RIP Ryan John Courts: A public apology.

Plan to cover on Postman Show tonight Ryan John Courts death plus alcohol culture and acceptance of violence as normality following Mayor Culls bizar remarks on this death. Follows on from the Postman issue 14 warning of likely death if Police, Liquor Licensing Authority, Council, we citizens did not address the Octagon out of control statu] {‘A Crime free Octagon’}.

Will also be reading out public apology to Court family as I stuffed up this Sunday and with best of intentions put my foot in it royally.

The jist is I wanted to organize 5 min silence for Ryan in the Octagon and to mark that this sort of incident should not just be seen as tomorrow fish and chip wrappers. But sadly the delivery was poor as was my timing – though I fear there is never a right time and if you let this sort of thing go – people just forget. My bag and I accept full responsibility for my actions alone.

I will be covering this in Postman 15 along with solutions not just blame – the bar owners are just much the victims here and with bit of help they can get the right sort of customers and make the octagon a place where even the mayor will go at night and something to draw in tourism not drive it away. You know how it use to be.


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