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One of the biggest names in New Zealand sport stands accused of dealing Class A drugs. The hearld report “former national representative was arrested after police executed a search warrant and took several people into custody in Auckland yesterday. He was held in custody and appeared this morning before Judge John Macdonald in the Manukau District Court. Supporters in the public gallery called out reassurances to the man, who faces one charge of possession of a Class A drug, namely methamphetamine, for supply.”

Reading the social media post which alerted me to the news I noted Marise Lant state of the following link;

“Oh so they not just gang members after all!?.. someone needs to stamp this on Simon Bridges forehead!. Sports stars and athletes been peddling and getting off for years. Why name suppression? What happened to Lana Coc-Kroft, Brett Todd and Marc Ellis!?. They walked off free. Infact one got another star contract after! They think they are above the law. National did nothing about them, it happened during their reign in Govt”. Marie Lant

Marie 100% correct. At a later date well investigate this affair much closer in relation to its links to a series of other high profile cases (links below) but for now let look at who the real lking pins of organised crime are.

1. ( NZ Cartel use encrypted black berry phones).





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The A lister is to recieve names supression as this year a law was introduced banning people from criticising a judge verdict.

Name suppression these day is a routine affair that has unfolded under the watch of both National and Labour with out rebuke or opposistion being heard from either government on this devolution of the justice system . Yet now its the norm thanks to the nature of neoliberalism which has seeped into every pore of those in power be they Labour National NZ First or the Green.

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Corruption is rife in New Zealand and its penetrated not just the lower layers of society but the judicary, the police and our political excutive, our high society and our corporate media.

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In 1999 Howling At The Moon published my book State Secrets in 1999. A book into the state of corryption in New Zealand which made it to number two on the New Zealand best sellers list. This is despite Scoop Media (one of the few media outlets to even acknowledge the books existence) calling it a victim of an orchestrated “media blackout”.

Back then the politicians bull shitted New Zealand was corruption free. As they literally got a perfect result simply by not filling in Transpareny International global corruption index survey and then sending it back unfilled. The media went along with this fiction as they too boasted how corruption free New Zealand was. An absolute paradise we dont know how luck we are they ooed as several reporters mocked me face to face saying the only crime that existed in New Zealand was disorganised. I did not know what I was taking about. I was a fantasist, a conspiracy theory, blah blah

In 2000 the first ever survey on orgaised crime was conducted by the New Zealand police. It identified nearly 400 criminal syndicates operating in New Zealand. The corporate media no longer mock me they have learned that never works now they simply refuse to acknowledge I exist.

Nearly twenty years later things have got worse as daily headline now recognise organise crime exist as they blame gangs but dont adress issues such as who controls our ports, who is assisting gangs money laundering, and how does neoliberalism fuel transnational crime like rocket fuel in a drag car.

The first rule of investgating crime is to follow the money. Thats simply not happening in meaningful way beyond lipservice. As both National and Labour bow down to the gods of globalism and transnational banking the biggest rackteers in town.

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It going to get worse much worse. Further it will continue to do so as neoliberalism widens the wealth gap and centralises power into the hands of a few. The elite dont fear crime they thrive because of it. Crimes a great way to keep poor folk in line and your pockets well lined.

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It will increase in part as with increased poverty comes increase crime and in part becasue of the economic weapons of meth which if overloading our prisons, our hospitals, our mental health system, while undermiing and making lower socio economic commuities dsyfuntional and diempowered.

In addition to an historic pattern that as government become more centralised and tolatarian organised crime flourish as a result of the symbiotic nature of crime and draconism. One attack from above the other from below. Tag team wrestling at its finest. Gotham minus Batman.

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Gangs as I wrote in State Secret twenty years ago are not the problem they are a sympton of far deeper and darker issue and thats the death of democracy murdered at the hands of corporate monoplism unchecked and out of control. But dont expect to have this issue adressed anytime soon our courts. or by any political party or analysed by our media who ultimateky all beneficary of this economic social assassination of our nation.

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