CV19 The Pandemic for Pansys

When did NZ the land where men played “foot ball on the glaciers” and “shaved with blow torches” turn into such a bunch of pussies.

Tutu - Yellow | Trade Me

FFS you sooks. You have higher chance of being killed by a falling bus. Fun Fact the crisis 10,000 deaths minimum in New Zealand (with controls) never eventuated having being based on the discredited Ferguson report from day one.

When undocumented code has major consequences : ProgrammerHumor

The Ferguson report was an academic turd which proved to be as accurate as a drunk dyslexic, blind folded, playing darts with their back turned to the board and suffering from Parkinson disease.

Parkinsons now their is a disease you can respect. The world’s 23rd best natural assassin.

List of causes of death by rate - Wikipedia

3.2 million people die a year from Parkinson and so that is a disease to be scared of. Instead of this whiney excuse for a a pathogen that cowardly attacks those who are already three quarters of the way through being gang banged by the grim reaper and his four horse men of the Apocalypse after they have not being laid for an eon or two.

the four horsemen of the apocalypse - Drawception

CV19 a global pestilence?

Pah this pox would be sitting at the juniors table, sucking dummie and eating a soaked rusk if the great plagues of history had a family reunion.

Grand daddy Plague of Justinia 541 CE 50 tens of millions of killed as it wiped out about 70% of the known christian world.

Ah they just don’t make plagues like Justin anymore.

PPT - Bubonic Plague PowerPoint Presentation, free download - ID ...

Uncle Spanish flu killed 50 million of the wolds then 3 billion strong populace Or wiped out 0 .6% of the populace. Ole.

Sharing a cold one with old friends - Album on Imgur

Auntie Black Plague sent 200 million of the global populace of 400 million to meet their maker. That was 50% global casualties. Further some really good libraries got burned down as a result of some fairly extreme locked own parties (take all the beggars and put them in a building and then set fire to it).

No photo description available.

Cousin Small Pox of the 17th century eradicated 95 percent of the indigenous population of the Americas. Mexico went from 11 million people, pre-conquest, to one million.

300 years later and they are still celebrating that shin dig.

11 Places To Visit During Mexico's "Day of the Dead" Celebration

Cv19 is a Clayton pathogen for beginners, a glint in the eye of evil count homogenised (milk associated with lung cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer plays a part in killing 4 million people a year). This pecker cant even get its dick up with a mere death count of 250 k or .00003% of the world populace.

God even tuberculosis, an all but wiped out geriatric in adult diapers, kills a million a year.

CV-19 is just not trying. It truly is a disease for the millennial era in this age of apathy.

Why I hate my generation - Stop being millennial crybabies — Steemit

FFS harden up you millennial cream puffs.

250,000 people died. They had father mothers siblings friends. And that Sucks!

But wait until the economic effects of this cluster fuckery of bad science and marketed quackery kick in. Then the snivelling middle class will have something to really whimper about.

Meet the reapers mates poverty and hunger.

COVID-19: There is no returning to normal after the crisis | World ...

Our grand fathers and great grand father went to war with a 25% chance of dying (WW2 85 million, WW! 40 million). They would laugh at this Netflick sniffle we call a world threat.

Hipster is as hipster does Forrest.


You have a more chance getting killed on the road going for your lock down groceries in a car crash (.73% chance of death) than from the corono virus.

Where in the later you have 0.00014% dying or 99.99906% of living — which are good lotto odds in any ones book.

All Blacks great Sir Colin Meads dies after battle with cancer ...

I there fore recommend, in recognition of what a punch of panty wasting fags we have all become, we change the name of the mighty ALL BLACKS to the Kiwi SADSACKS.

Jersey colours will now go from being staunchly all black to being an all yellow tutu.

New Zealand All Blacks Tutu Size 0 - One Little Footy Fan

CV-19 mass manufactured hype has made people afraid to the point of being stupid.
And that I am afraid is a level of stupid that will prove fatal.

A lot more fatal than this pansy of a pandemic.


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  1. Some good imagery here, Ben
    It’s not new, the business of infantilising.
    Time we had a new National Anthem too?
    “Three Months in a Leaky Boat”?

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