Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says a proposed gun register isn’t about going after law-abiding firearms owners, but rather the people who steal them. The Government announced a proposed second tranche of reform to gun control legislation which includes a register and gun licence renewals every five years.

As logic goes their five reason why it simply flawed and wont work and thus demonstrates is not the goal of said legislation.

A; Our ports are controlled by the gangs (see PSA report 1998 ‘Bluff Ports wide open’). As you might notice several of the drugs shipments coming in now also include hand guns.

Image result for port new zealand guns tauranga cocaine
Found in Tauranga along with cocaine linked to the Sinoloa Cocaine cartel

B As your making the weapon a increasingly prohibited item (as we let outselves get dragged into a dumb and sick US gun culture that associates guns with killing people, as opposed to gathering food and as a conservation pest eradication tool) there street value will sky rocket.

Image result for tauranga handgun drugs new zealand cocaine golf
Hand guns found in golf cart seized Auckland sourced from China.

Increased prohibition = increased profit be it drugs guns or booze.

Image result for prohibition profit

C; Adern’s government allowed 600 ‘501’s (Australian criminals exported back to NZ due to their history of violence) to get their gun license.

At the same time Jacinda Adern’s governmet passed a law allowing weapons to be brought on line that enabled Brenton Tarrant a non New Zealand citizen to procure weapons.

In both case the issue was the people in question were not vetted correctly as the police could not be assed doing their job correctly. Thus in the case of the 501’s we now have the a gang arms race (as I forecast would happen back in 1999 in my best selling book State Secrets) and that means having a gun is now a part of the gang member’s ‘bitchs and bling’ mana.

Image result for comancheros guns new zealand

D;And since your so hot on gun control at what point will you crack down on the numerous Russian Antonov’s who have landed in NZ and are not being searched despite their serial numbers identifying them as known arms traffickers.

Just like the 12 ships MFAT would not let Customs search in 1998 alone despite being classified as high risk as the PSA spokes man Brian Davies stated at the time.

Or the fact the last NZ Custom agent allowed to to search any aircraft (another source of contra and fire arms back in the 1980’s) at Operation Deep Freeze was John Anderson who I worked with investigating arms trafficking and Russian organised crime back in the 90’s. This is when the police’s commissioner insisted military styled weapons were not falling into gangs hands. This is despite the information of Les Gee military intelligence, John Anderson and Tony Spilian of NZ Customs intelligence, Detective Sergeant Darryl Braser of Auckland’s Organised Crime Unit, Brian Davies of the PSA, Professor Greg Newbold criminial sociology and former drug dealer and even Peter Doone, a former Police Commissioner, the named sources in my book, saying yes they could our ports were wide open and vunerable to trafficking things have only deteriorated since the as the vast volumes of meth entering New zealand a remote island nation demonstration.

Image result for antonov ur82008 christchurch

Photo Above UR82008 Christchurch 2003 just one of the numerous aircraft with arms trafficking links to pass through with barley a glance from authorites despite a notorious history fo trafficking contra to criminals war lords and militia.

E; Or the 20,000 rounds of ammunition stolen by the Bandidos gang along with pistols and other firearms in Dunedin from an unlocked safe owned by the president of a rogue gun club Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant belonged to (which used targets painted with human and posed with rifles fixed with bayonets). A state of affairs which existed because the local police (which included officers who attended both clubs) never checked or followed up on numerous complaints against the two Dunedin clubs by visiting shooters and local shooters and dealers as will.

Image result for christchurch rifle range mosque dunedin targets

The event is just one of many incidents where the gangs targeted legal gun owners. The gangs desire for weapons of course is sparked by the need to protect the profits of drug prohibition which fuels organised crime to start with. Until thats adressed Adern dreaming and ingoring the facts as they are.

Image result for bandidos gun dunedin

E. Jacinda if your so keen to keep weapons out of criminal hands to prevent murder then how about we go after the people (linked to D) who provided encrypted radios made by Tait Electronics, Radiola ( a NZDF award recipent named in the NZ wikileaks data base) and Liber Cell Motorola named in the Hague Liberia war crime tribunal related to war lord Charles Taylor use of the NZ made encrypted communication technology used to mask weapon sales (used to conduct genocide, arm child soldiers and engage in mass rapes) and fuel genocide in the Sudan, Yemen, through out West Africa and the Balkans, in return for oil timber and mineral concession. Since your so opposed to weapons how about your government stop whoring itself to Lockheed Martin Raytheon and Serco as you flush our nuclear free and non aligned legacy with down the dunny as you jump into bed with the whores of war as demonstrated by the defence missle research connections of Rocket Lab mahia Peninsular and else where.

Wikie leak dobs in NZ smart weapons dealers Radiola.

Jacinda I think your getting your gun law advice from that soft cuddly teddy bear in a police uniform which sits right behind your ear in your office whispering sweet foolishness. Jacinda pease its a fucking toy with no brains so stop listening to it (and your cop daddy and his police mates at the ‘mates club’ for tht matter), your a grown woman and the Prime Minister for christ sake so grow up and stop living in a childish fantasy land where dangerous bears in blue and other wild animals of the urban jungle are armed and lethal but not the hunters and farmer who use these tools, not as sick toys to play a twisted version of cowboys and indians and commit crimes, but for conservation and food.



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