THE DEADLINE REPORT – BEN VIDGEN INVESTIGATES: Covid 19 -Pandemic Part 1 Episode 3 ‘The Opportunists’.

The virus is real sadly so is the market force opportunism.

The reality of what the TPPA means to NZ | The Daily Blog

Ben Vidgen looks at the idea that while the Covid 19 Panademic was most certainly not a ‘planademic’ their is a great argument to made that it was however case of opportunity being seized from crisis. A chance to fast track an already deeply coordinated agenda.

Vidgen looks at the coordinated timing of the TPPA signing, the likelihood that if Biden is elected the USA will join the TPPA (and enhance it’s pro corporate deal), the roll out of 5G, its implication for the Pentagon’s own plans for 5G. Specifically its role in the USA containment policy of China (The Pacific reset). In addition to looking at Elon Musk’s Star Link NZ connections, the launching of Space Force, the passing in NZ of the Water Regulation bill, the roll out of water smart meters, the state sector reform bill, the coordinated 2020 global geospatial mapping program, and the role of AI & tech based firms in NZ including Cargo Metrics, The Microsoft Data centre (which roles out as our own libraries are getting pilfered), the Google NZ government Kitty Hawk drone partnership, Amazon’s interest in NZ, the militarisation of Rocket Lab, the growing interest of Lockheed Martin in Australia, NZ the Pacific and Antarctica.

Opportunity Seized From Crisis? Part 1 Episode 3

  1. TPPA signed = knowledge data privatisation.
WikiLeaks - Updated Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - IP  Chapter (second publication)

2. The Militarisation of Space where NZ sit on the Space Force Highway to dominating where no one has dominated before.

New Zealand and the Fifth Domain of Warfare: Space | Duncan Steel
Royal New Zealand Air Force CBRN mitigation a Royal New Zealand Air Force  Perspective Squadron Leader Ivan Green

3 Good Bye Nuclear Free …..


3…..Hello Uncle Sam‘s Hypersonic missles

4. Anti mining sovereignty activist and ‘gangs’ cause instability needing military assistance according to the US designed Becara war games.

5. Pro mining Lockheed set up shop with all its many and rapidly proliferating related defence tech babies; located in Invercargil, Central Otago, Christchurch, Blenheim, Mahia Penisular and the Universities of Canterbury and Auckland

Thread by @oilieneas: "So it turns out Rocket Lab is linked to the CIA and  works for US military agencies. Here are the key takeaways from my article  for @thespino […]"

6. Raytheon & Lockheed get busy in Antarctica

Front Cover. Photo 1: In 1956, a dog sled waits near a C-124 Globemaster II  parked on the ice at McMurdo Sound. - PDF Free Download

7. Lockheed gets busy in the Pacific.

Why the Rush? seabed mining in the Pacific ocean | Deep Sea Mining: Out Of  Our Depth

8. Starlink set up shop in Bluff as Pentagon see 5G & AI as the means to achieve dominance over China and in space.

SpaceX Starlink lights to be seen across New Zealand starry night sky |

9. The Tech Lord’s descended down under during the Lockdown as NZ features large in the ‘Forth Industrial revolution’ and the second ‘New Zealand Experiment’. As big business prepares to privatise data and knowledge.

Microsoft expands data centre region to New Zealand | ZDNet
Google founder's flying taxis secretly tested in New Zealand | Financial  Times
Byron C Clark 🍠 on Twitter: "looking for a lakes district bunker to hide  in when the revolution comes… "

10. Dot Dot Dot Dash Dash Dash Dot Dot Dot: New Zealand features in the globally coordinated Geospatial Mapping which like the roll out of 5G the launch of Space Force takes place over Covid 19 It is known post Covid as Covid 19 Response Relief but is known pre Covid 19 as tactical Urbanisation. And NZ via the Business Round Table (NZ Iniative) lobby influenced Local Governance NZ (A Rogernomic privatisation policy) becomes part of the Global Geo-spatial Alliance which seek to create centralised economic centre backed by 5G AI and deepsea mining /conflict metal mining aka the dystopia driven by a second wave of western colonialism alluded to in Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines

On the Frontline of Tactical Urbanism - Wellington - Eventfinda
5G and it’s smart cities and masks for every one as the big fish devour the small fish
for control of the planets resources and power.


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