Angry Brad Sad & Needs A New Looser Party to Gut & Wreck.

Brad Flutey (centre) & his bigoted Jew hating Freemason buddy Kelvyn Alps also known as Kelvyn Alps mate of Vinny Eastwood who built his platform hunting Freemason until he jumped ship and began taking money from shady right-wing types — how’s that working out for you exactly Vinny and where have all your shiny right wing mates gone now you in the shit!!

Brad Flutey has being fired from Social Credit. No surprises their it was just a matter of time before Flutey reputation for being an unstable and vitriolic asshole caught up with him.

“I thought I would update everyone on Telegram. The Social Credit Party has removed me as the candidate for Northland. I can’t really definitively say why,” he said.

“They essentially tried to get around the fact that they had removed me for my opinions by cleverly not telling me when my membership expired, and it looks as though they are not accepting a new application.”

Before joining Social Credit Brad was a member of the failed Outdoors Party that is led by Sue Grey a lawyer turned activist after she got fired from her corporate gig as a result of having a conflict of interest and Alan Simmons (formerly Peter Dunne ‘renta lobbyist’ flunkey). Then Brad could be found sniffing round NZPP when it became clear Outdoors would get even less votes that NZPP could. Before landing next a role with Social Credit who at some point had the good sense to be appalled and ditch the largely unhinged Flutey loose when it became clear his baggage would damage their cause..

NZPP & Outdoor right wing parties have opportunistically tapped into a disenfranchised population tired of National Labour and other mainstream parties, those working hand and glove with corporations to deliver us corporate fascism be it neoconservatism or neoliberalism (fake left) e.g. more of the same. So no doubt will see Brad pop up some where else, frothing at the mouth, to spout his weird and usually contradictory or plagiarised ideas angrily and bombastically.

So if your a small right wing party with access to lucrative and shady income sources and you need someone to make sure your pointless party achieves absolutely zero (other than entrenching the status quo), in the polls, we know just the dipshit for you. Some one who will be perfect for the job of making your small irrelevant party look even shittier than it is already. Come on Brad give it up the voters are really not interested in uneducated hicks with poor anger management skills. You’re doing your cause (as Social Credit realised) more harm than good – Maybe that is why Kelvyn & his pervert freemason mates like you and Vinny so much you both make great patsy. As your both dumb as fuck.


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