STAR WARS ?? Atomic Bomb evolves into the age of Electron Weaponry

.By Ben Vidgen.

The left hand side image is QuakeTek made in NZ financed by the Pentagon man at NZ’s AUT Dr Neil ‘Starwars’ Paterson. The satellite nano cube was launched 02:20pm November 20th 2020 by an Electron KS rocket. It was carried by Lockheed Martin Rocket Lab launched from Mahia Peninsular New Zealand along with 29 other payloads including US Department of Defence contracts.So be interesting to see what data QuakeTek detected this week. For APSS-1 was created allegedly with the goal of creating better quake predictions in mind.“It was designed to measure electrical activity in the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere right at the edge of space, a region known as the ionosphere. Because the ionosphere is ionised by solar and cosmic radiation and is affected by phenomena such as solar winds, it is uniquely reactive to changing magnetic and electrical conditions. That means it affects radio and GPS signals here on Earth, including television, internet and telephone communications”. However scientists are “also curious to what extent and how the ionosphere is affected by geophysical activity on Earth, including whether the electrical disturbances that occur in the ionosphere might be correlated with earthquakes. Insights into the ionosphere might also help us better prepare for disruption to communications technologies.”

The QuakeTEC satellite carries a Langmuir probe (A Langmuir probe is a device used to determine the electron temperature, electron density, and electric potential of a plasma) and will measure the electron density in the ionosphere to determine the feasibility of detecting earthquakes in advance. The students will be using their satellites to investigate a debated theory, that seismic activity in the earth’s crust creates signatures in the ionosphere, a region of the atmosphere between 60 to a thousand kilometers above the earth’s surface.

The right hand side image above is nano cube satelite China Seismo‐Electromagnetic Satellite (CSES)CSES (China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite). It can be identified as a “Chinese–Italian” space mission dedicated to monitoring electromagnetic field and waves, plasma parameters and particle fluxes induced by natural sources and artificial emitters in the near-Earth space. Austria contributes to one of the magnetometers.

China’s HAARP in Hainan can do what the American HAARP using the same technology could not do according to pro American media.

Critics in main street media report such as Popular Mechanics, The New Zealand Herald. New York Times, Science America, have claim its a weapon aimed at manipulating the atmosphere and capable of triggering natural disasters.

China deny its a weapon and say the nano satellite is a “scientific space missions are dedicated: to monitoring electromagnetic field and waves, plasma and particle perturbations of the atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere induced by natural sources and anthropocentric emitters and to study their correlations with the occurrence of seismic events. They will investigate the structure and the dynamic of the topside ionosphere, the coupling mechanisms with the lower and higher plasma layers and the temporal variations of the geomagnetic field, in quiet and disturbed conditions. Data collected during the missions will also allow to study solar-terrestrial interactions and solar physics phenomena, namely Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), solar flares and cosmic ray solar modulation”.

The same western critics who are now claiming China’s system is a weapons in the 1990s collectively all claimed that allegations the US ionosphere technology (based on the same science known as HAARP) was a weather machine have argued that idea was science fiction a conspiracy theory. Even though the western media as a pack also accused Russia of building earthquake weapons based on the same idea in the 1980’s.Their argument against the US defence ionosphere heater being a weapon was that HAARP which began as 18 antennas before expanding to several foot balls (and then to other US bases world wide) lacked the signal strength (propagation) to emit the required levels of energy needed. When complete the China Seismo‐Electromagnetic Satellite ground antenna base and related geo engineering facilities will cover an area the size of India.

It is believed China launched four more of these satellites this year to match US efforts.…It is important to stress The minute sized nano cube satellites are simply receivers of signal transmitted from else where, a mere cog in the machine. Which in China Seismo‐Electromagnetic Satellite and HAARP’s case includes documented ground based antenna farms that were fed large amount of energy which in all likelihood permitted then to then piggy backs off the energy emitted by the billions of electron particles which feed our earth magnetic energy and are feed by sources such as solar flare activity which send massive amount energy earth bound. In affect they would serve simply as targeting tools used to spot the electron field ground station wished to feed upon with that energy relayed using other ground antenna receivers (which will focus on the field longitude and latitude and the fields altitude) to create a triangulated field that the energy was then directed backed too like and elaborate extension cord from space.…/china-weather…/index.html

Meanwhile the launch of space antennas, better understanding of solar activity such as that launched from Mahi Peninsula in 2017 by Rocket Lab, seeding nano particle made of reflective materials sprayed into the atmosphere (Operation Clover Leaf), plus the ability to tap into the earth’s own atmospheric layer of plasma (not discovered by civilian scientists until 1995), combined with greater understanding of the lithosphere coupling relationship between earth and naturally occurring powerful plasma discharges (stimulated by solar activity) in our ionosphere has put many of the critics argument to bed. The weather may not be man made quite yet (the jury still out on that one) but clearly their is a Star Wars on which has control of Earth Ionosphere, that shape our planets weather patterns, as it goals the ultimate weaponization of space.

As man once made atomic energy a super weapon so too shall he seek to weaponise the electron energy particle of our ionosphere.


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