CANTERBURY TALE III March 15 Shooting Software orientated players.

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The winged horse at once flew up to a great height, trying to unseat Bellerophon; but the hero succeeded in putting on Minerva’s golden bridle, –

1. World wide collapse of not just Facebook Istagram and What App also a facebook program. Understand this does not fit usal hack pattern (allgedly) and expert reject the March 2019 events were hacks.



However I believe this needs to be revisted (and I state this not as cyber expert but from the role of a geo-political profiling perspective. This author does not claim to be familarwith the technical aspect of cyber warfare but I am certaily with the ultimate goals of information dominance and it role in covert affairs dating back to the pre-internet days of 1980’s when PROMIS the first taste of an all invasive cyber bigh brother emerged as possible reality .

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The introduction of new cyber player Pegasus, an evolution of PROMIS, has now emerged. Pegasus takes off from where PROMIS emerged as technology developed for its ability to be able to hack in a manner were the targeted system was not attack directly head on. Instead it first hacks secondary targets (that were in turn linked to the targeted system or even systems attached to the secondary target ). It then burrowed its way through the backdoor of any interconnected system.

In the 1980’s PROMIS was planted on over eighty nations usally through donated software to universities, education or health facilities. In Pegasus case with the platform of social media you dont even need to be invited in. Once your hosting network (who you have already ivited in though allowing social media sites acess to your data) is infected your phones (and anything its connected too) their for the taking.

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Could this have being prep for the instalment of a global virus down loaded by say such an event as the live stream shooting of the March 15 Mosque shooters?

An event which went viral and was shown not just on phone but many Islamic media outlets (from which the virus would then be given untold opportunity for the spread of secondary infections).

Is this part of the reason why the government has acted so strongly visa sentencing for sharing the video and is reluctant to make the roayl commission open and transparent fearing what we will find?

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Did every one who opened the video unintentionally just infect their software so it can be used not only to hijack processing time for say bitcoin mining but spy and more importantly backmail or compromise those infected as if and when the perpetrators wishes?

All of that is without question a conspiracy theory.

Yet its one we ignore at our own peril and we should consider as there is certainly a repeating and reoccuring theme of high tech players surrounding the Christchurch event when you review VIP visitors, on site locations, geo-olocial events.

Many of them are named or drawn from characters from the Pegasus mythology and again that is a infatuation, which once looked not at the mosques but the literal foundation Christchuch was an is built from reoccur repeatedly in a very non random fashion.

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Pegasus, by birth, is the child of Medusa and Neptune, symbols of ‘wisdom’ and ’emotion,’ respectively, which shows the yen yang of its nature.

In the Greek myth, Bellerophon (In the Tarot he is represented by the suit known as the Knight or the Crusader) harness a steed with the assitance of Athena but in his arrogance he believes Pegasus is now tamed and subject to his will and can be controlled as he wished. However Pegasus in the end throws the Paladin Bellerophon back to earth, where he become lame and subject to the scorn of others.

Bellorean ends up with a hard earned lesson in humility as the man who slew the Chimera own internal monster ultimately slay him.  The suits of the cup, wand, sword, pentagram repsent the forces of strength but also the things which if we let our base desire and ego control us will always being us down.

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2. Janauary 2019 Crytopia Bit Coin 32 million dollar Heist – Chch (see also Mossad compromise Chch police headquarters 2011 and Vic Uni tech research theft Mossad) offenders knew police protocols and how to avoid detection (the seven figure heist was carried on even when police began investigating possible breaches) and operated not as random hackers but organised cohesive unit indicating a state player or corporate NGO.

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In the March 15 2019 in same week as Crisis X, an emergency preparation trinaing exercise for politians and media personalities (which inlcuded how to deal with mutineering staff caused by apparent deviation from protocals), New Zealand is visited by former White Hosue staffer John Podesta who suggest New Zealand was a “juicy cyber target”. Many have concluded he must have being involved my own analyst is while he may very have had preknowledge and even seen a way to make opportunity out of crisis I’m not sure he was aligned with the instigators.
Regardless his presence here is worth examining in terms of flushing out some of the other players present and high lighting the psyche of those who hold power and illustrating the socio geo political landscape at work which surrounds the events of March 15th.

Podesta and his brother Tony have a great love of arts and keen interest in matters of an esoterical nature. Its worth expanding on that to outline Podesta interest and nature. John Podesta would during his time in New Zealand also dismiss his alleged links to pedophile child trafficking. This was treated in the media as a fringe topic and Podesta plea of innocent accepted at face value by the like of Mike Hoskins ( a Crisis X guest). Such commentators may have reconsidered their point had they taken the time to review the Podesta brothers specific taste in art (example below) which includes not one but numerous (to the point of fixation) artwork which focus on children as victim of abuse. This is not to say he is guilty of those alleged accusation but the blind acceptance of his innocence was based in dogman not a review of the facts and illustrate the public relation priming at work before and after March 15th .

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More signifigantly its clear such defenders of Podesta view the idea of pedophile ring and those truly criminaly corrupt in the ranks of the poweful as nonsense and have never bothered to review the primary documents of not just Podesta (and other Clinton admministration aparatchik emails) or the findings of Black Wrist and Australian Federal Police ally Julian Assange Wikileak hacker network who have taken an idea once simply rejected on sight and dragged it into the publci eye in way that even the most controlled media cant ignored. This in a timing of seemingly ever decreasing justice is a huge step forward an illustrate their are those working outside the confines of party politics who seek to serve us all.

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Those emails reveal a political ambitions and ruthessness ( are a reflection of inner psychology and ethics) that are disturbing to say the less.

In addition to in podesta case the wikileaks documents illustrate a lifestyle and taste which certainly raise eyebrows, for those who bother to read the primary Wikileak documents. Case in point his fairly exotic and esoteric based dinner parties. Defenders in mainstream outlet would suggest his taste for ‘performance art’ has being mistaken for “satanic” rituals. A term favoured by the Republican voting bible belters who seem fixated on so called satan (their vision of Satan lampooned in such shows as South Park) in a manner thats is equally creepy and unwholesome as their opponents.

Related image

They media is correct in the sense those enaged in such abuse are not involved in anything truly spiritual, regardless of what fancy costume or name those conducting such crime may choose to call it. Rituals or an attempt to place a spiritual label, on what is simply the conduct of those suffering from a form of mental illness (what the North Americans Indians called a Wendigo or Wetiko to describe the infectious emptyness and hurt that drives a poisoned soul), is part a means of justification which allows the offender to conduct abuse, part a means of securing group endorsement (as the narcist seeks enablers and worshippers as is there nature) but when all said and done a sympton of their delusion and insanity.

A desperate attempt to forfill the deep sense of emptyness worthlessness and self hatred which consume the kind of sociopath, enaged in such delusions. As outwardly they seek to at all time display their dominance desire for control while at all time simultaneously distracting them from looking at the ugliness they feel and ultimately induce in others.

It may be termed Satanic (and perhaps even pitched by some its practicioners as such). Yet from this author point of view its only satanic in the sense that the energy of darkness, the harmonics of discord, and any kind of addiction to fear and anger, is to live in a hell of your own making. But to suggest its has any more power than being the outcome of sick twisted people is to give it a power that it does not deserve.

We all live with demon and angels (our inner Pegasus). The question put simply, in terms on giving power to summoning Gods & Devils, is what power do we choose to invest in them and what steps do we take to insure what ever our hurt we never unleash it or projected it on to others.

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Further as the son of painter, who specialises in symbolism and abstract (raised with hopefully some appreciation of art),I get what happens in art what happens symbolicaly should not always be taken literally. Which is not to say some symbols are not code or have a direct meaning when translated. Certainly when I looked not at the Mosque (where the shooting drew all attention) but events and land marks in the wider Christchurch past and present I began to realise the targeting of Christchurch, home of old school ties and families with colonial past and ideas of empire and status, was not as random as it seemed.

The trick is too be aware of the difference between direct heraldry of symbols with a defined set meaning and the organic symbolism in which emotion and subconscious programing are more the fact than intellect as the definer of terms and intention.

An yet archtypes and what happening socially in the background are important too as they guide us to the emotions and values at work. For they provide a path by which we can track what happening in the real world as more often than not the social process is simply a mirror of the energy and mindset at work in the ‘real world’ unfolding.

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So when adressing the issue of what art means and what it tells us about a collector I would point to New York New Zealand acclaimed artist Billy Apple who consider shit on tissue a highly clever and high brow art statement. Apple has fooled more than few extremly wealthy people (and supposedly well educated people) into thinking the emperor wears no clothes. His art is not sophisticated its simply sophist based and pretensious and when is all said and done in fact quite infantile and unorginal.

The mind of the narcist that can mimick but not create.

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It’s art in the vein of Podesta Wikileaks based “spirit cooking” as conducted by Marina Abramovic who the UK mainstream paper The Guardian reports arts has included a video of her writing various statements in blood, such as “with a sharp knife cut deeply into your middle finger eat the pain”. It continues “Abramović is known, and lauded, for work that focuses on pain, blood and the relationship between the performer and the audience. Her work has won many awards, including the Golden Lion at Venice”

The video also underscore Abramović statement to Artnews were insincere. “It was just a normal dinner. It was actually just a normal menu, which I call spirit cooking. There was no blood, no anything else. We just call things funny names, that’s all.

Again this explanation is accepted at face value by mainstream reporting along with the idea that there is nothing perculiar about those being tasked with running the highest level of government being keen to hang out with a woman whose idea of a good time is cutting her self up and advising one shold “eat pain.”

Podesta ‘spirit cooking’ may have not being satanic in a literal sense but it’s certainly not “spiritual”.

Spiritualism is delving into the meaning of life, the universe, via deep consideration and mediation of the great canvas that is called life which surrounds us all the time.

It is not obessing and dwelling on the torture dungeon (what I call room 13) which exist in each and every one us (including this author), until those fixation spill out into how you choose to decorate your house, how you choose to express your spiritulism (what ever that may be) and who you hang with.

Podesta Art Coolection children tied up in a pool easy to hose down.

Maybe Im just too vanilla (my own clearly non saintly browser history would say otherwise – hey I enjoy ‘whips chains and boobies’ as much as the next 21st century technology media saturated single guy ) but cutting your hands with knife and thinking calling your soup after body fluids is amusing is not only infantile but its only art in the same way shit on tissue paper is termed art.

For the artist seeks not to awe or illuminate his audience but to shock and titilate for attention sake alone. In a manner where the ‘art’ lacks any real revelation or insight soon becomes dull once the dirty jokes told requires an ever increasing level of shock and terror as the mind soon become desentsitised to perversion of any kind.

In contrast the mind drawn to such art is reflective of an emotionally stunted adult mind trapped in its child state and obsessive – common to all deep trauma victims stuck in their hurt.

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However the post March 15 events which took form in the arrest and bipartisan media expos of Jeffrey Epstein, with his heavily esoteric decorated “orgy island”, illustrate the scale of narcisism and toxicity at large in our ruling elite in world were as Monbatten once stated power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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This point is also underscored by the intenational law enforcement online child trafficking operation (which also involves New Zealand) Operation Black Wrist which is currently processing a staggering 100,000 offenders as investigators begin by processing mid ranking offenders in government, intelligence, law enforcement with families and partners. I suspected this is a tactical and smart move by investigators who hope to get such offenders to flip on more senior offenders who may have greater access to power and those within high echelons of authority.

3. Pegasus (see also Blackcube Promis & Epstein – see also Davd Lange rejection of McDonald Douglas and EIB [External Assement Agency spying on Mcdonald Douglas Lockheed Martins NZ agent Rocky Cribbs]. Pegasus is PROMIS 2.0 a new player on the field built to avoid detection.

One of its targets is WhatsApp, which is used by 1.5bn people worldwide, discovered in early May that attackers were able to install surveillance software on to both iPhones and Android phones by ringing up targets using the app’s phone call function. The malicious code, developed by the secretive Israeli company NSO Group, could be transmitted even if users did not answer their phones, and the calls often disappeared from call logs.

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4. Aboretum Capital (Aborteum latin tree or grove -also has bitcoin software conotation) Capital affiliated with Australian American Council by Tony Podesta Manfort Group.

Also involves Lockheed Martin and other military industrial energy and mining investment players active in the Pacific.

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Manafort was linked ironically to the pro government fraction while the US Israeli side funded Neo Nazi rightwing mercenaries as fascist from around the world flocked to the US backed Ukraine to Russian backed sepratists including the ‘Australian Six’ (such as Ethan Tilling), recuited by NZ white supremacist groups from Chch. The recuitment style is reminescient of 1980’s anti communist Minerva.

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Minerva (The Roman version of Athena) is run by SM Andrews (included Christchurch Foundation chair Humphrey Rolleston), who were owned and run by Chch Wellington oldboys members of ‘gentleman clubs like Canterbury Club & Wellington Club during the 2010-2016. Minerva is a symbol of British imperialism that has often being popular with white surpremacists be they wearing Doc Martins or suits.

In Australia a similar mercenary recruitment force curretly exists, also tied to mining energy interest exist, called Paladin Group who run the Australian Migration centre in Narua.

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The Paladin Group was also the original name of Adolf Hitlers body guard Otto Skorzeny post war right wing private security firm who trained military dictator Mummar Quadaffi and worked with NATO as part of the Spanish arm of the covert anti communist paramilitary force Gladio. All three examples draw upon the myth of the great white Christian crusader.

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The 2010 -2016 peroid in which the Australian six were recruited matches the gaping hole in the publically reported blackhole of Brenton Tarrant timeline between 2010 (when he first came to NZ) and 2016. Tarrant a self professed crusader claims to have being funded by Bitcoin by a firm that had collapsed by the time he is recorded using bitcoin, the currency of choice according to Podesta uncanny prediction of events that unfolded in Christchurch.

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The same pattern replicated by Anders Brevik who mass shooting targeted Noway Labour party ultimately gaining them an election win.

Tarrant calims to have metBrevik though againt that statement does not match time line of Tarrant travel and Breviks incarceration in jail and is on the surface (of avalble facts) simply not possible. In contrast well funded New Zealand far right wing elements can be shown to have numerous contacts with UK European far right activist, plus Solomon Mining and former CIA officers now working in the mining sector as well (That will be a blog in itself).

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Aboretum Capital is based in Boston follow a lot of esoterical pattern visa name choices and adress for company offices. Its very Ivy league but also has a lot of Russians and Ukrainians working for it (guessing not pro Putin but the old KGB type who post Peritoika found Capitalism and new lease of life for their ivy league buddies the Cambridge Oxford (heraldry red blue) types of 1960’s. Basically the son of of torries who played around with socialism (The irony here the ‘commies set out to subvert capitalism and ultimately got seduced themselves’).

Aboretum appears to be the investment planning arm of the Australian US Council. Its motto is sine qua non (SQN) “without which it could not be”, an indispensable and essential action, condition, or ingredient.

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In 2010-2012 Podesta Group  received $900,000 in revenue in 2011–2012 from the European Centre For Modern Ukraine, a group sympathetic to then–Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych organised by Donald Trumps chairman Paul Manafort.
At the same time the US and Israel gave support to anti Russian fractions whose numbers included Neo Nazi units like the Agov battalion (whose logo can be found on Brenton Tarant’s pack and clothing). The US as in Syria seems to have being financing both sides.

Podesta on the face of it appears anti Israeli while the anti Russian (anti Putin) Israeli US backed fraction is not so much anti Israeli but anti Jewish. This author has grappeled with the apparent contradiction and failed. So I simply report the facts as they appear and will let others draw their onw conclusions as to the paradoxs at work here and what they mean precisely.

In October 2017, the Podesta Group was reported to be under investigation by the FBI for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The Podesta Group was one of six lobbying firms that participated in a 2012–2014 public relations campaign organized by ECMU and Ukraine’s pro-Russian fractions. The campaign was seen as a prelude to Ukriane entry into the EU.

On October 30, 2017, Manafort and his deputy Richard Gates were indicted  NBC News, stated the Podesta Group as one of the companies that lobbied on behalf of the Ukrainian government for Manafort and Gates. On that day, Tony Podesta stepped down as head of the Podesta Group.

As of May 2019, the Podesta Group have been under investigation for possible  violations regarding Manafort.

The Podesta Group also represented (as of 2016) the interests of Russia’s largest financial institution, Sberbank of Russia (wether they are pro or anti Russian , which controls approximately 30 percent of Russian banking assets. This is a bank which did business with Israel a process which proved costly . In 2017 Igor Mabelianov fled Russia or Israel leaving behind a $500 million debt to Sberbank triggering it collapse.

The Podesta Group also carried out public relations work for the Azebaijan for a monthly fee of $60,000 plus expenses.

Azebajan have featured prominetly in relation to links involving the Paradise Papers and billions of dollars laundered through NZ (See Denton Morell Group, Wachovia banking scandal and Panama Papers Azebajan New Zealand ties) .

In addition, the Podesta Group has been retained by BP, and Lockheed Martin.

Podesta may have being in New Zealand but as the Pegasus component of this tale is Israeli and Podesta appears to have being on the side Tarrant the ‘Crusader’ targeted it seem unlikely he was an instigator. Though he may have seen opportunity to create opportunity out of crisis to use the terminology of the Crisis X crisis emergency exercise whch focused on a social media generated terror attack.

The pattern of his people being their replicates in Sri Lanka were his collegue Samatha Power warned of an attack related to social media before the March 2019 Sri Lanka bombing where the financial looser was China in term of investments in hotel and tourism. The attacks replicate terror attacks in main land asia where Stafor and the BBC blame the terrorists as economic hit men engaged in economic warfare.

A series of events which does benefit the Podesta ally Billionaire George Soros and his attempts to bully China and a major New Zealand investor into a global economic order. Soros runs jointly with the liberal progresives and the anti Clinton Koch brothers whose patronage of the US election college saw Trump elected.

Again the paradoxs seem at odds with each other but in the end point to just one winner George Soros.

5. Spy Tower John McPhedran cameras located at site of Antoni Hall Riccarton arson weeks after attack (as repeated at St Margaret AOS CD counter terrorism exercise) but not before photo at the site taken show Red Cross body tags on the floor from a CD Red Cross exercise. The site was originally owned by William Montgomery from an old Scottish family that had settled in Ireland.  He was the first chairman of The Canterbury Club.

Also located end of Bealey Avenue where shooters live feed cut off same location as Amuri Indstrial Park (Bealey Avenue Crusades Lane) and where former police intelligence hq was located – emergency services radio transmitter still in place in area marketd as surviellance zone on strreet signs.

We have a name and phone number for this aussie firm (John McPhedran) then the trail goes dead. Website offers no physical adress or company biography. The name listed on the website is defactor google ghost and has no apparent online foot print.

6. Athena Security tied to Homeland security USA facial reconigtion have the contracts to monitor mosques in NZ for ‘counter terrorism purposes’. Appears to be a front firm for larger group of companies but no luck identifying it parent interest todate. Its logo is owl typical with ivy league symbolism in line with theme of Pegasus, Aborterum and other latin Oxford Cambridge based symbolism which repeatedly pop up in the background of players which surround the March 15th event indcative of a single mind, cultural common hood of players, or a predetermined blue print using set themes so as to simplify or compartmentalise schematics for organistional purposes. Another imperical example of this is Peter Thiel the designer of social media control (information dominance technology) software Palantir who repatedly uses elvish names from Tolkien Lord of the Rings books to name his new companies or software project.

The Owl is a companion to Athena called nocturnal (reflects Owls ability to see in the Dark) the same name as the March 15th Airforce exercise hosted on the same day.

Image result for bill board porn

7. This month live porn plays out on bill board world wide within days of each other including Auckland. It was treated as a novelty news story.

Yet few in the media have considered its psy-op role as venue for future live stream events or as means of making potential blackmail victim co-operate or risk public exposure – it is just one of tsunami event world wide which indicate hackers are now exploring the role of information dominance as means of coercian and influence.

More signifigantly billboard hacks have their origin in the 2015 GoatSe (goat sex), a hack in which hackers GoatSe Security exposed weakness in Apple and A&T telecommunication (as is the goal of Pegasus) that allowed ipad to be hacked and the users email details hijacked. From this method it hijacked the data of 114,000 iPad including those of celebrities, the government and the military.


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