DEADLINE TV Examines how NZ First & Labour blatantly lied to over 130,000 of their supporters and helped create a constitutional crisis by supporting the TPPA trade deal (which has it own ‘court’) which is to be ratified on December 30th as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

A qualified political scientist and historian Vidgen explains how the TPPA
fits in with orchestrated neo-liberal goals which seeks to dismantle NZ Westminster style democracy bit by bit and replaces it with a pro globalist form of corporate republicanism, more military junta than a
champion against colonial exploitation.

The Indigenous community of Canada last minute court action caused the
controversial s ISSD clauses to be suspended because they were in breach of
Canadian and Commonwealth law and today NZ’s top academics now conceded yes the TPPA is unconstitutional as Vidgen
first maintained in 2015.

The same ‘experts’ however still cant tell the public
WHY exactly?


Vidgen believes if they knew the WHY then the TPPA can be still be
halted or at the very least have the ISDS clauses not just suspended but remove completely regardless of ratification or not.

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