Nicky this just came in. 

It has being suggested to me that Desmond Conway is behind the NZPP largest election donation


Dennis Ziengs, chief executive of Asia for Fortis Bank, told the District Court that Desmond James Albert Conway, 39, and his wife Machiko Conway, 55, said they wanted to open an account with the bank to deposit the bonds to fund compensation for second world war ‘comfort women’.

When I looked him up and his links to Trust Net I came across this which I’m sure you recognise after all you wrote the story.  I do not know the source has not met him and it did occur as it was posted in response to my open letter  this could be a set up. Never heard of Desmond Conway until now — maybe it means something to you. Two firms with possible ties Conway Construction Spectra Samoa USA are DOD contractors. Am awaiting more information in the way of supporting authentication but you now know as much as I do about what you will. 

PS Good to see KPMG Price Water House Deloittes get a pasting in this piece you wrote as well. Means you can’t be accused of leaving the A team out (my one critique of the Pandora papers).

PPS Not sure if you recall the ANZ Obama Key meeting in Auckland just after Jacinda elected 8min into opening address Luxton (the right wing bible basher) named as future PM

Variety of clients

Visa portcullis I’m sure this looks familiar “The Spencers have courted controversy. John Spencer waged a 19-year battle to stop public access to the Stony Batter gun emplacement on his Waiheke Island farm, including barricading a public road. The Star-Times revealed in 2005 that his son Berridge and daughter Mertsi were secret National Party donors. And now Spencer is the Kiwi connection to secret tax haven records that may be the largest leak of financial information in history.” wrote Hager ” TrustNet’s low-profile services were being used by many of the world’s major banks, such as UBS, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse subsidiary Clariden, and by the world’s biggest auditing firms, such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte and KPMG. Bank accounts were being opened for clients in many parts of the world, from branches of HSBC in Singapore to the Cook Islands branch office of the Australian bank, ANZ”.

The individual client list included a wide variety of politically and financially powerful figures. In 1996 and 1997 TrustNet helped establish two British Virgin Islands companies for Aye Zaw Win, the son-in-law of General Ne Win, a military strongman who ruled Burma for three decades. He could not be reached for comment. After the fall of the Indonesian dictator Suharto in 1998, a number of his family and other rich Indonesians began appearing as TrustNet clients, the documents obtained by ICIJ show. Some were disguised even within TrustNet’s own internal records — referred to simply as “Client A,” “Client B,” “Client C.”

My breakdown of Desmond Connor interest on the ICIJ Paradise Papers data base.

RoleFromToIncorporationJurisdictionStatusData From
WEALTH METROPOLIS GROUP LIMITEDSecretary2005-09-2310-AUG-2005SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
LOYAL MERIT DEVELOPMENT LIMITEDSecretary2005-12-1901-DEC-2005SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
LOYAL FAITH INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDSecretary2006-04-0308-DEC-2005SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
DIVERSITY INVESTMENT LIMITEDSecretary2005-06-2223-MAY-2005SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
Zaxxon International Inc.Secretary2005-06-0707-JUN-2005SamoaStruck / Defunct / DeregisteredOffshore Leaks
BRIGHT WIN FINANCE LIMITEDSecretary2005-09-2318-AUG-2005SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
MORNING CONTROL HOLDINGS LIMITEDSecretary2005-09-2121-SEP-2005SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
MAX WILL MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITEDSecretary2007-09-0704-OCT-2005SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
TFC Capital LimitedSecretary2006-04-2828-APR-2006SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
Best Spirit CorporationSecretary2006-06-0707-JUN-2006SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
EASTWIND CONSULTANT COMPANY LIMITEDSecretary2006-07-1812-JUN-2006SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
D’AJAX INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD.Secretary2006-06-2929-JUN-2006SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
FAITH WIN INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDSecretary2006-09-0108-AUG-2006SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
PEACE COUNTRY TRADING LIMITEDSecretary2007-09-1205-JAN-2007SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
GRAHAM CHEMICAL LIMITEDSecretary2007-01-1010-JAN-2007SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
WONDERFUL COUNTRY LIMITEDSecretary2007-07-2703-APR-2007SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDSecretary2005-09-2020-SEP-2005SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
FIRSTAR COMPANY LIMITEDSecretary2007-08-1419-APR-2007SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks
MANY FAST INVESTMENT LIMITEDSecretary2007-11-072009-02-1603-MAY-2007SamoaStruck / Defunct / DeregisteredOffshore Leaks
UPTURN WORLDWIDE LIMITEDSecretary2007-08-1423-MAY-2007SamoaActiveOffshore Leaks

CONWAY CONSTRUCTION CO – dod contractor.

In connection with the parties driving QANON Aotearoa Nicky let revisit what I wrote about Chris Luxton in 2018 (Italic updated notes to Nicky) who stands to be the beneficiary if the right can successfully steer the groundswell grassroots population who opposed the TPPA in 2016 that Adern government signed in 2017 after promising it would not and who feels betrayed by what they perceive (rightly or wrongly) Labour/Greens continued loyalty to Neoliberalism.

Knights of Luxury -The Rich & Famous Down Under & what/how they pay for the privilege of staying here.

This photos above is a shots of the luxury yacht “No Comment”

On the 21/2/2018 Port Nelson the boat called the No comment docked. The 7.9 million yacht website shows the boat has all the toys and is in the Marlborough Sounds as part of a tour season for visiting VIPS. No  comment belongs to Winston Peters mate Peter Talley famed of Talley fisheries but who also services most of the vessels doing mineral and petroleum survey of NZ.  A day later (only weeks after a report of 30 bankers* flying into the south surfaced) we got reports of two private jet, flying into Dunedin, previously used to fly Bill Clinton and his advanced secret service during APEC 1999 in Auckland.

personnel present included a Nestle executive and included reportedly Sach Toyko top man Masanori Mochida ( for anyone wanting know) whose name is on a 2014 Goldman Sach annual report which bears all its directors including Mochida’s name Global Investors Survey on Climate Change.

* Later confirmed Nicky via Lou Sanford DOC’s former CEO own website as bankers from firms ike Gold=man sach Tokyo and US executives from firms like Nestles visiting NZ Glaciers near Te Anau where local farms on Waiha river report being told by Meridian sell out or we will flood you out. The same year I found this out I attended a art exhibition in Picton where the owners partner intellectual property lawyer Nick Gerritsen (a former young Nat and literally James Shaw’s best friend) boasted he being briefed by a  “three star general at the Pentagon” of the scarcity of water ( a claim echoed in a newspaper article on the exhibition the next day ‘Water Remains The Talk of The Towne Picton). When I asked how he got to speak to a 3 Star General Nick informed me he was hired by Fonterra who wanted to get out of dairy farming and get into water farming. If you take that data and cross references it against the fact that a large proportion of the water feeding the hydro turbines arrives in the form of snow, sitting frozen until the spring melt it becomes clear the offshore banks, the Pentagon, see in our own glacier and water potential gold mine and strategic assett. Especially if you apply an economic scarcity of good formulas as touted by nick. Also pays to consider how over 40% of the current grid line is owned by US giants Van Guard and Blackrock (also major investors in NZ media) who are on a buying spree of Australia NZ as we speak. A 2019 trip to Manapouri revealed the hydro dams were being prepped for increased power use post the closure of Tiwia. We now know the proposed Hydrogen scheme in Tiwia  will use radioactive Iron sands (as part of the catalyst process) from West Coast Barry Town & Cape Foul Wind. And more than likely will not be used for power for kiwi but to fuel further militarisation of space – if you ever come down this way Nicky let me take you for a drive and show the massive levels of infrastructure now being put in place to support a militarised space program in the South Island. This all has as much to do with combating climate change as the New Zealand based mission control (whose funding was guided by the NZDF) has.  


Oddly non of the 35 MPs invited to this $1000 a head speech elected to represent the people invited including the Green MP American born Ann Genter (a Berkeley pol sci and languages graduate, prior to being former employ to a strategic planning firm whose major client was the US Navy) have given details of what the full specificity of Obama meeting is. Or who exactly did pay for their tickets said to have being in excess of 1000 dollars a plate. The VIP’s only event was organised by the US NZ Council, the lobbying body set up to push the pro Obama TPPA initiative, the US Embassy, WestPac ANZ & Air NZ. The latter two firms being companies that Sir John Key is involved in.

It comes as also strong lobbying to allow privileged investor to buy land in NZ like The Northland-born Peter Cooper, estimated by NBR to be worth $810 million, his real-estate and private-equity operations span New Zealand and the United States, Cooper spent 11 years as a lawyer, including a stint as partner at embattled law firm Russell McVeagh. He was formerly director of beer giant Lion Nathan. Peter Cooper has donated $74 million to a top American university. In 2013 not long after that donation Sir John Key made Cooper a companion of the order. Mr Cooper was awarded the University of Auckland Business School’s Outstanding Maori Business Leader Award in 2008. He brought the land in part for its historical connections, namely it was “where Maori and Europeans first met and exchanged goods” he told travel writers last year.

Cooper also set on New Zealand’s most ambitious fundraising campaign, setting a target of $300 million to address critical issues facing our communities*2. Funds for the Auckland University project will go to research projects, academic fellowships, staff positions and student scholarships, aligned with specific campaign projects related to key issues and is backed by corporation and those with close ties to the National party including Sir Colin Giltrap, the late Sir Graeme Douglas and Lady Ngaire plus major international corporations including PricewaterhouseCoopers.

*2 Similar to the goals and tasking of the Helen Clark Foundation and its own ties to it like wise receives funding from right wing economic sources that do not match with the Foundations alleged promotion of social progressive issues. 

In 2009 i noted that Luxury yacht La Masquerade had visited NZ before heading to Hawaii where Obama and Key were on vacation at the same time. And where several investors were meeting to discuss the economic consequences of the Kyoto Protocol being signed.

( Editor note: what could Luxton be inheriting from the Adern era? Well in 2020 New Zealand declared Climate Change an emergency. Meaning emergency powers can be kicked at in at time and permit a ruling government to utilise emergency powers covid19 style including legislation under emergency, suspension of select committees and no parliamentary oversight – combined with the Public Sector Reform Bill the power afforded to parliament now borders on being banana republic junta like  -we are in very scary territory Nicky) 

The La Masquerade was owned by Sir Robert Ogden, a coal magnate, who along with US energy provider Enron created the concept of “weather futures trading” which we now call Carbon Credits. Price House Cooper (the corporation Green leader James Shaw used to work for alongside Bayer and HKSB) prior to the signing told the government we would make 3 billion annually. After New Zealand signed it PWHC informed the government it had made a ” six billion dollar accounting error” and ooops NZ would lose 3 billion a year. Today 2/3 of NZ carbon credits are now owned by the private energy sector. { Editor note — as someone raised in a family who helped pioneer NZ ski industry I recognise carbon induced climate change and have done so since late 1980s when it was not fashionable to do so- I also however fear that the scale at which the system used to combat it has being rorted politically systematically and financially by those more interested in its economic opportunities verse the simple necessity of  being a good planetary citizen is rarely comprehended and utterly under reported)). 

The 2009 meeting signified the first of several trips made by Key to the USA where the PM appeared to be more concerned with impressing the USA’s Chamber of Commerce than impressing New Zealand.

In 2015 we even sent John Key an Official Information Act request asking him to clarify whether he held a US passport (holding dual citizenship is not illegal in either nation. But in the US a dual citizen may not hold public office in any nation outside the USA). Sir Key’s Prime Minister’s office replied saying “no one in that office could answer that question in an official capacity”.

The Luxury Golf course where Obama Key and Heatley played is owned by Julian Robert the so-called wizard of Wall Street. Robertson, made an honorary knight companion of the New Zealand Order by Key , who is among the billionaires wanting to buy “boltholes” to New Zealand. These super rich folks say Jacinda pending national law restricting foreigners from buying homes threatens to halt the region’s luxury economy boom and stem the influx of overseas billionaires.

The reinstatement of the US into the TPPA Nicky would see the 11 suspended provision reactivated and end this prohibition on the rich and famous who want in captivated by a large PR push driven under Key when he was Minister of Tourism (which Air New Zealand also benefited from) which sold NZ as playground for the rich – and worse undermine efforts to counter climate change so that parliamentary declarations that Climate change is an emergency not only don’t prevent further ecological damage but in fact becomes tools of control for those TPPA backed corporations as the report from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy finds that the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) involving the U.S. and eleven Pacific Rim countries, would total nearly 40 percent of the global economy and it would benefit high greenhouse emitting industries like energy and agriculture, while restricting national and local policies that respond to climate change.

33% of those donations can now be rebated due a law change made by John Key in 2008 where he made sure donations made by corporations got a higher rebate. “The art gallery fundraiser was led by Phil Goff the Labour MP (Jacinda former boss) who crossed the floor giving National the votes it needed to push the TPPA through”. That was Goff’s last job as MP before he went on to run for mayor of Auckland having got the donation and funding support of pro TPPA big business interest groups first (Former Prime Minister Helen Clark and former rich lister inside trader and tax avoidance  Eric Watson were among the donors to Phil Goff’s successful Auckland mayoral campaign, which raised more than $700,000. Clark and Watson each donated $5000 to Goff, who spent $410,814 on his campaign, leaving him with a “good little war chest” for another run in 2019).

Nicky its my belief neoliberalism tricked us in 2016 when Labour hijacked the anti TPPA grounds swell to get into power (where it signed the TPPA which Clark had tabled in 2008) and now the same forces this time aligned with neo conservatism like wise plan to hijack the grounds swell/Freedom grass root movements for their own goals. Those behind the Freedom movement are not really right wing many like me are in fact ex Green voters who just simply fed up with the few who say do as we ay not as we do (as the fly off to climate conferences in jets) and in their quest for champions ae simply being exploited just like Labour did to the anti TPPA camping 2016 – funny how the money for both camps always tracks back to the same interest.


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  1. Doxxing the mafia’s bankers… dangerous stuff, Ben.

    But if someone’s going to do it, I guess that someone is going to be you.


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