STORM AREA 51? & Were ever else the 1% ‘Aliens’ in Grey suits & Clipboards Hang Out; Because their no me in WE.

Take a pinch of white man. Wrap him up in black skin.
Add a touch of blue blood And a little bitty bit of red Indian boy,
Oh like a Curly Latin kinkies. Oh Lordy, Lordy, mixed with yellow Chinkees, yeah
You know you lump it all together. And you got a recipe for a get along scene
Oh what a beautiful dream. If it could only come true, you know, you know

What we need is a great big melting pot. Big enough enough enough to take
The world and all its got. And keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
And turn out coffee coloured people by the score

Rabbis and the friars Vishnus and the gurus. We got the Beatles or the Sun God
Well it really doesn’t matter what religion you choose…

Yellow Vest New Zealand – not sure about this NZ lot jury’s still out.

But I do agree protest in NZ need to broaden to some thing that goes beyond ideology political parties or special cause tribal fractions. Its time for WE not me, my.

In France the Yellow Vest was picked because it went beyond ideology, race, religion, and boiled down to a simple economic reality. All these folk basically had to wear these vest in their normal civilian work lives due to compliance and legislation.

So all of these people as tradies, drivers, working class folk felt they were being penalised by a Macron government who gave tax breaks to the 1% and middle class progressive causes (controlled opposition) but expected the working 99% to pay the most for issue in many cases not of their making. While in same breath France was part of anti Islamic war for oil machine which many of the movements migrant members of the yellow vest movement detested.

France Yellow vest had both skin heads and communist who some how realised for all their difference they are not each other enemy but share a common cause as they collectively oppose corporate globalism.

Image result for yellow vest algerian

I see a real need for a multi banner – multi cause movement in New Zealand that is;
A) Is not in hands of iwi, academia, party politics who have arrived themselves in capable of not getting sucked into the status quo as the ‘leaders’ of these movements have one eye on the message and the either on their own personal advancement.
The TPPA fiasco a good example of that as these days those who insisted on leadership are now snuggled up in bed with Labour and not saying boo on a betrayal that was not only all to predictable but who the same folk acted as ideological death squads on any who called out what would happen next.

Image result for labour tppa

B) Its all inclusive (see below) which will come with pro and cons but has to be or nothing will work. Change will only come if we have a people caucus not a movement were select interest once again are allowed to take the lead.

Image result for inclusive

C) Has purpose and self awareness: Such a movement has to have the passion of Storm Area 51 ‘they cant stop us all’ great words to live by.

It needs the heart of Occupy but unlike Occupy it also has to have maturity and discipline and understands why it there beyond the intuitive.

When challenged can explain concisely this about challenging the acquiescence of existing questionable laws, failure of due process.

It needs to be clear on what occupation and rights mean constitutionally and legally. That it hammers the message home that to ‘Occupy’ is not to hang around in tents as feral looser with no real clear message of what your doing. Rather it is about making a stand that the right to protest, occupy gather as groups (on line or in person) and the right to free speech is not debatable or negotiable line that Corporation via control of government, or lobbying tools, can alter to suit their agenda. It is asserting ownership of our inalienable rights that can not be renegotiated or diminished my manufactured acquiescence acquired by spin and marketing.

Image result for due process

And most importantly we need a moment that walks it talk.

I borrowed these from Burning man but this is my vision on how we get a movement to work and the foundations for the charter of such an organisation

Inclusion of EVERYONE (1080, Pike River, Cannabis, Hunters, Fishermen, Water Privatisastion, Gun Rights, Freedom of speech, left wing, right wing) but political parties (perse) is welcome. Everyone has worth.

In area 51 this is reflected by the fact the joke has not one one hero but many heroes who all have their unique abilities and super powers.

Image result for storming area 51 kyle karen florida man

Heart: The value of giving which does not seek exchange in return.

Were here because we care.

Were here because not every one is getting a fair deal or justice.

Were here because its the right thing to do.

Self-reliance: encouraging individuals to discover and rely on their inner resources. Were not just protesting were learning to empower our selves and learn from each other strategy and tactics.

Image result for team exercise dungeons and dragons

Art & Party; In thirty years of activism I have learned two facts.

A. Nothing piss off the powers that be and make them engage those it would rather not than taking the piss out of them.

B. Two; If it not fun people wont come.

And I mean not just looks cool it has to be seen as a positive, safe and constructive.

We want mum and pop and the kids to turn on TV and see them-selves and go I can relate to that. Were should be a force that gets local businesses excited when we turn up because they know they are going to have good day trade with no agro or aggression.

Were not here to re-act cause defensive hostile emotions but to activate and empower every one. Were ‘act’ivists not ‘protesters’. As the song goes “you got to accentuate the positive eliminate the negative”.

Image result for protest carnival

We not just being activist were re-building Community: The power of creative cooperation and collaboration. Self Explanatory.

Image result for power of community empowerment

Civic Responsibility: recognised responsibility of the individual to preserve and nurture community. If we want to be heard then we need to show people our motivation is not driven by self agenda but a drive to serve others. No better way to do that grafting for others.

Image result for student army

Our movement needs its soup kitchens (embassy’s) and it need to be wiling to get in and help out where were need be it west coast rubbish collecting, pest eradication, earthquake relief, feeding the poor. We need to be seen as the real living super heroes you call when the government could not give a shit.

Image result for west coast rubbish volunteers

Leave No Trace: Clean up after one-self. Leave the places you visit in a better state than when you found them.

Image result for protesters clean up

Participation: transformation and change can occur only through the medium of personal participation. You achieve and learn by doing and experiencing. Its not good enough to protest we need it to be a festival of workshop every thing from growing gardens, to how to skin a possum.Were doers not just talkers.

Image result for activist vs protester

Immediacy: You begin by instantly immersing oneself in a philosophy which recognise the limitation of ‘mans’ three dimensional world and see instead the potential and depth of an ever evolving multidimensional universe. Put less esoterically the best way to lead is by being a living role model of the values you wish to advance.

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