Coms & Battle Command Centre — Sit Rep 01 to the general fleet — Battle tactic for Dealing with the Borg.

Bridge Log 01;37 10/1/2021 — the Captain is away during first wave of ambushes on the home ship and war raids have begun by the Borg using proxys both physical and interdimensional.

These initial probe raids and have being resolved with a successful non violent conflict resolution.

This is essential. As I feel the primary code of the borg hive mind while lightening quick to learn and adjust to tactics is however at its core programming relatively emotional stunted mind. It demonstrate a mind shaped by early childhood trauma which prevents it from being unable to grow emotionally only intellectually. And thus is easily confused and negated by non aggressive tactics of which it has only a limited understanding other than to gas light/impersonate or use in illicit form to attempt provocation.

In many way the Borg is like a wee child with zero limits of persona boundary and when confronted with these or made to face it own limitations will respond in self destructive manner. I believe this can be utilised to our advantage and may prove the key to halting the borg advancement.

In the initial foray upon the fleet I have also observed the following behaviours overt aggressive action which has stimulated the borg and seems to empower them.

I dont believe these kind of ships will remain long in the fight and when matched against the borg ability to learn and adapt to tactic at a faster rate than the ships choosing to deal with the threat by going to full battle station alert.

My sympathy is with them as this is not a fight of their making and most of the fleet is not combat trained and has limited under standing of the asymmetrical threat and means by which the borg can attack. It is a Kobayashi Maru scenario multi asymmetrical threat occurring simultaneously.

And where they do even fewer ships in the fleet are designed for this kind of combat or fully prepared.

I estimate battle readiness at less than 5% and the borg battle strength is nearly at 70% and growing rapidly.

They do appear however to be on some sort of time line and if Im calculating correctly this may be based on their own assessment of what’s need to achieve total assimilation of our fleet. This offers a slim silver lining of hope.

Their battle assessors computers however are far superior to what the assessors of our non combative assessors of our non combative vessels have. No surprise our vessel were not built for space combat but are 95% civilian transport vessels with a few gunship of varying ability.

The second most at risk set of ship in the fleet are the ships who claim resistance status but who are unwilling to engage the borg and assume no action equals avoidance from assimilation by the borg. I believe the borg will simply pick these ships off at its leisure -once it has eliminated the ships it deems of a greater threat.

The Borg seem to have no little imagination and seem highly intimidated by creative pursuit especially those who produce positive frequencies which seem like sun light to vampire for the borg.

The Borg have backed off for now but have taken key personnel hostages from it first foray which it is now using to gather intelligence and reconnaissance, monitor radio frequency and sew dissident among the fleet and general ranks with replicant models.

Replicant models are easily discernible due their lack of originalist , humour or expression of arts and empowering music or dance.

It is clear that the Borg know who we are and well recommend to the Captain when he return from away that we drop cloaking devices. As these now seem pointless other than to indicate were afraid.

That instead we should hoist our ‘battle’ colours (music and laughter and the arts).

We have lost a dear comrade in arms today but must be prepared to loose more and now is not the time to dwell in fear and misery but to rejoice and engage the enemy by exploiting their weakness.

We have also had the opportunity to learn, we are not alone, their other capable captains among the fleet who are flying independently and like us using the borg first fray to lean more and prepare for the battles to come. When the time is right a meeting of the captains will take place no doubt and I will brief the captain on those who I believe can take the fight to the enemy. But for now we learn who among the fleet seriously understand the seriousness of the war which comes our way – the time has come to put away childish things.

MT Firefly Class Support & Rescue. Coms & Tactics. Roger Out.


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