Greytown Butchey – Butchers of the future, with traditions of the past.’

Governments need to have both shepherds and butchers”.Voltaire

Greytown Butchery owned by Gavin Green and Julie Fairbrother has alot to be proud including its speciality meats include kangaroo and ostrich patties, rabbit, goat meat and quails.

Sweetbreads and brains, the offal delicacies of the past, free range chickens, ducks, and turkeys is available too. Greytown Butchery established in 1873 has operated from the same premises for 147 years adding to Greytown’s reputation for sustainable heritage!

In 2006, Gavin and Julie bought the historic Main Street shop and transformed it

into a gourmet European-style butchery with the motto ‘Butchers of the future, with traditions of

the past.’ Greytown Butchery has become not merely a shopping trip, but an experience. It also helps that they have a team of butchers who are passionate about the trade.

The butchery is famous for its award-winning sausages. At the annual Devro Great NZ sausage competition in October 2019, Greytown Butchery won 3 awards. Silver for its Moroccan Lamb and Raisin sausage, Silver for its Pre-cooked sausage and Silver for its Beef flavoured sausage. So far a total of 23 Gold, Silver and Bronze awards won. Most of Greytown Butchery’s meat is locally sourced, with direct relationships with the farmers like.

Top bangers by Greytown butchery - Times Age

Kurt at Palliser Ridge on the Southern Wairarapa Coast for their Lamb &; Beef, through to Hamish’s Wairarapa supplying free range Pork from his Kumeroa farm. Gavin knows his farmers are providing product low in pesticides, machinery, packaging, that is high in taste and quality. Greytown Butchery also stock local fresh eggs, pies, gluten free bread and a range of condiments mostly sourced from the Wairarapa region. So pop in to see what all the fuss is about next time you’re visiting Greytown.

Open 7 days and can be contacted by calling anytime on (06) 3049 550 or by emailing at


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