According the results of our studies the earthquake source does not need the same scale of energy to be activated as released during an earthquake. We have been shown that a trigger effect is enough to change the balance of energy exchange between seismic source and its ambient medium.” Ikram Kerimov USSR Academy of Science The second European Coference on Earthquake Egineering and sesimology istanbul aug 25-29 2014 THE NEW APPROACH ON THE ECOLOGICAL CHANGES OF THE PLANET Ikram KERIMOV1, Seymur KERIMOV
” Ikram Kerimov, published an open letter in local press putting forth the theory. Certain ranges of acoustic waves in the marine environment, caused by movements ahead of a big earthquake, are disastrous for marine animals, from which they die or throw themselves onshore,” Ikram Kerimov USSR Academy of Science.

For about two years now I have being trying to unearth the name of the Russian Scientist who began the Soviet Earthquake weapons research. Specifically Projects Mercury and Vulcan headed by the Azerbaijani scientist Ikram Kerimov.

This research to find details on the Soviet Earthquake scientist who can be named the father of Tectonic weapons has being a dead end on many occasions as links end up 404, website no longer function, or the academic citations are restricted.

Today I however found a backdoor via a footnote, I found in a Wikipedia entry about Tectonic weaponry, first published in the ‘Bulletin of Atomic Science’ that lead me to another article (Nature October 1989 ) where again nothing emerged until I hunted around and found yet another back door were at last I found the name of the man I had being looking for.

“The first official details have emerged in Moscow of ambitious research into ‘tectonic warfare’ carried out by the former Soviet Union and subsequently by the government of Russia, and involving attempts to stimulate ‘artificial’ earthquakes as weapons of destruction. According to documents obtained by the newspaper Moscow News, two research programmes, the first known as ‘Mercury’ and the second as ‘Volcano’, were aimed at
creating new earthquake epicentres by using underground nuclear explosions. Geophysicists are aware that impending earthquakes may be triggered by underground nuclear explosions. But Western geophysicists remain sceptical about tectonic warfare and have all but abandoned research after two unsuccessful phases of activity in the 1960s and 1980s, says Roger Clark, a lecturer in geophysics at the University of Leeds….The programme, which was secretly launched by the Communist rulers of the former Soviet Union in 1987, and has been unofficially known to Western geophysicists for several years, is now believed to have been abandoned. It would certainly contravene the terms of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, which Russia signed at the United Nations in Geneva last month.The Mercury project was launched in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan, but came to a halt when the republic became independent. It was superseded by the Volcano project. Three underground nuclear tests are believed to have taken place at sites in Kyrgyzstan. According to the documents, the Mercury project was launched by a secret decree of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union. The objective was to “develop a methodology for remote operation on an earthquake epicentre by using weak seismic fields and research possibilities of transferring the seismic energy of an explosion”. The documents say that the Mercury
project involved 22 scientific and industrial organizations, including the Geological Institute of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences in Baku. The remit extended to developing the electronic equipment to be installed aboard space satellites that would control the tectonic weapon
. It continues

During the research phase, Azerbaijani scientists grew increasingly confident and, according to the documents, were sure that “after [a] nuclear explosion, subterranean energy may accumulate at huge distances from the epicentre and reach massive capacity, after which the next directed explosion can release it all”. Underground testing began at the town of Batken in Kyrgyzstan, and was directed by lkram Kerimov, of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences. The documents say that scientists detonated an underground nuclear charge and tried to control the direction of seismic energy released using British-built equipment known as ‘system 9690’. A report prepared by the Mozhaisky Military Engineering Institute concluded that the test had been a success. But progress slowed considerably following Azerbaijan’s independence from the Soviet Union. At about this time, Russia embarked on a more comprehensive tectonic warfare programme known as the Volcano project (hints were made else where this was linked to an idea to nuke Yellow Stone USA with setting off US seismic faults editor note). The Earth Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) became the project headquarters. Research was scheduled to be completed in 1992, with underground testing beginning the following year. The final test was carried out at a place code-named S36NZ-0Kh;
Moscow News believes the letters ‘NZ’ refer to Novaya Zemlya, where Soviet nuclear testing began in the 1950s”
at the time projects like New Zealand SEAL & Prime Star Fish involving kiwi scientist William Pickering were exploring how earth itself may be weaponised.

To say Ikram Kerimov is the father of Tectonic Weapon is perhaps debatable by Kerimov own definition of Tectonic warfare. Many practisers of the dark arts of war, all the way back to the time of Joshua Trumpets (if you want split hairs), have long sought to create a “balance of energy exchange between seismic source and its ambient medium” in attempt to bring the walls literally down.

Yet Kerimov name has proven vital for cracking open the history of post second world war tectonic weaponry. Whose existence has long being denied in the West with the exception of a short period in the 1990’s when Mercury and Vulcan which Kerimov headed were reported on prior to the US Soviet Détente known as Preistoka. Kerimov contribution to bringing the reality of Tectonic weaponry to public light it emerges is not just as a historical Cold War foot note considered idea but has a modern day contemporary connection as well to on going intterest in this terrible form of warfare.

During the cold war curators from the General Staff of the USSR Ministry of Defense, headed by the chief military seismologist, Major General V. Bocharov, and representatives of the KGB demanded a “tectonic bomb”. By 1988, Kerimov’s group began the first experiments at a test site about 50 kilometers from the city of Batken (Kyrgyzstan). The work used the receiving center and three remote seismic stations of the digital system “9690”, produced by special order in England. According to experts, the first experiments were successful and were then continued with even greater intensity at another test site in Uzbekistan.

Kerimov, by the beginning of the nineties reported “the accumulated theoretical and experimental material made it possible to develop a method of action in order to activate dynamic processes or discharge excess stresses in the environment,” to cause earthquakes of any power. Moreover, “the laboratory of geomorphology of the Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR took part in the work, which conducted special field observations to study long-length tectonic faults that stretched for several thousand kilometers in order to analyze the predominant propagation of seismic energy, the possibility of creating side branches for energy flows into the required area, the possibility of activating the inactive fault system, etc”. In other words Kerimov believed it possible to cause earthquakes, being thousands of kilometres from the zone of artificial seismic activity and in places where there were no earthquakes for centuries.

Kerimov has reportedly passed away in 2015 but many of those who he worked with on the 1980’s 1990 based Mercury and Vulcan are now find today else where as a joint Chinese Russian Ionosphere heater project based on similar science to work being carried out by Kerimov has even conservative papers acknowleding it has weapons implication. Specifically they also have properties highly similar to the American equivalent of the Sino alliance ionosphere heaters project which we know as HAARP that opened in 1999 and shut …er sort of in 2014.

Further the reference on Kerimov I have dug up now permit me to confirm a long speculative question on whether Vulcan and Mercury used conventional explosives to achieve its tectonic weapons goals as New Zealand’s Project SEAL had attempted in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Or was the Russian program (experimenting with World War Two British technology) along the lines of HAARP and based on tapping into the electromagnetic energy of Earth’s ionosphere. The later would emerge as the case.

Meaning actual testing of ionosphere tectonic weapons can be documented as having taken place, which had until this point being had being argued as only theoretical by Western critics determined to debunk ideas that HAARP had offensive capabilities.

The Affects of Star Fish Prime were felt worls wide when, on 9 July 1962, it heaved a 1.4-megaton nuclear bomb some 400 kilometers into space: Orbiting satellites were safely out of range of the blast. But in the months that followed the test, called Starfish Prime, satellites began to wink out one by one, including the world’s first communications satellite, Telstar. There was an unexpected aftereffect: High-energy electrons, shed by radioactive debris and trapped by Earth’s magnetic field, were fritzing out the satellites’ electronics and solar panels along the equator.

The idea behind Seal was simple enough drop a bomb that would trigger an earthquake. It lead to further test as conventional explosives were switched fro nuclear weapons and the impacts of nukes on the environment fuelled further research into how the planet could be weaponized.

Initial testing by the military into the ionosphere weapon potential all began with the nuclear bomb space detonation experiments Star Fish Prime & Argus involving kiwi scientist William Pickering and in a came role the Auckland Dean of Engineering Australian Dr Thomas Leech who headed the New Zealand Top Secret Tsunami bomb experiments Project Seal during WWII. SEALS ideas were incorporated into the Biki toll blast which also gave the first hint that nukes affected the TEC (Total Electron Count) and stimulated the earth’s magnetic field.

The Atomic bomb test had opened the door to Electron Warfare evolution of Tectonic Warfare.

The Age of Electron:

Leech later headed the Snowy Hydro scheme which would be involved in Australia short lived goal for nuclear weapons and rain making experiments begun with the US Airforce using U2 spy planes Operation Crow Flight which continues today as a commercial operation.

The two space test later lead to comprehensive test ban of nuclear weapons in space such was it impact. However the US continued to experiment with the ionosphere and examine the means by which the earth magnetic field could be weaponised.

RAAF Base Laverton WA Operation Crow Flight U2 spy planes flew between Australia and NZ
conducting top secret research in the Southern Skies and along the equator.

In 1960’s NZ Australia hosted Operation Crow Flow which included U2 aircraft based at Laverton near Melbourne not the Laverton Electron warfare station in Western Australia which would later be linked to ionospheric experimentation by both the military and terrorists.

Declassified papers show Crow flights were not just about monitoring nuclear test but also included rain making experiments. A caveat to this however is the declassified writings of Crow Flight, Project Seal and Long Bank show many explanation, including those told to officials, were in turn often cover stories themselves as information was compartmentalised and only given out on a need to know basis.

In the 1970’s research into probing the Ionosphere for military purposes and linked to tectonic warfare was initiated at Woodbourne Blenheim New Zealand known as Operation Long Bank.

Other ionosphere project linked to manipulation of the ionosphere were initiated in Naseby (where today California company LEO Lab has set up a facility to monitor space junk) in the 1970’s, These included US defence funded research done via Canterbury University conducted at Weedon gunnery range West Milton, plus actual HAARP experiments in the 1990’s, conducted at Birdling Flats Christchurch, Awarura Invercargil and HAARP experiments in the 1990’s which involved launching of buoys to monitor HAARRP called Hop 1 & Hop 2 in the 19990s and early 2000.located off the Chatham Islands and New Zealand South Island East Cost.

New Zealand scientist William Pickering a early version of Rocket Labs Peter Beck a man who heralded in the space age but only through him also maintaining a close partnership with the US military.

In 1991, a conference of geophysicists was held in Baku, dedicated to the problems of possible control of tectonic processes or, as it was then formulated, “the method of remote impact on the earthquake source using weak seismic fields and transfer of explosion energy.” Alexey Nikolaev, Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, spoke at this scientific event confirmed that experiments of this kind are possible and are actively carried out in developed countries. The symposium is some times credit as the Soviet scientist attempt to warn the West if what their military master were demanding of them.

Kerimov also make reference to the Baku symposium in his treaty ‘The New Approach On The Ecologiucal Changes of the Planet under the section headed ‘The experimental data’ where Kerimov writes “At our insistence in June 1991 in Baku was held an international conference where at first time we announced the data about the negative effects of nuclear explosions on the environment. We have presented evidences that, – as a results of their study conducted for many years, – the stress state of the medium had increased so that the responses of geophysical fields almost all over the planet have arose even after the usual industrial explosions, which differ much less power”.

In 1993 geologist Harry Mason noted that an asteroid which had lit up the sky of Perth with a blast several times more powerful than Hiroshima had taken place at the same time as a 4+ earthquake had hit Laverton.

Media and authorities have tried to down play the fact that Mason’s observation led to not one but two investigations into the Japanese Cult and terrorist group  Aum Shinrikyo’s who had set up shop near Laverton 35 days before the incident.

Regardless of spin the fact are the super wealthy Japanese cults can be documented at a US Senate inquiry into the cult’s use of weapons of mass destruction. as having an interest in weapons of mass destruction including purchasing former Soviet Union plasma based tectonic stimulation off the black market. Russia coincidentally can be confirmed as providing the raw technology which kicked started Australia’s own electromagnetic offensive weapons research post event.

While Otago’s Professor Craig Rodger, who led a successful proposal to MBIE for $15M titled “Solar Tsunamis: Space-Weather Prediction and Risk Mitigation for New Zealand’s Energy Infrastructure (a five year research programme which will investigate how solar explosions impacts human technology, in particular the New Zealand electricity national grid), confirmed the US signals stations in WA also seemed very interested in the same naturally occurring plasma anomaly Rodger specialised in. As researchers witness during their own civilian experiments in the atmosphere direct interaction between the US ground stations in WA and plasma storms that occur in the upper ionosphere.

In 1997 Laverton WA became part of JORN over the horizon Radar network some times (not entirely correct) called the Australian HAARP.

In 1999 the European Union made a complaint on HAARP it “considers HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) by virtue of its far reaching impact on the environment to be a global concern and calls for its legal, ecological and ethical implications to be examined by an international independent body before any further research and testing”. It requested to be able to question the US scientist involved. A request declined though the matter was raised again in 2015.

Today as the west press continues to say no HAARP based technology is not a weapons (despite a European Union report labelling HAARP a climate weapon) western papers report in the same vein that the Russia and Chinese ionosphere heating transmitter which is basically the same kind of technology the West military is playing with is not just about science but about creating an offensive super weapons.

The New Zealand Herald reports “China and Russia have modified an important layer of the atmosphere above Europe to test a controversial technology for possible military application, according to Chinese scientists involved in the project. A total of five experiments were carried out in June. One, on June 7, caused physical disturbance over an area as large as 126,000 sq km (49,000 square miles), or about half the size of Britain. The modified zone, looming more than 500km (310 miles) high over Vasilsursk, a small Russian town in eastern Europe, experienced an electric spike with 10 times more negatively charged subatomic particles than surrounding regions. In another experiment on June 12, the temperature of thin, ionised gas in high altitude increased more than 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) because of the particle flux. The particles, or electrons, were pumped into the sky by Sura, an atmospheric heating facility in Vasilsursk built by the former Soviet Union’s military during the cold war. The Sura base fired up an array of high-power antennas and injected a large amount of microwaves into the high atmosphere. The peak power of the high frequency radio waves could reach 260 megawatts, enough to light up a small city.Zhangheng-1, a Chinese electromagnetic surveillance satellite, collected the data from orbit with cutting-edge sensors. The pumping and fly-by required precise coordination to achieve effective measurement”.

As Sura is the Russian version of HAARP the four Zhangheng are the Chinese equivalent of QuakeTek made in NZ financed by a former Pentagon man Dr Neil Paterson who run Auckland University Lockheed martin Rocket Lab affiliated Auckland Space System Program (APSS) .

The satellite nano cube APSS-1 launched 02:20pm November 20th 2020 by an Electron KS rocket. It was carried by Lockheed Martin Rocket Lab launched from Mahia Peninsular New Zealand along with 29 other payloads including US Department of Defence contracts. APSS-1 was created like Zhangheng allegedly with the goal of creating better quake predictions in mind. Unsurprisingly APSS-1 close links to the US military are not being mentioned in the same breathless tone in the Western press as Zhangheng (and it three sister satellites) even though they do the same job.

“It was designed to measure electrical activity in the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere right at the edge of space, a region known as the ionosphere. Because the ionosphere is ionised by solar and cosmic radiation and is affected by phenomena such as solar winds, it is uniquely reactive to changing magnetic and electrical conditions. That means it affects radio and GPS signals here on Earth, including television, internet and telephone communications”. However scientists are “also curious to what extent and how the ionosphere is affected by geophysical activity on Earth, including whether the electrical disturbances that occur in the ionosphere might be correlated with earthquakes. Insights into the ionosphere might also help us better prepare for disruption to communications technologies.”

APSS-1data will presumably be sent to the west version of Sura which include a wide array of facilities around the world and not just the semi closed HAARP in Alaska or the death cult associated base in Laverton. Once again as with Star Fish Long bank and Seal New Zealand can be found helping to assist the US create even more power weapons of mass destruction as it has done so for nearly a century now.

And now I have Kerimov name I can determine Mercury and Vulcan (whose specific documented goal was creating tectonic weapons) were also along the lines of HAARP based on electromagnetic energy of our ionosphere.

Further more the current Russian Chinese test, which the West call an attempt to weaponize space (while expecting every one to believe their own military funded research into this same exact area is just ‘science’), involve many of Kermov’s old colleagues from Mercury and Vulcan.

In November 1992, Kermiov colleague Jafar Jafarov, a senior researcher at the Institute of Geology of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, left Baku with his wife and child. and settled in South Africa. In Kerimov’s group, he was the main programmer. A second associate of Kerimov tectonic weapons group Niyaz Baishev, emigrated to South Africa after being told he would be offered funding to continue research and then vanished. The fate of their recruiter was not so pleasant – he died according to the official version – from careless handling of personal weapons.

Another subordinate of Kerimov now lives and works in Israel. His invitation and departure were said to have being formalized at a high government level.

In March 1995, Professor Kerimov asked for urgent help from the Minister of National Security of Azerbaijan N. Abbasov, because one night someone had broken not only the door locks, but thoroughly rummaged in the computer with the analysis programs, and most importantly, stole the computer, “which contained top-secret information about the results of our research over the past two or three years and analysis of the results of all studies carried out on a special topic. “


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