Wellington: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said in September 2021 that Australia’s new nuclear powered submarine would not be allowed in its territorial waters under a long-standing nuclear-free policy. The news came after a new Indo-pacific security partnership was announced by US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, that will see the United States and Britain provide Australia with the technology and capability to deploy nuclear-powered submarines in addition to access to other classified technology intelligence.*1

*1 = Adern responded to the snub of being excluded (as was Canada following the arrest of Canadian spy Cameron Ortis on 2018 who had being tasked with investigating money laundering related to the sale of arms and sensitive technology sales and included the Russia Magnitsky Papers (which relate to New Zealand Stephen Jennings Renaissance Bank and the contentious sale by western oligarchs of Yukos Oil, after Vladimir Putin cited tax irregularities, which to date has received zero interest from New Zealand media despite our starring role in the biggest spy scandal of the century). 

Adern would respond that “she was committed to New Zealand nuclear free policy” and sought to create the impression New Zealand was not involved in the new Australian US UK nuclear submarine based club being proposed as a deterrent against China because of our “unwavering” commitment to nuclear free status. Withstanding that nuclear materials have been  shipped through New Zealand waters routinely throughout our so called nuclear free era (legislation reviewed in 1989 during the Greenwave incident makes clear the issue is only an issue if the material is offloaded from a vessel be it a boat or an aircraft – see Christchurch Too Hot Too Handle ) Adern’s statement is to put it bluntly a gross misrepresentation of reality that seek to mislead the public as to just how far American nuclear ambition have breached if not the legislative nature of the anti nuclear free laws then at the very less the spirit of that laws in term of how the New Zealand public deem NZ nuclear free policy a commitment by New Zealand to turn it back on any thing advancing the cause a renewed  nuclear arms race. *1/2

Former Defence Minister Wayne Mapp is the Deputy Chair of the Public Advisory Committee on Disarmament and Arms Control (PACDAC) which advises the Government on weapons control. “It’s not that the payloads themselves are nuclear but rather they could facilitate the command and control of nuclear weapons,” he says. PACDAC raised those concerns with the Prime Minister last year and again in March. “It is the judgement of the appointed members of PACDAC that allowing the launch of certain space satellites that belong to certain branches of the US Military could, prima facie, result in improved communications for the control of a nuclear explosive device,” it wrote. “We did not have enough information to exclude the possibility that they could be a part of that chain of command and it’s our view that the nuclear free legislation means New Zealand cannot facilitate such things,” Mapp says. It advised that the Economic Development Minister, Stuart Nash who signs off on payload permits, could be liable for criminal charges under the Nuclear Free Act. *3/4

For while nuclear ships, for the time being, may not be allowed port access New Zealand is very much an active part of the dangerous club of Cold war hawks who are advancing the idea that America’s domination of the Southern polar orbit and the Pacific ocean by a ‘security’ grid based on both rapidly advancing atomic and electron warfare is sound foreing policy. Even though at the time of writing development such as Hypersonic Rocket (the backbone of Rocket Lab located in Mahi Peninsular) places the world at 100 seconds to midnight on the Doomsday Clock (established in 1947 by the Bulletin of Atomic Science as a metaphor for how dangerous technology cable of inducing global extinction events) has ever being before.  In this piece we go stern to bow as I take you on a wee tour of the USS Aoteraora CVN2021 and demonstrate that while New Zealand may have being excluded from the inner temple of ORCA, in term of access to sensitive intelligence and the kind of spy technology (that forms the backbone of the Ortis spy and money laundering scandal – more on that later)  

1.The stern of this war ship can be found in Awarura Bluff which is appropriate as the sculptor that mark where New Zealand is ‘anchored to the sea, a reference to the legend of Maui, was designed by Peter Becks father Russell a former Oxford mathematician turned esoteric geospatial artist who brought Peter to New Zealand and raised him in Southland.

Awarura Unwin Station is itself a cog in the SuperDarn Missile Defence & Submarine Communication Network. Australia has conducted research into over-the-horizon radar (OTHR) for sixty years. Early programs focused exclusively on military capabilities, such as the detection of aircraft, missiles and ships. The Jindalee Stage A radar operated between 1976 and 1978 from sites near Alice Springs in Central Australia, associated with Pie Gap Waihopai sister ‘spy’ station, surveilling the major air route from Singapore to Australia. Stage B 1982-1987 was upgraded to military operational status whilst also serving as a scientific testbed (the Jindalee Facility Alice Springs or JFAS), while a fully-fledged operational national OTHR system, the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) was being designed and deployed for future use. Today, JFAS and the two JORN radars form an integrated OTHR network with unrivalled regional wide-area surveillance capability*5. Furthermore, new concepts (or “more frequently, concepts which had been identified previously but not realizable with the technology of the day”) continue to be explored with the expanded JORN radars. These in turn became integrated with propagation and ‘HAARP related ionosphere research as the ability of space weather to strongly influence high-frequency (HF communications by changing the ionospheric environment through which the radio waves propagate dates back to the 1900’s. In addition, it would tap into bandwidth used by the U.S. Navy, nominally for submarine communications.

Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN) radars acquire valuable wind-wave direction information*6 This utilises the Tasman International Geospace Environment Radar (TIGER); the Southern Hemisphere component of SuperDARN based in Northern Australia and the TIGER radar in Tasmania’s Bruny Island and Unwin radars in Bluff New Zealand since 1999 and 2004 respectively as the TIGER SuperDARN radars tap into polar based ionospheric heaters to enhance propagation of radio waves to boost the transmission strength needed for military applications of ionospheric manipulation.*7

In 2008 The SuperDARN HF radar on Kodiak Island Alaska was upgraded in May 2008 and used for HAARP research also involving New Zealand extensively*8. Kodiak is the sister launch site of Rocket Lab and staff. To say HAARP is an extremely controversial program is to say the oceans are a bit wet. While it is accredited by many as being able to trigger earthquakes and control the weather the same claim is disputed adamantly by skeptics and civilian based scientists. While the skeptics dismissed the idea its an earthquake weapon it should be noted that claims aimed to debunk HAARP military functions by insisting their is no link between the ionosphere and seismic activity, earthquake lights don’t exist, that the US military does not have as one of their aims manipulating the earth’s ionosphere and space weather (with the goal of manipulating the weather on earth) are just wrong. As usal the truth will be somewhere in the middle as today the military potential of similar technology possessed by China and Russia is now being recognised by western media even if the same media won’t talk about the American program and how it came out of Starwars in the 1980s. 

In addition various defence funded projects continued focus on enhancing HAARP’s propagation abilities which are a major step toward addressing the issue of power and transmission range as the ionosphere itself is researched in the context of tapping into potential of phenomenon like plasma storms (that take place high in the ionosphere – currently being studied at Awarua by Craig Rogers the son of a former Labour MP) which only come to the attention of civilian researchers in the mid 1990’s as military scientist jealously guarded their own finding. Declassified documents in the Wellington’s National archives demonstrates the ionosphere itself was deeply classified maintaining the highest security clearances as ionosphere based observatories in Australia and New Zealand were overseen by the two nations top military scientist. 

The role of ionosphere in war, or electron warfare, is simply a natural evolution of atomic warfare and unsurprisingly those studying and aware of it military application in New Zealand and Australian included Thomas Leech, Pickering and Marsden who during or post war worked on British and American nuclear bomb project which also included studies of the atomic bomb impact on the earth electromagnetic field and space’s Van Allen belt. Among other super doomsday weapons projects the Kiwi and Aussie came up with included Professor Thomas Leech — at the time war began Dean of Auckland Universities Engineering Department — Tsunami inducing bomb Project Seal (whose findings post war were also incorporated into nuclear blast studies at Bikini Island and elsewhere ). WWII marked a long and unreported legacy of New Zealand academia involvement in America’s most deadly ambitions. Today Dennis Papadopoulos is Professor of Physics at the Departments of Physics and Astronomy, University of Maryland, since 1979, talks of HAARP being used to protect against high altitude nuclear detonations.*9 Regardless even hardeed sceptics accept HAARP will enable scientists to improve the reliability or performance of communication and navigation systems which would have a wide range of both civilian and military uses, such as an increased accuracy of GPS navigation and “improved methods for submarine communication” or an ability to remotely sense and map the mineral content of the terrestrial subsurface or underground missile complexes.*10

High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was initiated as an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Date which has successfully produced a sustained high density plasma cloud in Earth’s upper atmosphere as a part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) sponsored Basic Research on Ionospheric Characteristics and Effects (BRIOCHE) campaign to explore ionospheric phenomena and its impact on communications and space weather. University of Alaska FairbanksPenn StateJohns Hopkins UniversityUniversity of Maryland, College ParkUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstMIT and the University of Tulsa in the Netherlands.*11

Turns out there are all sorts of military applications for the earth’s electromagnetic fields. The most straightforward application is communications (which in itself can be defined as a weapon depending on intent): a part of the atmosphere can be used as a temporary antenna in much the same way as the ionization trail of a meteorite can be used as a temporary antenna. The advantage of such a technology has to do with security: if an adversary doesn’t know where a signal is going to come from, it is more difficult to detect and decode that signal. Some applications have to do with defense. If you can focus a large amount of energy at one place in the atmosphere, you can use this energy to heat a column of air. Such a mechanism may be sufficient to disrupt the course of ballistic missiles and some have credited HAARP with a thaw in the nuclear arms race until now.

Now new rocket technology, such as the hypersonic rocket research that is the backbone of Rocket Lab New Zealand operation, has fuelled renewed arms race with smaller and faster rocket (25,000 km an hour) easier to hide and launch before being targeted and neutralised by HAARP like systems.*12

In 2018 New Zealand university research group reported a US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) “Radiation Belt Remediation” (RBR) plan could cause major worldwide disruptions to HF radio communication and GPS navigation. DARPA reportedly envisions RBR as a way to protect low-Earth orbiting (LEO) satellites from damage caused by severe solar storms or even from high-altitude nuclear detonations. The New Zealand-based research group suggests, however, that policymakers need to carefully consider the implications of the project. Headed by Craig Rodger of the University of Otago Physics Department who also recently led a successful application to MBIE for a $15 million grant for his proposal titled “Solar Tsunamis: Space-Weather Prediction and Risk Mitigation for New Zealand’s Energy Infrastructure ”. The five year research programme will investigate how solar explosions impact human technology, in particular the New Zealand electricity national grid.*13

Roger says RBR could significantly affect radio propagation from several days to a week or longer. “We’ve calculated that Earth’s upper atmosphere would be dramatically affected by such a system, causing unusually intense HF blackouts around most of the world,” Rodger said. “Airplane pilots and ships would lose radiocontact, and some Pacific Island nations could be isolated for as long as six to seven days, depending on the system’s design and how it was operated.” GPS would likely also be disrupted on a large scale Rodger reported. The group’s paper, “The atmospheric implications of radiation belt remediation” appeared in the August edition of the international journal Annales Geophysicae. University of Otago researchers collaborated with UK and Finnish scientists in its preparation. ARRL Propagation Report Editor Tad Cook contacted Rodger to learn more about the RBR proposal. Rodger told him that RBR “is a serious project, that ‘money is starting to appear to investigate it in more detail,’ and ‘US scientists with military connections are treating it seriously’,” Cook said. Unclassified US Department of Defense budget documents proposed using Alaska’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) to investigate this mechanism which because the way HAARP works also mean Awarura and the other southern hemisphere related sites .*14


Detailed analysis shows the concept is “not likely to be economically feasible if performed from the ground’. Some researchers have claimed that “spaceborne antennas could affect dramatic reductions in trapped particle lifetimes”. *15 The charged particles in our upper atmosphere have been the object of scientific and military research for many years. This is not new research cold war projects from Starfish Prime to HAARP involving New Zealand scientist William Pickering sought to understand and manipulate various properties of the Earth’s electromagnetic fields. The Starfish nuclear blast would illuminate the sky, blow up electrical transponders and street lights in Hawaii and as far south as Wellington and result in a two year radio black out on the equator as high-energy electrons became trapped and formed radiation belts around the Earth. Allegedly this was unexpected by U.S. atomic veteran Cecil R. Coale noted some hotels in Hawaii offered “rainbow bomb” parties on their roofs for Starfish Prime. Though this does not distract from the fact there was much uncertainty about the composition, magnitude and potential adverse effects from this trapped radiation after the detonation as the weaponeers became worried when it caused three satellites in low Earth orbit to be disabled (These included TRAAC and Transit 4B) and the test brought about the first series of peace talks between Russia and USA an agreement to not explode nukes in space.*16

Begun as an experiment (launched on the back of American President Roald Regan’s ambition of a Star Wars defence shield) with only few antennas, remote isolated spots projects like HAARP and the Clam Lake ELF transmitter work today in concert, using constructive and destructive interference to generate local effects from global signals for use in submarine and experiments in missile defence operations directly tied to New Zealand *17. These facilities do not operate alone but rather function together as a system – like a radio telescope array – permitting different researchers to make different types of observations based on their specialist fields with much of the military science projects compartmentalised so that not even the research or the station maintenance staff are fully aware of the full scope or ambition of those paying their wages. 

But wait there’s more as the advert goes;

2.Awarua is part of Elon Musk SpaceX Pentagon Contracted Star Link for tracking missiles.

Awarua is one of four satellite ground stations that SpaceX wants to use for specific radio bands, according to a US Federal Communications Commission document. The other three locations are at Brewster, in the US state of Washington, Cordoba in Argentina, Tromsø in Norway. *18 About one-third of active satellites in orbit are Starlink satellites, launched by SpaceX since 2019. In the next decade, up to 50,000 satellites could orbit the Earth, analysts project. In the near term, several thousand satellites will be built and distributed among LEO. Most will be commercially operated, but at least a few hundred will belong to the U.S. military.*19

I can in fact see the site out my window as I type it is rapidly expanding as critical infrastructure need for the space industry including quarries have being snapped up by US firm in recent months adding to rumours the proposed Hydrogen Plant at Tiwia (using radioactive iron sands from the West Coast) will be to provide fuel for rockets not supply local demands as currently outed.

3.Naseby Central Otago Leo Labs California

 The Defense Department announced on July 10 2020 it has awarded LeoLabs, a provider of space surveillance data services, a $15 million contract funded under the Defense Production Act to shore up domestic industries financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. *20

In 2019 Leo Lab announced it would establish a site in Central Otago to track and clean up space

Construction of the facility began in early 2019 this year. The facility would help “clean up space” while sourcing cutting-edge data for a range of space-based technologies. *21

The space radar would detect space debris as small as 2cm in diameter in low Earth orbit (Leo).

It will be one of only three operating in the world, in what will eventually become a larger international network.

The location of the facility was not disclosed last year but the spokeswoman confirmed yesterday it was in the Naseby district.

4.Wanaka NASA Observatory. In 2017, NASA committed to Wanaka Airport as one of its global launch bases for up to 10 years, which allowed them to invest in building a dedicated launch pad to minimise disruption for airport operators and neighbours. A largely civilian operation but with some duel military functions.*22

Richard V. Allen is an international business consultant in Washington, D.C., and Senior Counselor to APCO Worldwide, Washington. He is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, Stanford University, and is a Member of the Advisory Board, Center for Strategic & International Studies, Washington; a Member of the Board of Trustees of The Intercollegiate Studies Institute; a Member of the Council on Foreign Relations; a Member of the Advisory Board, The Nixon Center, Washington; an Honorary Fellow in Politics and Fellow of St. Margaret’s College at The University of Otago, New Zealand; and Co-Chair of The U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea. From 2001-2007, he was a Member of the Defense Policy Board, Department of Defense, which advises the U. S. Secretary of Defense.
During the first year of the Reagan Administration he served as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (National Security Advisor) and was Mr. Reagan’s Chief Foreign Policy Advisor from 1977 to 1980. He was Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States and Deputy Executive Director of the Council on International Economic Policy, The White House. In 1968 he was Chief Foreign Policy Coordinator for the campaign of Richard Nixon, and was appointed by the President as Senior Staff member of the National Security Council.
Mr. Allen holds BA and MA degrees from the University of Notre Dame, and studied at the Universities of Freiburg and Munich in Germany. He has received honorary doctorates from Pepperdine University, Hanover University, and Korea University. He was Senior Policy Advisor to the 1976, 1980, and 1984 Republican Platform Committees, and directed the International Cooperation Fund’s 1984 and 1988 political convention activities. He has been a member of the Republican National Committee’s Advisory Council on National Security and International Affairs, as well as Chairman of its Subcommittee on Intelligence. He has published numerous books and articles including National Security He and his wife, Patricia Mason Allen, have seven children and twenty-two grandchildren. They live in Denver, Colorado and The Gibbston Valley near Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand.

5. The ‘Palantir’ Gated Community: Peter Thiel (Facebook Palantir Five Eyes) James Covert (former Secret Service Tyco Security & Cambridge Protection LLC) Richard V Allen Former US National Security Adviser Pentagon Hawk advocate for New American Century which is credited with the never ending War On Terror and US ambition of expanding into the South Pacific. *23-27

6. Millbrook 2002 War on Terror & 2017 Five Eyes Security Meeting. Gathering of intelligence and security agencies related to the Five Eyes spy network was to be held at Millbrook in 2017 in July. While in April Foreign Ministers, Hon Murray McCully, and Singapore’s (a five eyes spying partner) Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, stated at a meeting in Wellington that “Enhanced Partnership” in relation to cyber security would deepen cooperation in the areas of trade and economics, security and defence, people-to-people links and research, technology and innovation in ways that “would set an example of integration in the Asia-Pacific region”. *28/29/30

Cyber-security now sits at top of the 20 billion dollars National has earmarked for upgrading our military and spy services including those using satellite based communications. All under the pretext of security and fighting organised crime. Yet oddly enough National turned around and cut the cyber budget needed for New Zealand to maintain an existing well experienced cyber team at Interpol used to fight organised crime. Further much of this defense spend will go to the same corporate sector with whom Five Eyes can be found establishing a close relationship via big brother systems like Palantir and Cambridge Analytics (not to be confused with Cambridge Protection though there does appear to be some sharing of personnel between the two firms). Firms developing software which overseas have being proven by fairly mainstream sources to have been used not to fight crime and combat terror but rather it has being used to hijacked social media for the aim of not protecting democracy but rather fixing elections by manipulating the flow of information people are exposed to an upon which they form their electoral decisions. Voters are viewed by the Five Eyes bosses who met in Queenstown as a nuisance factor to be manipulated and appeased in its beliefs and knowledge while simultaneously all dissenting voices are to be drowned out or marginalized. Five Eyes friendly firms are developing the cyber systems not to ‘protect our freedoms’ but to fix elections and shape popular opinion. The means by which you can obtain the goal of information dominance. In a parody of fiction Tolkien’s “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them”, the warning written on the one ring is rapidly becoming a reality thanks to THE cyber technology sorcery invented by the like of the rings obsessed Peter Thiel the techno wizard whom New Zealand granted citizenship and who is another part time resident in Queenstown (Middle Earth ) New Zealand who see his technology as protecting the West (USA & its allies) from Mordor (i.e Any one who does not agree with the USA’s Darth Vader like military imperialism) . A real war of good and evil as the Internets promise an open and transparent world is finding itself under siege by electronic necromancers. Its a conflict being waged right under the nose of most of us ‘sleepy hobbits’ quite literally as the space facilities and their tech wizard make New Zealand their vessel. *31

Palantir is an investor In-Q-Tel (IQT) an American not-for-profit venture capital firm which invests in high-tech start-up companies focused on supporting United States intelligence capabilities (It was founded in 1999 as Peleus and is currently based in Arlington, Virginia) with support from friendly hedge funds of the same variety as Cambridge Protections to corner technology for the USA security needs. Thirty days after the Christchurch Mosque shootings Palo Alto Networks the global cybersecurity leader, announced the appointment of the Right Honorable Sir John Key, former member of Parliament and prime minister of New Zealand, to the company’s board of directors. The announcement barely made the papers as the country remained in shock from the March 15th 2019 attack as the whole of New Zealand experienced its own kind of 9/11.*32/33

In March 14 2018 Palo Alto Networks Inc announced its plans to acquire CIA-backed cloud services firm Evident Inc. for $300 million in cash. Evident provides cybersecurity services for cloud infrastructure run by governments and corporations and has raised $49.1 million in venture cash to date, including an undisclosed amount from the Central Intelligence Agency’s venture capital arm known as In-Q-Tel Inc., according to FactSet.  Through Evident Palo Alto, the firm John Key introduced to New Zealand in 2020, was now in bed with the CIA.*34


This was the first time the CPB occurred at the truly Five Eyes level of integration, it said.*35

In July 2020 New Zealand representatives attended the US Combined Forces Space Command (CFSCC) weekly operational forum, the first time this has involved all Five Eyes nations. The US Space Command said operational co-ordination in the space domain continued to expand, with the growing partnership between the US, Canada, Australia and the UK in the Combined Space Operations Centre (CSpOC). Also involved are Germany, France and New Zealand. SSPACECOM said recently, New Zealand space operations representatives attended the CFSCC weekly Products Brief (CPB), the operational forum where coalition space strategy is synchronised.

7.Dawn Aerospace prototype for low orbit space plane (fighter bombers) affiliate of Tuft University NATO Contractors. The problem with space planes is its not that hard to turn them into space bombers and in light of Tuft already considerable military ties that does not seem a brodge to far to imagine. *36/37

8.Canterbury University host Five Eyes Rocket Lab Dawn plus other space based Pentagon Nato funded research as NZDF recruit soldiers for NZ role in USA Space Force. *38

9. Birdling Flat Christchurch  proposed new-site for the US Navy, DARPA, Lockheed Martin, IntQtel. (CIA Investment firm) involved Rocket Lab. *39

A 1000 hectare block of land on the Kaitōrete Spit near Christchurch may become home to a new rocket launch site. The land has been bought by a joint venture between the government and two local rūnanga, Te Taumutu Rūnangaand Warewa Rūnanga, called Project Tāwhaki.

The venture aims to develop aerospace research facilities, including a possible launch pad. It will also protect and rejuvenate the unique Kaitōrete ecosystem with fencing, limited farming activity, and the planting of 5000 native plants over two years. The land was bought from farming company Wongan Hills with $16 million of Crown funding. Research, science and innovation minister Megan Woods said the joint venture was focused on conservation management, investigating consents and technical feasibility for an aerospace research and launch site on the spit, and attracting aerospace investment in the project. Research, science and innovation minister Megan Woods said the joint venture was focused on conservation management, investigating consents and technical feasibility for an aerospace research and launch site on the spit, and attracting aerospace investment in the project. And because of its unique propagation which like Kaikoura bring with it own legends and myths concerning naturally occurring bolide or fireball mistaken by locals and offshore fisherman for UFO & Fairey folk*40 (Ibid)

10.Birdling Flat site of SuperDarn US Submarine Missile Defence network funded Canterbury University Research. Pretty much like Awarua but where the Bluff site ‘HAARP’ connection focus on longitude signal direction Birdling Flat focus on altitude as to pin point the area in the ionosphere which release the greatest amount of energy. The research is funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Defence*41.

11.SOFIA Operation Deep Freeze NASA based mobile Observatory. The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, is the world’s only airborne observatory. An 80/20 joint project of NASA and the German Aerospace Centre to construct and maintain an airborne observatory. Its operation are publicised as civilian but supported by USRA, NASA, and the US Air Force plus when in New Zealand the New Zealand Air Force as well. The height of the aircraft, combined with New Zealand’s telemetry. also assist the issue of propagation and help boost signal strenght.*42

12.Deep Freeze Christchurch Air force base support for US Navy SPAWAR (Space Warfare) Antarctica Scott Amudsmen. *43

13. Deep Freeze also support for US Navy SuperDARN Missile Defence and Submarine Communications. *44

SuperDARN observations of ionospheric heater–induced upper hybrid waves
J. M. Hughes,W. A. Bristow,R. T. Parris,E. Lundell
First published: 24 December 2003
Citations: 17


(Source: OTH Radar System for measuring ionospheric convection. Network of 21 radars funded, operated, and maintained by independent research institutions. Radars look toward the polar regions).

14. East Coast Canterbury University Hop 1 Hop 2 US Navy SuperDArn Missile Defence and Submarine Communications research (include Chatham’s)

From Alaska to the South Pacific In One-Hop Rick Cole writes an “Abstract – This paper discusses research conducted by The Very Low Frequency (VLF) Group at Stanford University introducing them and a project called the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). This project utilizes the latest oceanographic and ocean engineering technologies for exciting applications to space physics and radio science research. Sponsors consist of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The program’s facility is a high power transmitter located in Alaska, capable of broadcasting powerful VLF radio waves into the Earth’s ionosphere. These waves propagate along the Earth’s magnetic field lines to the system’s geomagnetic conjugate point situated nominally 600 miles south of New Zealand in the southern Pacific Ocean” Works in coordination with Awarua and Birdling Flat*45

15. Submarine Warfare training.& More space bombers …er planes; DSIR facility linked to Nuclear Free Era US Sub visit 2000 Investigate Busted Report “forget our nuclear-free legislation and forget the controversy over Waihopai – New Zealand defence researchers are helping perfect US missile systems, nuclear submarines and even space warfare craft” *47

Research, known officially as AUSCANNZUKUS (pronounced OZ-CAN-ZUCKIS), and it is by no means low-powered. New Zealand’s supervisory representative on the programme is the Deputy Chief of Naval Staff, while the American representative is the Director of the Space Information Warfare Command and Control unit. Other New Zealanders on the team include the Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Development), the Director of Naval Command Control and Communications, the Director of Weapons Engineering and our Assistant Naval Attache at the NZ Embassy in Washington. ..So what does AUSCANNZUKUS actually do? “Ninety-nine percent of the documents and reports posted on its website were classified, requiring coded access, but of the few remaining we discovered that AUSCANN arose from communications problems between different allied fleets in World War Two, and what began as a UK/US entity matured to the current five nation organisation in 1980 when New Zealand became a full member” This organisation is firmly established and liaises closely with Washington-based management groups” covering defence research in communications, Naval, Army and Airforce. Meetings are held up to three times a month in various cities around the world, on topics with fascinating titles like “Human/Machine integration studies” or “Project DOMINO“, “PSYCHO concepts” or “NZ SubNet [the communications system for nuclear submarines] Relay Brief”. Digging deeper in the website, and ignoring the hundreds of inaccessible classified documents, we did find a presumably declassified report from 1997 on tests of a new “Star Wars” style anti missile system for warships. *48

West Coast mayor and mining magnate Tony Kokshoorn walks with US military forces here to liberate New Zealand in an exercise where US Forces step in Sleeping Dogs style to help New Zealand against anti mining anti corporate “extremist” during Exercise katipo (just one of several US NZ exercise which first began in 2011) with US Marine presence here signalling the US interest in mineral rich New Zealand. Minerals which are just perfect for developing space weapons.

Known as the Multi-band Anti-ship cruise missile defense Tactical Electronic warfare System (pictured above), or “MATES” for short, the TTCP Program report reveals an 80% success rate for warship based laser-guns attempting to shoot down incoming cruise missiles in less than two seconds. The need to develop the Star Wars system for ships arose because of “the proliferation of infrared guided anti-ship cruise missiles to Third World countries.” The working principle of the system is not that the lasers physically blow up the missiles, but that they burn out the guidance systems on the cruise missiles, sending them haywire.

Two more declassified reports on the website specifically involved US submarines, and New Zealand. Headlined “Data Integration for Undersea Warfare“, the first of these 1997 reports reveals that “two surface ships, a nuclear submarine, maritime patrol aircraft, and a variety of other assets were employed”, with New Zealand and Australia providing “post-exercise data analysis and processing”. The purpose of the research was to test new submarine tracking technology, and the published report includes a “Sonobouy Genetic Algorithm TMA” generated by the New Zealand Navy. But it is the third research programme, carried out in the early 1990s and released in military circles in 1997, that involves New Zealand the most. Called Project TESPEX, defence scientists in the five nations were working on new methods of detecting submarines in shallow water using sonar: previously difficult because of unwanted “pings” from objects on the seabed. Promising results from computer simulations made it clear that a collaborative effort to test some of these processing concepts using at-sea measurements would benefit all nations significantly. “The first experiment took place off the East Coast of New Zealand.” The project team notes that “significant” gains were made in advanced submarine detection as a result of the experiments, saying its now “possible to detect, locate and track” subs in shallow water – presumably this technology may one day become available to keen fishermen! (In fact it has a press article note on gps equipment used by fisherman came from Star Wars Research conducted here in the 1980’s) But if you’re thinking New Zealand’s role in the Western alliance is limited to assisting US nuclear strike and attack subs, you’d be seriously mistaken. Another project team known as AER – Aerospace Systems Group, is at the cutting edge of the new millennium’s final frontier: space combat. Yes, New Zealand is involved in “rocket science”. *49

Kiwi defence official Patrick Conor is named as our member of the project, which covers the technology and systems aspects of military fixed and rotary wing air platforms and those associated with the construction and deployment of space-based assets”. “It includes UAVs [sorry, we have no idea what they are, ed.- do remember this all pre 9/11] and other novel platform configurations and may include payloads where they are a fundamental part of the air or space vehicle. And then comes the cherry on top: the AER group is currently working on the ultimate Star Wars fantasy – a real space combat craft, albeit low orbital (Now known as LEO). “Future LO/survivable combat aircraft will need to achieve similar levels of manoeuvre performance to current aircraft, despite the aerodynamic constraints arising from the LO requirements.” *50

As I said before the problem with space plane is soon the become space bombers, especially when the military involved.

16. More than six ground stations for Elon Musk Starlink which as noted is also being funded and used by the Pentagon. *51

17. Christchurch Aerospace Centre – a group of about 200 largely defence orientated industry members – have been working with stakeholders like the University of Canterbury, the Space Agency and the Christchurch City Council’s tourism arm, to carve out a future for space tech in the city. To be focused around Rocket labs Project Tawhaki *52

18Waihopai spying plus targeting for drones and space based systems (Sister stations Menwith Hill UK Pine Gap Australia) *53.

19. Wellington about ten tonnes of declassified research on how NZ Universities Australia New Zealand scientist involved in nuclear and missile defence Research extensively from 1939 to current day – includes references to scientist Marsden, Pickering, Rutherford, Leach plus US Missile military funded Atmospheric research throughout south Island including Omega Canterbury (proposed never eventuated), Mt John, Black Birch Blenheim, Long Bank Blenheim. Plus refers to Hop (propagation) studies conducted in Ashburton and Kaikoura *54-59 (See Wilkes Wilkes Protest Seal Long Bank Global response to ionospheric anomaly after bomb detonated — See Also our Debunking the Kaikoura story)

20. Wellington joins USA’s Space Force under Adern ‘nuclear free’ watch. *60

First steps into US military space madness began in 2012 when New Zealand’s participation in a multi-national military satellite for New Zealand and six other countries to increase communications capabilities to “prevent, protect against and respond to attacks.” The WGS-9 satellite was funded through an agreement between the United States, Canada, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and New Zealand and Australia. Then Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman said it would increase access to satellite broadband more than twenty-fold, with guaranteed access and at a fixed price, ensuring better value for money. In January 2020 however New Zealand participated in US military-space war games, in Alabama, together with other Five Eyes partners, said New Zealand planned to have NZDF forces based at the centre. *61

21. Harwood, Weldon Gunnery Range Chch among others used missile defence military related atmospheric research 60’s -80’s. Investigated in depth by peace research legend Owen Wilkes also as noted in the work off the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Buffolo who focused on the D-Region of the ionosphere with field research conducted in Antarctica and Weldon Gunnery Range. *62

22. Linton upgrade in supports US operations and defence startup. *63

23. Ohakea upgrade support for US operation cyberwarfare defence hub proposed. *64

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26. Rocket Lab more than 80% of launches US Defence based includes Weapon targeting system Gun SmokeDARPA antenna for Submarine Missile defence warfare. *66

27. AUT involved in Rocket Lab, Mission Control (funding arranged by NZDF) ASSP headed by Star War hawk Dr Neil Paton. AUT is the home of New Zealand’s Auckland Programme for Space Systems APSS whose funding aside from a declaration initial seed funding came from the Vice Chancellor’s Discretionary Fund is a mystery.

The APSS is led by American Dr. Neil E. Paton Dr. Neil E. Paton Retired Vice President of Technology Howmet Corporation), retired Aerospace Materials Consultant who sits on the US Defence and NASA National Aerospace Initiative whose goal is to further the US space and military system with a focus on developing hyper-sonic space access which is once more escalating the arms race and cold war politics Clark herself marched against when a student in the 1970’s *67/68

Yet it is fact it Clarks involvement with Qatar and the UAE which might explain why NZ and Canada are being assigned junior roles in ‘Orca’ as the USA declare a jihad on western firms supplying technology to rogue nations (*such as the arrest of the former US intelligence hackers working as cyber mercenaries for the UAE As foreign minister Narnia Mahuta demanded more aid be given to the Taliban as the ANZ backed cricket team received death threats – See Also ) ** 69-71.

New Zealand prime minister, Helen Clark, addresses the crowd at the christening of the latest Emirates Team New Zealand America`s Cup race yacht NZL92 in Auckland. 19/10/2006

The Emirates who are best known in NZ  for sponsoring the America’s Cup Race are emerging as clients of the NZ based Rocket Lab as championed by Team Emirates Chief ambassador Helen Clark. Meanwhile the Helen Clark Foundation is also a partner with the Auckland University of Technology (as is Rocket Lab). In 2020 the Helen Clark Foundation launched the Christchurch Call after the Christchurch shooting. A terror attack which saw an Australian gun man wearing Azov battalion ( The Pentagon Financed Neo Nazi mercenaries), armed with weapons from Gun City owned by Pentecostal David Tipple (who I cite in my 1999 book State Secrets as connected to those supplying the Iran Contra with equipment for the Mujahedeen and Right wing terrorist) shoot up two mosque beginning at AlNoor just as the Pakistan ANZ sponsored cricket team pulled up in front.

The Chch Call sought to banish hate crime and called for greater social media censorship to prevent hate crime. The project would receive funding from Qatar (known to sponsor terrorism) and the UAE and followed on from Clark times as the head of the UNDP.  Where she helped negotiate the UNDP backed Vision 2030 where in return for funding of UN programs and apparent progress on social issues such as gender equality. Arab nations would be given help accessing ‘green’ technology and intellectual brain power from countries like New Zealand which was to be a blueprint for the Arab nations exit from fossil fuels. *71.-73.

However on October 2nd dissident journalist Jamal Kashoggi exposed that deal as a lie when he was chopped into tiny pieces on the floor of the Saudi Embassy. His crime? Exposing the fact Vision 2030 (whose sponsors included Rocket Lab chief start-up backer Lockheed Martin)  rather than bringing about social change was in fact reinforcing the status quo as Vision 2030 innovation hub emerged as an incubator for bio-weapons, smart weapons and the kind of draconian big brother Palantir style technology used to track down Kashoggi and murder him with death squads. Meanwhile Team Emirates’ own sponsor remained mum about the fact the CEO of the firm who funded TEAM New Zealand had just been found guilty in a court in London of using Five Eyes based intelligence to kidnap for the second time one of his daughters off the main street in London. None of that was mentioned along with New Zealand technological contribution to the UAE own arms development. *74-75

So much for Vision 2030 vision of gender equality. Meanwhile most of the space technology which has emerged in New Zealand with increased frequency in the past decade and half demonstrates how other technology sold as promoting sustainability has in fact been chiefly concerned with advancing the US domination in space and submarine based warfare. You can quibble about the semantics but the sum of the whole clearly shows how New Zealand Nuclear free policy has itself being nuked.


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