DONT LOOK UP — USA WANTS 7 CARRIER FLEETS IN PACIFIC Congratulation NZ You Have Front Seats to WW3.

“The snacks are free. The general. He charged us for the snacks, but they’re free. Why on earth would he do that?”Don’t Look UP (2021).

The commander of the US Navy’s 7th Fleet stated recently he would like to see a lot more US and allied aircraft carriers in the Indo-Pacific region to deter rivals China and Russia, The Wall Street Journal reported. It was stated they would like to see up to seven strike fleets brought into the Pacific.

The statement takes place as Russia begins placing ‘mines’ in space and is sending space and weather vessels (aka spy ships) into the Pacific in reprisal to Elson Musk Star Link. Star Link, which Russia fears, is also contracted to Pentagon for defence work used in military communications, real time battle awareness and weapons targeting. The Russian view of Starlink is mirrored by China who made an official complaint against Starlink in the UN as meanwhile Starlink data relay stations are established in NZ and as we begin work on space planes and space ports here in NZ.

The space planes being developed in the Waitaki Valley currently by NATO affiliated Dawn Aerospace are marketed as a ‘clean green sustainable’ civilian project. However space planes are revealed nearly two decades ago, in declassified document dump, as “ultimate Star Wars fantasy” of the joint US NZ Aerospace Systems Group – “a real space combat craft, albeit low orbital” . New Zealand has also got into the helping the USA build ‘clean green’ hypersonic, aka nuclear delivery, rockets and spot stealth and satellite business (in part as penance for our politicians doing naughty thing with shady money and selling tech to those they should not) and our university, tech firms and think tanks are littered with spooks and “ex” military hawks.

Meanwhile a South African Chilean & Indian general who were investigating or had spoke on the emerging reality of actual war being fought in space and ground with biological, weather and seismic manipulating EMF (and other forms of electronic warfare) based technology get toasted within days of going public after their aircraft all crash due to unexplained electrical failure. Ditto a high level Defence scientist Professor David Last who warned of massive black outs, induced by 5G, also died in a plane crash (in the same area that numerous electrical anomalies had being detected and made the news papers die due to their freakish nature). An example of such weapons in the jamming device tested over the entire stat of Florida in January 2020 2020 by the US Military new arm Space Force). As of 2021 numerous airlines have voiced their concern that the 5G satellite system may as Last suggested cause safety issues for aircraft.

Meanwhile a New Zealand scientist reports the USA proposed space-Based Antennas and Electron Beams (piggy backing off the Starlink net wok), allegedly to protect spaceships and unmanned vehicles from solar flare radiation, could crash the communication systems of entire nations.

In 2018 New Zealand university research group reported a US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) “Radiation Belt Remediation” (RBR) plan could cause major worldwide disruptions to HF radio communication and GPS navigation. DARPA reportedly envisions RBR as a way to protect low-Earth orbiting (LEO) satellites from damage caused by severe solar storms or even from high-altitude nuclear detonations. The New Zealand-based research group suggests, however, that policymakers need to carefully consider the implications of the project. The project is headed by Craig Rodger of the University of Otago Physics Department who also recently led a successful application to MBIE for a $15 million grant for his proposal titled “Solar Tsunamis: Space-Weather Prediction and Risk Mitigation for New Zealand’s Energy Infrastructure ”. This five year research programme will investigate how solar explosions impact human technology, in particular the New Zealand electricity national grid.

Roger says RBR could significantly affect radio propagation from several days to a week or longer. “We’ve calculated that Earth’s upper atmosphere would be dramatically affected by such a system, causing unusually intense HF blackouts around most of the world,” Rodger said. “Airplane pilots and ships would lose radio contact, and some Pacific Island nations could be isolated for as long as six to seven days, depending on the system’s design and how it was operated.” GPS would likely also be disrupted on a large scale Rodger reported. The University of Otago researchers collaborated with UK and Finnish scientists in its preparation. ARRL Propagation Report Editor Tad Cook contacted Rodger to learn more about the RBR proposal. Rodger told him that RBR “is a serious project, that ‘money is starting to appear to investigate it in more detail,’ and ‘US scientists with military connections are treating it seriously’,” Cook said. 

China & Russia have also being reported as recently conducting similar experiments in manipulating the ionosphere for military purposes. China and Russia have jointly conducted a controversial series of experiments to modify Earth’s atmosphere with high-frequency radio waves. This is orientated around a Russian installation called the Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility near the town of Vasilsursk, east of Moscow, scientists emitted high-frequency radio waves to manipulate the ionosphere, while the China Seismo‐Electromagnetic Satellite (CSES) measured the effects on plasma disturbance from orbit.

New Zealand has also produced technology similar to CSES. The Auckland University of Technology (which works with an increasingly militarised Rocket Lab QuakeTek made in New Zealand financed by a former Pentagon Star Wars scientist s Dr Neil ‘Starwars’ Paterson. This is market as technology used to stud space weather and seismic activity – yeah right. Meanwhile Pentagon financed (or military funded corporations) antennas ad hard asetts keep popping in NZ like wackamole as the US eyes turns increasingly to the goal of pushing back china and claiming the Pacific as its own in a cold war rapidly turning hot. A fact not not being reported but largely obscured by the one and only story being reported these days (who I of course don’t even have to name) that is seemingly blocking out real public consideration of other pressing issues..

I could go on and on about the shit unfolding but it has become quite clear to me where no longer in a cold war but in the opening shots of an actual global world war.

Shit we had Russia threating the use of actual tactical nukes (ICBM are still a NO but using tactical nukes is now deemed politically acceptable) only last month.

We are now at 100 seconds to mid night on the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Doomsday Clock (The closest to midnight since it was first launched in 1947) marker for man made global induced extinction events. Meanwhile while the campus peace movement has being hijacked by politicians, in bed with tech lords and Pentagon hawks, using it as a control tool and thus has it finger firmly up its ass. As like wise the word military gets not one single mention in the UN’s IPCC report into climate change as the so called corporate funded woke community fails to consider what exactly a thermonuclear explosion would do for global temperatures polar bears and icebergs – but hey at less we have 5G and faster internet. tik tok tik tok #Dont Look Up.



  1. Ben…your work is brilliant and informative. Tell us more about the Russian mining of space? I assume you mean as in ‘land mines’ rather than ‘gold mines.’? Not only me but some fellow researchers have been observing the similarity between the Tonga volcanic explosion of two days ago and underwater atomic blasts. Discover Magazine even asks ‘what triggered this explosion is a mystery…’ Your comments on this? cheers jeff just over the hill from Pine Gap NT 🙂


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