Peace NZ


This is page is here to document and raise awareness of just how far down the Five Eyes rabbit hole NZ has gone and to highlight the historic role NZ has played as weapon laboratory for the military industrial complex.

  1. Activism protests:
Waihopai spy base protest Jan 25-27th Blenheim
NZ Weapons research time line

2. WWII Project Seal Tsunami Bomb (Professor Thomas Leech)
Mahanhatten project NZ ties (Professor Ernest Ruderford

1950’s 1960
Nuclear weapons testings NZ ties
Project Crow Flight
Project Argus Star Fish (Professor Wickering)
Nuckey Poo accident NZ role in cover up (Antarctic)
Agent Orange made here in NZ
Project Longbank (Geowarfare experiment)
Kaikoura UFO turns out not the lights were not little green men.
MT John Blackbirch defence connection missile defense
Victoria Canterbury Uni defense funding

SAS Dirtywars
Project Democracy (Iran contra)
Mt John busted again.

HAARP research University.
Project Phoneix
RTG another nuclear accident in Antarctica
Timberwinds (Antarctica)
MarisatGoes defence satellite Scot Amundsen Antartica
Tenix submarine buoys system

Awarura Bay
NZ military communication now controlled by US
NZ Aviation now controlled by US military contractor
Rocket Lab NZ US Military connection

2. Five Eye 2001+

3. NZ US Military Exercise 2011-2019 Katipo, Koru, Southern Reaper.

4. Five Eyes Bases in NZ

A. Waihopai

B. Waioruru/Burhnham

C. Awarura

D. Mt John Blackbirch

E. Operation DEEP-FREEZE.

F Ohakea Fighter jet base cyber hub

G. Antarctica SPAWAR


5. Five Eyes/ VIP defense meetings


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