THE DEADLINE REPORT: GUNS METH & COVID How One Crisis is Helping Fuel Another.

The FRESH FM DEADLINE REPORT Ben Vidgen Investigates Click to listen.

In this episode on Fresh FM DEADLINE Report we look at how in the panic of Covid we have forgotten the cost meth is having on New Zealand society and its economy. The New Zealand Australian School of Psychiatry estimating 15% of all suicides are caused by meth. The suicide alone are causing in New Zealand more than 3 billion dollar a years to a health system already under strain pre Covid 19. While the Covid Crisis is proving to fuel meth consumption and drive the forces (namely poverty and dysfunctional communities) creating a multibillion dollar demand for the prohibitive drug as the war on Drugs continues to fail as it treated as a policing issue and not a social health issue. While Covid gets special media focus and daily ministerial briefings plus special finance and legislative attention meth which is proving every bit as destructive is being ignored even though the cost of doing is to simply let the problem escalate as levels of consumption continue to increase and the social cost prove generational.

2020 figures despite Police figures showed their was no change to the continued upwards use of consumption

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