Being watching the supercilious middle class having a good laugh at those illiterate conspiracy theorists and their wackadoodle Covid19, 5G, Agenda 21 ideas. Yeah democracy in such a great and healthy state .

When I view the sad sacks mounting their feeble defences at the “New World Order”, or the “Illuminati” and pet reptilian shape-shifting rottweilers, as the bulk of the middle class sit round laughing and taking selfies and patting themselves on the back for being such clever clogs, I am remind of my old banking boss.

When I was researcher for West Pac (aka bastards without borders) he once said to me “the people at the bottom of the food chain tend to know intuitively (though cant qualify their unease eloquently) whats happening first. For they are the first to feel the boot on their throat. We know next as that is how we make our money, staying on top, and the middle class have not got a clue. For they make their way in life by doffing their cap to their betters”

In less than two decade we went from the world’s wealthy owning 90% of the worlds resources to 99% . Thus on this pure and stark economic reality I tend to think if you pay attention not to the crazy cat lady’s gibberish (who the corporate media always focus on to give you an example of ‘ludicrous’ opposition),but consider instead how the crazy lady arrived at where she is now you might be a bit more sympathetic to the real message of such protests.

Good on the Crazy Cat Lady and her mates in their tin foil helmets for standing in front of the tanks of capitalist progress with their pea shooters. Their is a very good reason the North American Indians respected their loons as shamans whose words should be listened too.

Sadly listening deeply to others is a lost art form in this century which worships gold and fame above all else.


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