poster Boy Tony Blair and special affects for Hollywood – Sargent whose is believed to have had hand in Adern success with US UK media states “Network affect is about relationships and connections – leveraging them and nurturing them”. Relationships are seen as commodities a mean of personal advancement within the Invisible College world of right wing corporate globalism.

Famous examples include Jacinda Adern who went to work for the Neo Liberal Post boy Tony Blair as a “senior policy adviser” having being hand picked by former Labour PM Helen Clark to be a missionary for Rogernomic exportation offshore. It was here, under the tutelage of public relation gurus Sir William Sargent (whose special effects and public relations company Framestore has worked with both Westminster and the film industry including Gravity, Paddington Bear, Harry Potter) and Chief Constable Sir Ronnie Flanagan, that Adern also got to further her own studies of what we ordinary non magical muggles tend to refer to as the ‘dark arts’ or even more commonly as ‘spin doctoring‘. Spin doctoring is not simply public relations but specifically the art of selling propaganda achieved through knowingly providing a biased interpretation of an event or campaigning to influence public opinion using misdirection.

El caballero de la mano en el pecho (Gentleman with his Hand on his Chest), 1580, Domenikos Theotokopoulos aka El Greco, oil on canvas, Museo del Prado, Madrid – example of the use of distinct hand gestures in Mannerism used by the classic master to induce an emotional connection with the painting audience.

Nearly forty years later and the middle class in New Zealand are beginning to get the hand of Neo Liberal (the ghost of Rogernomics) still lurk behind the liberal facades of liberal progressiveness.

A realisation also dawning on the middle class. Who are beginning to feel the economic austerity which has already being felt globally by an increasingly mobilised working class. Those not lucky enough to have being born with the relatively but shrinking economic buffering shelter of middle class (the 5%s) comfortable living standards.





Speaking of hand signals and first-hand proof your being deliberately manipulated existing in plane sight take a look at the photos through out this website. Specifically picked becuase of their odd hand gestures.

These are also the peculiar hand gestures used widely by painters of several nationalities of painter belonging to the art movements of Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque and later artistic movements: Such as the unnatural position of one or both hands in which the third and fourth digits are held tight together, as if almost fused, resembling syndactyly, and the second and fifth fingers are separated from the central ones.

Arm chair internet detectives often jump up and down and excitedly citing these hand signals as proof that a ‘communist, capitalist, reptilian, vampire, Jewish, Islamic, Martian, conspiracy, really does exist ( I on the other hand simply look at how much wealth belongs to billionaires these days and go that proof enough for me that a global elite really does exist).

There are two interesting points to be made by non occult (non conspiracy theory) academics who have looked at these unnatural hand movements

One; They are acknowledged by art experts as unnatural.

So yes the conspiracy theorist are correct the hand signals are not natural.

Two: Academic and art experts discussing this topic will even acknowledged hand signs were used by well known secret societies and the occult.

Debating Clubs, Toast Groups, Corporate Communication are all taught how the use of certain body language can convey sublimely a positive or negative impact on your audience – what implies trust (uncovered face) or avoids distraction.

In this image the non speaking debaters deliberately pull shoulders back, cross their hands and keep still in a move aimed to focus attention on the debater currently speaking. Body language which enforce her authority and legitimacy to the audience.


BUT!! that actually means bugger all as different culture and subcultures ranging from the Free Mason to ‘Billy Bobs Club for Boys’ (located in a hut at the end of his parent’s garden with a sign saying ‘no girls’ ) plagiarize each other silly.

Further students of art modelling who have studied these awkward and deliberate hand symbols also note (as any artist will confirm) that hands are the hardest part to paint – which can lead to artist sometimes doing portraits with odd hands to simply mask the fact they could not get the hands quite right. Regardless reading these critiques of the secret hand symbols theory however hit upon something equally interesting and worthy of our consideration.

For it again proves those crazy conspiracy theorists are on the right track if albeit perhaps for the wrong reasons. Namely the hands symbols are found to have a symbolic values which has a subliminal impact on human psychology in terms that when seen by others they convey subliminally an emotional message that speaks of the subjects modesty or honesty (or other virtuous qualities).

Mentalist Jon Finch

In other words hands signals have surprise surprise zero occult powers.

BUT!! (wait their is more for only 9.95…) they can help a proficient mentalist lead his mark toward the desired conclusion or action he/she wishes to lead them.

Much of the mystic cults so called ‘magic’ was in fact based on well known psychological manipulation techniques which the master painters were in turn aware of.

Mentalist techniques which today have then being passed on to college fraternity rituals and even glee and debating clubs, as sales methods to be used to help a speaker sell their message.

So common in fact many public speaker use these techniques without the person using them even being (fully) aware of their esoteric origins or the psychology which makes such techniques work for those in the business of seeking to win friends and influence them.

Fast forward to the modern world of sorcery and dark magic — more commonly known as PR & spin doctoring (which is what the Prime Minister training is).

Here hand signal mentalism is simply known as ‘body language’ and it has developed its own terminology within the sacred hallow halls of ‘Hogwarts’ (the Invisible College of professional corporate networking and old school ties) Dark Arts black magic ordinary muggles refer to as public relations and spin doctoring.

For example if you look at the example directly above Macron and his (I’m tempered to jest Slytherin) mates press their hands together with trigger fingers pressed to together. This is a form of what is known in marketing body language terms as ‘stepping’.

“Steepling is shown when someone brings their hands up and puts their fingers together (as shown in the picture to the left) this expresses that a person is confident about something. They may show this whilst in an important meeting when they become confident about the offer you’re offering. Or perhaps you’re being interviewed for a job and you see the interviewer make this move, this can tell you that things are going well, and that they’re confident you could do the job right”.

Other body language techniques of mentalism modern politicians get taught by their dark art wizards include;

Head Tilted to One Side.
Rubbing Hands Together Briskly.
Palms Open and Facing Upward.
Standing Straight With Shoulders Back.
Stroking Your Chin or Beard.
Direct Eye Contact.
Head Nodding.

All these hand signs have a subconscious affect which warms people instinctively to the speaker are seem as positive body language indicators and therefore are used accordingly by PR gurus.

My point is you don’t have to believe in the illuminati, shadow governments, or conspiracy theories to be concerned enough to ask your self a very basic and grounded question.

What kind of democracy are we getting when the world leadership seem more interested in conning us with mentalist parlour tricks to ‘appear as trust worthy’ as they collaborate on destroying the democratic principles of net neutrality. An act done in the name of public safety too to protect us from right wing extremism when in fact it can be found using these protocols to impose a form of censorship which the World Wide Socialist Website ( to a source that is about as left wing as its gets)  reports “heavily censored access to the World Socialist Web Site and other left wing, anti-war and progressive websites” and is aimed at silencing any opposition which immediately gets called right wing (even if it actually comes from left wing sources).


This is as opposed to governing by actually being trust worthy and sincere instead of simply using spin doctor parlour trick to manipulate the public. Or seizes self advancing “opportunity” for politicians, in the words of ‘Crisis X’, from genuine tragedy. Crisis X was a public relation training exercise (which revolved around a terror threat linked to a live online event), held in Christchurch for media and political personalities in the weeks before the March 15th 2019 Christchurch tragedy. The symposium told its clients “opportunity can be seized from crisis” if politician and media celebrities can learn to “present a sincere face”. 

This years Crisis X celebrity key speaker incidentally is Sir John Key, the former New Zealand Prime Minister who this year on the 15th of February addressed a two day workshop held by Crisis X on “Surviving A Cyber Security Disaster”. Its theme? Recognising when your in the middle of crisis and identifying the “Window of Opportunity” presented by such a crisis.

Key has following his position as PM moved from being a financial wizard (his previous background was in banking and currency manipulation) to becoming a cyber Czar with his appointment to the board of Cyber security Palo Alto. Palo Alto are one of the big tech security firms who will be the financial beneficiaries of the Christchurch Accords.

Crisis X lists Key as a speaker and state “Having resigned from office, Sir John is now the chair of ANZ Bank New Zealand and is also a director on the ANZ Australia Group board and Palo Alto Networks (US).   He also has several international advisory roles, and still manages to squeeze in golf”. Key was joined by The CEO of St John talks about how emergency services prepare and organise themselves for, often life-or-death, crises. Peter discusses his experiences in New Zealand with various recent emergency situations, as well as in London where he was CEO of London Ambulance Service during the 7/7 terrorist attacks. What has he seen? Where do organisations get it wrong?“*1

1* = Post note: *Bradley co-worker in the controversial London 7/7 subway attacks (occurring at the same time electrician Jean Charles da Silva e de Menezes was gun down in cold blood by a UK police death squad), include the then head of New Zealand’s Civil Defence Sarah Stuart-Black (now the Secretary General of New Zealand Red Cross). Sarah oversaw the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake, the 2017 Port Hills fires caused by arson, the 2019 Christchurch mosque attacks and Whakaari / White Island eruptions. Her former husband Jim Stuart Black headed special operation for Fire Service’s Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) in Christchurch and was critiqued for his unempathetic handling of the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake CTV tower disaster.

Secret societies, secret hand signals ?

Or simply a form of body language developed by corporate globalism that is based on a platform of propaganda, professional spin doctors, PR dark wizards skilled in half truths and manipulating human psychology using mentalism (not magic) now supported by online algorithms which help control the desired narrative?

In the end does it really matter?

For when defining the nature of manipulation techniques used by the global elite as mentalism or black magic, the reality is the difference is simply cosmetic.

For the core objective to rule by elitism (affirmed by social alumni, class professions and corporate societies inner culture), illusion, deception and misdirection, remain the same end goal?

Different jargon same end result when all is said and done.



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