Money Money Money: How John Key assisted money laundering in NZ & how government sponsorship of the proven corrupt Clinton Foundation continues under Adern government: Part One.…/clinton-foundation-gets-another-55…

More than five million donated to the notoriously corrupt Clinton Foundation.

John’s party buddy Bill Clinton.
More baby shots less questions please.

Now read this:

Bold charity tax policy announced Tuesday, 27 February 2007, 11:48 am Press Release: New Zealand National Party John Key MP National Party Leader 27 February 2007:

“National’s bold new tax policy on charities shows a National government will support private giving and is serious about backing groups doing important work in our communities, says National Party Leader John Key.“This policy will give a big boost to the giving tradition in New Zealand. We want to encourage that culture of giving.”

The policy will:

– Remove the $1,890 cap on charitable donations. Donations of any amount, up to an individual’s total net income, will be eligible for the 33.3% rebate.

– Remove the 5% cap on the level of donations that can be deducted by companies and MAORI AUTHORITES, meaning they will be allowed to claim a deduction for any level of charitable donation. In addition, all businesses, not just publicly listed or widely held companies, will be able to claim deductions.

– Remove gift duty from donations to charitable organisations.

“The tax treatment of charitable giving is miserly compared to other countries,” says Mr Key. “For example, Australia has no cap on charitable donations. Our changes will mostly benefit New Zealand-focused charities, but the rebate will also apply, as it does now, to many overseas aid organisations.National estimates the policy will result in foregoing revenue of around $60 million to $90 million a year”.

Now Read This: The story below is about what happened to a whistle blower Jerrold Theobald who tried to draw attention to the sudden flood of tax rebate claims made by NZ to an overseas charity with top us “political connections” (David Jerrold Theobald to the author 2016)

ONE News 2009 – The vehicle of David Jerrold Theobald
A disgruntled tax worker has left the Inland Revenue in no doubt about his feelings towards them after driving his car through the front door of their Christchurch building. David Jerrold Theobald, 47, appeared in Christchurch District Court on Tuesday charged with intentional damage and reckless driving, after driving into the building at 6.30am on Saturday.

The pictures posted on his blog show a portrait of a man making a stand just moments after he ploughed through three plate glass doors parking his car in the Christchurch Inland Revenue reception. “At the end of my tether going for one last kamikaze move – this was a very carefully calculated protest,” says Theobald. It was so carefully calculated he says, he checked there would be nobody in the building at the time… “It’s cathartic, I actually feel a great release now,” he says. Theobald describes himself as paranoid, and a depressive. Having worked for the IRD for 25 years, he says he was driven to the protest after a three year employment dispute. He said he was fed up with what he saw as concealment of workplace bullying and incompetent management at Inland Revenue.

Clinton Foundation, New Zealand, Hillary Clinton, Panama Papers, Money Laundering, ANZ, TPPA, Jacinda Adern, Wahine Toa
Jerold Theobald (top photo) of the Ax Men give the IRD, his previous employers and corrupt charity laws, the Axe 2009.…/tvnz-report-summary-elborado-theob…/

Not the actually the full story by any means. This is from the punk band the AX Men, of which Jerrold is a member, it demonstrates a few key points of why Theobald acted as he did. Points which the media conveniently left out as they set out to smear a honest citizen to cover for those in power.

“Please take a moment to write to your MP if you too are upset about the underlying causes leading to David Jerrold Theobold’s actions, ie

Allegations of managerial incompetence in Inland Revenue / State Services.

Allegations of a culture of bullying in State Services, inhibiting the discussion, submission and implementation of any positive changes

Inadequate dispute resolution outcomes where issues are raised leading to an unsatisfactory work environment

Allegations of preferential treatment being given to the top echelons of taxpayers – old boys network

Allegations of slanting of news stories on the state-owned television network to minimise damage to government infrastructure and make DJT look like a fruitcake by editing interview footage and moving the focus onto the damage to the building, and DJTs mental health rather than focusing on his reasoning for feeling that after 3 years of unresolved disputes he had exhausted all other avenues and had no choice but to take drastic action

Allegations of a culture of wastefulness and excess in management at IRD

Lack of accountability and public scrutiny of affairs in Inland Revenue”.

Will expand on this story in part two in relation to the

US Embassy grooming exercise ‘Project Wahine Toa’
& Treaty Funding Connection read part two.

1. US Embassy project 2016 Wahine Toa and it ties to those with access to treaty settlement funds and the Maori Authorities.

2. 2018 visit to NZ by Hillary Clinton Obama Barack (and Project Wahine Toa) its ties to John Key, the ANZ, Westpac the role played by the Clinton Foundation, John Key and the ANZ, in the Panama Tax Evasion scandal. How it ties to the illegal unconstitutional TPPA.

3. John Key role in dragging his feet on money laundering by major New Zealand banks.

4. Ross Adern ties to the Panama papers

5. How the Panama papers involved firm I investigated while working along side NZ custom Intelligence officers John Anderson and Tony Spillane and wrote about in my 1999 best seller State Secrets nearly twenty years a head of the Panama scandal broke. And how I linked those firms and money laundering to South Canterbury Finance in State Secrets II in 2007 five years before SCF collapsed and Alan Hubbard died in a controversial road accident. And how those firm traced back to China.

6. How this author discovered Bill Clinton meeting with Chinese intelligence asset banker and money launder James Riady in NZ in 1999 while wanted on charge relating to illegal donation payments to the Clinton’s during the APEC conference. How that footage vanished from TVNZ archives and how those Chinese payments continued under the Barack administration.



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  2. […] This times with this authors own investigation to those very links (Paedophile & Paradise Papers) and their Christchurch New Zealand connections. This follows on from my own investigation into Christchurch charity scams involving the rich and powerful with links to Israel, arms trafficking, helicopter gunships, money laundering espionage, tax evasion, white collar crime organised crime and child sex trafficking.… […]


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