10 bullet points to sum up my twenty minute video.

1. My full report to date for those wanting more

2. Not just ouvea dross dross contains many toxins. As Edendale Environmental Southland testing (image to the left and above) showed. See also Winton AB Fetiliser, Edendale, Lumsden waste sites.

3. Only 22,000 tonnes of dross was dumped BULLSHIT!. Try at least 120,000 tonnes.

Original Edendale environmental case sites states 32,000 tonnes alone. My figure is very conservative and based on figures (2012 to current day) given for smelter production and the online figures given for a new smelter of around .05% per kg of smeltered product.

Tiwai will say oh the rest is stored on site okay show us your paper work. Tiwai I can’t help but notice your being very very quiet in all of this. About as quiet as the bosses at Environmental South.

4. Not just happening in Mataura but through out south-land in flood prone areas. Were not just dross but toxic waste from Christchurch earthquake and Timaru also dumped.

5. Why Ammonia in water levels is bad & encourages bowel cancer induced by high levels of nitrate that ammonia helps produce. Southland has to date the top bowel cancer figures for the country already.

Image result for ammonia toxic dumping fish

6. District government and Civil Defence are contradicted by local witnesses and expert academics in terms of what has happened and what the risk may pose.

8. This is serving those who want to privatise water and avoid responsibility for generation of poor environmental decisions on their behalf which you children will have to now pay for: as fore cast long ago. Further it impact in water in fact drives the cost of water and this in fact improves their anticipated profits. Meaning they will prosper from their environmental recklessness.

9. A must view Environment South-land document the 2015 dump and the half truth and lies told the. In my view the folk with their boots on the ground at Environmental South are awesome. Their bosses however are utter ass wipes. Click image below to read this important document which nails the whole sliminess of this sorry saga start to finish.

10. Slight tongue trip in my video said no hazardous material given to volunteers and on trucks. I meant no hazardous protective clothing given to volunteers and no hazardous warning signs on the trucks as material moved in wool sacks was not sealed drums. This is a repeat of the asbestos moved from Christchurch to Winton no signs incorrectly and unsafely transported.


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