Vidgen investigates how the TPPA promoters are preparing our media and courts for the next phase of the TPPA con and how it will bring the USA into the TPPA and see the reactivation of the suspended, currently unconstitutional, ISDS clauses post 2020.In part One he investigates how the second phase can be tied to the US President Obama Barak and former First lady Hillary Clinton’s 2018 banker Air NZ NZ US Council backed trip to NZ in 2017.

In part two show how oil, water, seabed mining industry have being busy in NZ setting up conditions essential to insuring post ratified TPPA that NZ looses control of its own natural resources and intellectual sovereignty as what we drink eat and even thinks become 100% not our own right to determine.These are my introductory videos so bit rough production wise but I hope you enjoy the content.


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