SOFT DIPLOMACY – Neoliberalism The Wolf Dressed in Lambskin.

Congratulation mainstream media your now reporting what I reported in 2006 that the Emirate sends billions of dollars’ worth of arms from Western states only to siphon them off to militias in Yemen that answer to no-one and are known to be committing war crimes. (AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL).

As Jacinda scratched her collar nervously, clearly embarrassed at NZ role in this, my initial response was to get pissed off at her for claiming she did not to know any thing. For unlike many I don’t believe Labour is as liberal as it makes out. This seemed yet another example of neoliberalism ideology (which the middle class try to pretend does not exist anymore) that has characterised this specific Labour administration and made sure Neoliberalism knack for making right wing policy sound liberal has kept trucking on. As it has being doing since it first popped up in 1984. ( I do recommend highly the online documentary Some One Else’s Country).

However I will give Jacinda a break on this one as most of those arms deals were A) put in place under John Key and B) within two degrees of Air NZ where Key roles today and I am sure MFAT would have being in no hurry to bring it to the PM attention.

What I don’t accept, as the very aircraft which delivered boats for the race to NZ can themselves be identified as carriers of weapons of genocide (a repeat of 2008 ), is that Labour was not being aware of the Emirates Kingdom (who own Air Emirates he NZ sponsor of the America Cup) atrocious human rights record.

Which includes the leader of the UAE even kidnapping and imprisoning his own daughter.

A fact leading the headlines every where in the world (including how governments we ingorning this due the locative trade deals on offer) but it seemed NZ media where during the cup race this issue was firmly pushed into the background by TVNZ.

Or they were not aware that the UNDP headed by Helen Clark backing of the Arab world UN Vision 2030 plan (backed by Rocket Lab chief funder Weapons manufacture Lockheed martin) was an error on Clarke’s behalf. Te UAE Saudi Arabia did not see in Vision 2030 the UNDP and Clark’s goals of modernising the Arab world, bringing about gender equality and creating an exit strategy from oil, as a mean of introducing democracy sustainability and stability to the region of the Middle East.

A goal promoted by Clark (and now the Helen Clark Foundation) since she met Tony Texeria and member’s of NZ’s technology industry at the Emirates A1Hamilton Race in 2008. Rather the UAE & Saudi Arabia saw in Vision 2030 the means to tighten the grip of their outdated patriarchy and become the worlds leading manufacture of both smart weapons and bioweapons.

Labour must have known this. For the whole world knew this was one of the key and chief factor which lead to the brutal murder of dissident journalist Jamal Kashoggi (and marks the one occasion when MFAT turned down an arms related export permit) after he exposed the true aims of Vision 2030 to the world.

Ditto the tech Industry (who Clark met with in Hamilton) and their backers such as the America’s cup backers, neoliberalism & Labours old buddy, Michael Fay, have pulled a similar trick here. For they race of to promote smart technology as the thing which will save the planet, via ads for smart phones and electric car on TV, and as sponsors of sporting events, and it is why the UNDP and the NZ refuse to have a moratorium on the environmental impact of deep sea bed mining.

As Michael Fay can be found (2013 UNDP SAMO Pathways) as early as 2004 giving the thumbs up to idea that sport franchises promoting tech firms and investors (behind plans to tap into the Pacific’s deep sea minerals) are an ideal way to promote the UNDP goals of ‘sustainability’. Goals orientated around the climate and the UN so called agenda 2030 which like Vision 2030 have since being hijacked by interest seeing dollar signs not a need to save the planet.

The UAE Saudi Arabia & the US and its partners like Lockheed Martin had seen in Vision 2030 also a means to tap into the Pacific as a source of cheap migrant Labour (exasperated by the economy impact of Lockdown) and tech knowledge for their arms building ambitions. n addition to being an extension of the emerging Cold war between China and the USA encouraged by the US promoted policy known as the Pacific Reset which plans to drive China from the Pacific but in reality simply brings with it further and dangerous factors of instability.

Similar moves are afoot with Sky jumping in bed with NZ & Australia to promote a new Pasifika Channel which will tell Pasifika stories and promote sports and their backers. The new channel will be overseen by the Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Limited (PCBL) the brain child of Sky’s Tony O’brien and Brent Impey and marks another New Zealand government initiative, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and the privately funded Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) “with the overall aim to build stronger relationships in the Pacific region by supporting the media sector. ”to bring about a “new normal.”

The new media channel will be funded by the New Zealand and Australian government who will pay for Sky to deliver content and Pasifika stories as they are delivered through Sky’s interpretation of Pasifika Culture. Which no doubt will also fit the political goals of the Pacific Reset and the corporate hijacked UNDP vision of sustainability on the back of weapons manufactures and despot control of the Pacific natural resources.

Fay, Labour old buddy, also introduced NZ to Rocket Lab which we were first told was New Zealand going to space to stop climate change(Neoliberalism hijacking liberal cusses to sell right wing bullshit to since 1984 ).

Soon turns out it primary mission was doing jobs for Uncle Sam new Space Force which militarises the space over Aoteroa and makes us a target, and yes you guessed it helping Saudi Arabia and the UAE reach their goals of being the worlds leading makers of next generation killing machines.

In fact the links between Rocket Lab Lockheed Martin and the America’s cup are extensive as they literally use the same personnel and technology in many cases.

Which in Rocket Lab’s case include help in the US develop their hypersonic missiles so as to achieve nuclear weapons superiority. Think about that next time to you see Stein Lager logo on an America Cup yacht. Or watch one of their adverts trying to associate it self to the peace movement which Labour hijacked in 1984 as a mean of getting David Lange elected and camouflaging Labour’s right wing economic policies with its antinuclear moment and role in Fay’s financed Black Magic’s America Cup win.

Much in the same way Stein Lager has also jumped on the promotion of Te Reo Maori, along with many other other Corporations trying to hide their exploitative parasitic walks under nice words. This is despite the impact of alcohol on New Zealand lower social economic and largely Maori Polynesian communities.

Yup Neoliberalism really is the master of using liberalism as a trojan horse to hide its right wing bullshit.

The thumbs up on saying no to this goes to ‘Buck’ Shelfed and the rest of the All Blacks.

The All Black have done a sterling job of expressing their frustration over concerns that the proposed deal to have US based Silver Lake buy into their brand was simply another company seeking to profiting off cultural appropriation.

Nice to see not every one buying the con job or the strategy being pushed to appropriate Maoridom for the benefit of a second wave of colonialism.

The second wave coming this time from Corporate American and her buddies in the Pentagon.

The All Black jersey and the Haka used by the All Black is the Mana of our nation not some avarice corporation hoping to garner that mana by having it brand associated with the blood sweat and tears of those who wont the right to wear that jersey. It should represent our values and dreams and not become a whore which simply worships profit.

As for the bureaucrats “The former MFAT official, who had direct knowledge of the export controls regime in the early-to-mid-2000s but was not authorised to speak on the record, told RNZ that it was impossible for New Zealand to know where the military exports to Saudi Arabia and the UAE would end up, and how they would be used. They described MFAT’s justification of exports to Saudi and the UAE as “bullshit”.






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