At First Glance: Should we be concerned about the Christchurch Foundation? Ben Vidgen.

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With grumblings that the generous benefactor of the March 15 Shooting the Christchurch Foundation have being slow to pay out the victims of the Mosque shootings and concern over transparency disquiet begins to grow around this charity.

And literally at first glance the emergence of several names raises eye brows instantly.

SIR HUMPHREY & A FEW OF HIS FRIENDS: For example foundation board chairman Humphrey Rolleston,(Photo above far left) a Christchurch old boy and share holder in Independent New Limited (Christchurch Press) not only can be associated with South Canterbury Finance (a firm whose physical head quarters in Christchurch 254 Montreal St Scale House took up an entire chapter of this author book State Secrets 2 — published 5 years before the collapse of South Canterbury Finance — as I went through the various tenants, subsidiary and SCF clients and their extensive connections, to money laundering and organised crime (specifically Russian and Israeli) but Rolleston was also a director in SM Andrews Ltd an arms and mercenary recruitment firm in the 1980’s associated with the Regan era clock and dagger scandals

Andrew subsidiary firm Minerva (registered in Christchurch) was staffed by former solders of the ultra racists Rhodesian SAS. Its joint directors included the likes of Hugh Templeton (Minister of Foreign Affairs under Muloon) named by TVNZ program Eye Witness as part of Project Democracy the covert fund raiser for far right mercenaries in Nicaragua and Islamic militants in Afghanistan. The event which lay at the core of the Ronald Reagan George Bush famed Iran scandal.

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The Iran scandal militants would be armed with weapons including Chinese semi automatics supplied (Source: 1991 newsletter Peacelink) by David Tipple the Christchurch gun dealer and fundamentalist who owns Gun City.

Gun city which has armed New Zealand gangs in recent years, by flooding the market with cheap Chinese version of semi automatics, not only armed the Mosque shooter but also emerged in police warrants as one of the suppliers of kit to the so called Maori militants raided in 2007 during Operation 8.

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A further SCF subsidiary that Rolleston had held shares in before cashing in his partner ship of forty years with accountant Alan Hubbard. In fact just before SCF was liquidated due to it largely over valuing the assets of its portfolio as was the case for Helicopter New Zealand a SCF subsidiary.

HNZ is better known for pest eradication work and it ties to All Black Richie McCaw and the Westpac Rescue charity it also advertised on its web site that it was “the worlds leading expert in helicopter gunships.”

HNZ according to Hubbard own biography HNZ had its origins with former Israeli gun runners. It had at one point employed Theodore Shackley, the later disgraced, head of CIA Operations in Thailand where SM Andrews Ltd founder, Christ College alumni Stephens Andrews, had worked for the US and Thai Air Force on classified missions according the companies own brochures.

Another partner of Christchurch Foundation which raises concern is the Tel Aviv Foundations involvement in the charity raises further concern.

Businesses involved in the Christchurch Foundation charity can decide where they want that money to be spent and it can be “on anything”, not just council projects.
5G developer Spark, TSB and South-base Construction stipulated their money be spent at Tūranga and KPMG accountancy decided it wanted to fully fund a “thinker in residence” programme.

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Their first KPMG thinker was Israeli Hila Oren​, chief executive of the Tel Aviv Foundation, who spent time in Christchurch in September 2018. Four more thinkers are planned over the next four years. This year Hila Oren used TAF holdings to launch a new crypto currency system for fund raising in May 2019 this year in a scheme sponsored by the Rockfeller Foundation.

Hila Oren also represents Tel Aviv Global the city’s international economic development unit, which hopes like the Christchurch Foundation to attract even more “big names” to the city next year, with “tax breaks” and what the municipality calls a “red carpet” package that will assist smart technology (many with dual defence capacity) entrepreneurs in setting up their international activity and digital commerce activities in Tel Aviv.

FROM WASHINGTON WITH PIZZA: John Podesta was one of several high profile to American visitors to New Zealand last year ( including John Key’s Obama Barak ANZ/Westpac hosted visit in March followed by Hillary Clinton in May). While here singled out crypto currency as the currency of choice for terrorist and criminals. At the same time Podesta prophetically warned New Zealand was a “juicy target” for cyber terrorism and crime.

Podesta’s insight was in some ways highly prophetic considering how soon after March 15 national and international media would focused on how the shooter, white supremacist Brenton Tarrant, who would allegedly use crypto currency to make donations to the far right at the same time it was documented that Neo Nazis white supremacist groups were receiving large donations from a 25 million bit coin wallet spent on far right by unknown benefactor.

John Podesta points the finger at this at Russia cyber criminals as he attacks the far right is a self labelled global progressive and often called a pro Israeli Zionist by critiques and far right alike. Yet his brother Tony Podesta, who founded the Australian American Council (whose sponsors are Lockheed BAE Armaments) was indicted by FBI Director Robert during his probe into Russian interference in the American elections.

Mueller maintains Tony Podesta worked with Paul Manafort (convicted for his part ) as a lobbyist for the pro Russian Ukrainian government. The irony is their advice ultimately led to a backlash that led to it being ousted by the pro American Left Wing Coalition which the Ukraine’s socialist party says is in fact dominated by anti Russian far right and even Neo Nazi supporters.

Some what of contrary as you find those making accusation about Russian spying taking money from Russia for work that ultimately helped both the right and the personal enrichment of the Podesta brothers.

Nothing knew when you find John Podesta preaching climate change while his brothers clients include as mentioned Chevron Oil and the Podesta Group also worked on behalf of oil interest when working for the oppressive right wing military junta of Burma (Myanmar).

Podesta are ultimately neo liberal in that they dress in a lambskin of liberal social values while ultimately they share right wing ambitions and right wing avarice.

And like Trump and the neo conservatives they want Iran gone and the riches that come from assisting tyrants like Iran’s rival Saudi Arabia.

Among the recent WikiLeaks documents is email between John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, and John Anzalone of something called Anzalone Liszt Grove Research. Anzalone sent Podesta an email that consisted of a quote from Sen. Mark Kirk about the Iran nuclear deal. Analone also included a link to the article.

In the quoted portion of the article, Kirk said that the Iran deal “condemns the next generation to cleaning up a nuclear war in the Persian Gulf.” Kirk added: “This is the greatest appeasement since Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler.”

Podesta responded to this email by saying: “Yup.”

The reality is while Podesta is keen to appeal to liberal audience and denounces Trumps hawkishness in Iran the very Wiki leak email of Podesta which were released March 15 2016, almost three years to the day of the Mosque shootings show in fact he agrees with the Hawk pushing Trump to tough on Iran.

Like Trump his loyalty to oil, the military industrial complex and Israel’s right wing (who have their own sordid history of support for the far right and white supremacy).

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REALITY BYTES: In other ways Podesta New Zealand interview was said after the door had already bolted when in 14 January 2019, an unknown group of people successfully penetrated the digital vault of a Christchurch-base crypto-exchange, Cryptopia and stole almost $4 million in crypto-currency over a period of days before coming back and steal another $19 million under the nose of the New Zealand police who by this stage had being alerted to the largest single event theft in New Zealand’s history which barely made the network news.

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TAF partner in the Crypto currency platform include Ethereum
Ethereum Tel Aviv – building a global crypto-infrastructure

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Hila Oren, CEO of the Tel Aviv Foundation – the Christchurch Foundation’s “KPMG Thinker” Benefactor said the project “aims to establish an innovative model which both helps reduce the cost of living, while at the same time making an important contribution to the community. We chose to launch this pilot to coincide with the Eurovision Song Contest, in order to help bring the benefits of such a high-profile international event to hundreds of local businesses,

Oren added a percentage of the proceeds go towards “Children of Music” a project of the Lev Yafo Youth Center for youth at risk. The project is part of the 100 Resilient Cities program, part of the UN Agenda 2030 program for which Podesta is roaming UN envoy, was created in 2013 by the American-based Rockefeller Foundation.

And that would be swell if it was not for the factor TAF has developed a reputation for an absence of transparency and questionable auditing.

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A decade earlier TAF ran into issues high lighted in an appeal case launched by several interconnected charities including TAF regarding international charitable endeavours in appeal luanced against the Canadian Regulation Authority (CRA)
“These cases have determined that a charity workingwith an intermediary to carry out activities overseas must ‘direct and control’ the use of its resources and cannot serve as a mere conduit to funnel donations overseas. As stated by theCourt in Canadian Committee for the Tel Aviv Foundation (Editors note: Which in 2017 received 5 million from the American Comitee for the Tel Aviv Foundation) v Canada, this requires that the charity satisfy the CRA that ‘it is at all times both in control of the [intermediary], and in a position to report on the [intermediary]’s activities.’(47) Each case was an appeal of a revocation of charitable status by the CRA on the basis that the charity failed the ‘own activities’ test by not demonstrating that it met all of the requirements of maintaining ‘direction and control’ over its foreign intermediaries. The Court of Appeal dismissed each case on the basis that it was reasonable for the CRA to determine that the ‘direction and control’ requirements were not met”. {Regulating the Foreign Activities of Charities:A Comparative Perspective Dr. Natalie Silver, University of Sydney Law School).

In 1990, CRA conducted an audit in which it noted its concern that the Tel Aviv Foundation’s overseas expenditures were not properly documented.

In 1993, there was another audit in which it was revealed that, apparently, the new Israeli management of the Tel Aviv Foundation was not aware of the agency agreement.

In 1997, there was a further CRA audit in which CRA expressed concern with the following:
• violation of the agency agreement—there was little control over funds disbursed to the agent (the Canadian charity is acting as a ‘conduit’ and is not controlling the funds and activities),
• the Canadian charity could not show reporting of transactions,
• the funds of the Foundation were not kept separate from the agent,
• receipting irregularities,
• the Canadian charity did not authorize projects,
• no evidence of alleged oral arrangements that superseded the agency agreement.

In 2000, CRA advised the Tel-Aviv Foundation of its intention to revoke its charitable status. In 2002, the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal found in favour of CRA and against the Tel-Aviv Foundation and revoked the Foundation’s charitable registration.

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In 2006 A U.S. judge has issued an arrest warrant for a prominent Canadian-Israeli businessman Nathan Jacobson’ (centre of photo above) who served as chairman of the Canadian branch of Nefesh B’Nefesh who serves on the boards of Tel Aviv University and the Tel Aviv Foundation. A businessman with interests in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Iraq, who served in the IDF and boast of his tis to the intelligence community. 

According to a 2006 grand jury indictment – Jacobson and 17 others are accused of multiple counts of fraud, money laundering and the distribution and dispensing of a controlled substance in connection with the Costa Rica-based Affpower, an online pharmacy that sold and shipped drugs to U.S. patients without prescriptions from 2004 to 2007

The Christchurch Foundation, via partnering up with business and other charitable trust including the Rockefeller Foundation and the Tel Aviv Foundation (who turn out not to be a charity but rather a banking system) hope to raise 200 million.

Yet the things which make it ideal for fund raising also has massive appeal for those seeking tax avoidance and engaged in money laundering. That it can be found to working with those who practices are already deemed questionable and are associated with a lot of murky history is alarming.

ROB THE POOR TO GIVE TO THE RICH as previously explained but to recap;

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Bold charity tax policy announced Tuesday, 27 February 2007, 11:48 am Press Release: New Zealand National Party John Key MP National Party Leader 27 February 2007:

“National’s bold new tax policy on charities shows a National government will support private giving and is serious about backing groups doing important work in our communities, says National Party Leader John Key.This policy will give a big boost to the giving tradition in New Zealand. We want to encourage that culture of giving.”

The policy will:
– Remove the cap on charitable donations. Donations of any amount, up to an individual’s total net income, will all be eligible for the 33.3% rebate.
– Remove the 5% cap on the level of donations that can be deducted by companies and MAORI AUTHORITES, meaning they will be allowed to claim a deduction for any level of charitable donation. In addition, all businesses, not just publicly listed or widely held companies, will be able to claim deductions.
– Remove gift duty from donations to charitable organisations.

2009 two later in Hubbad’s paper Christchurch – “The vehicle of David Jerrold Theobald “a disgruntled tax worker has left the Inland Revenue in no doubt about his feelings towards them after driving his car through the front door of their Christchurch building. David Jerrold Theobald (photo below), 47, appeared in Christchurch District Court on Tuesday charged with intentional damage and reckless driving, after driving into the building at 6.30am on Saturday”.

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Not the actually the full story by any means.

This is from the website of Christchurch punk band the AX Men, of which Mr Theobald is a member, it demonstrates a few key points of why Theobald acted as he did why he was left out of MSM reporting out of media services like Independent News Ltd whose board of directors include Humphrey Rolleston.

The website states;

“Please take a moment to write to your MP if you too are upset about the underlying causes leading to David Jerrold Theobold’s actions, ie
Allegations of managerial incompetence in Inland Revenue / State Services.
Allegations of a culture of bullying in State Services, inhibiting the discussion, submission and implementation of any positive changes
Inadequate dispute resolution outcomes where issues are raised leading to an unsatisfactory work environment
Allegations of preferential treatment being given to the top echelons of taxpayers – old boys network.

Allegations of slanting of news stories on the state-owned television network to minimise damage to government infrastructure and make DJT look like a fruitcake by editing interview footage and moving the focus onto the damage to the building, and DJTs mental health rather than focusing on his reasoning for feeling that after 3 years of unresolved disputes he had exhausted all other avenues and had no choice but to take drastic action.
Allegations of a culture of wastefulness and excess in management at IRD
Lack of accountability and public scrutiny of affairs in Inland Revenue”

What DJT had in fact exposed, when this author spoke to him directly, was a series of large donations made from several Christchurch trusts all managed by the same parties who were donating to a offshore charity tied to “prominent American political personalities”.

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DJT wont say directly who that is but his statement comes at the same time John Key government donated 14 million to the Clinton Foundation (followed by a further 5 five million under the Adern government made to a subsidiary when the Clinton Foundation became linked officially to the Panama banking tax evasion scandal. Sordid events revolving around tax evasion and tax avoidance involving such entities as the ANZ, Clinton Foundation, Westpac and Russian/Israeli Mafia banks (with a NZ link) to offshore tax evasion entities like Prok which in turn involved former New Zealand politicians, Fonterra executives and the cream of New Zealand finance sector firms like South Canterbury Finance and Fay Richwhite Investment.

In a bid to increase donations and build its endowment fund, the Christchurch Foundation will launch the foundation in the UK in 2019. It will create a charity in the UK as it markets itself to rich ex-pats who can’t get “a tax credit” when they “donate” directly to New Zealand-based charities. The charity will also launch in Australia, the United States and possibly Hong Kong were it will like wise market the value of receiving tax credits.

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The foundation boast publicly it is attracting the big international funders including the Clinton Foundation core patrons the Rockefeller Feller Foundation and Gates foundations. It attributes the attention it has received from the March 15 Christchurch mosque shootings. After the Christchurch Foundation set up a fund to accept worldwide donations following the murder of 51 people by white supremacist Brentont Tarrant. The fund now has more than $6m which it says it well use to support families and Muslim communities impacted by the shootings in the long-term. Funds which few of the victims seem to be actually receiving to date but whose plight has presented opportunity out of crisis for the Christchurch Foundation and its global investment partners

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