The Murderous Truth About Being ‘Kind.’

The right are douche bags and yet that the only thing saving this right win douche bag government is Key a bigger fuckwit than Adern. Yet in saying that the fake left (Karen and her cats) screech ‘shut up John Key your time as PM over’ but stay oddly silent when John mates Helen and her ulter ego the Helen Clark Foundation pops up to take their turn as back seat PM as they seek their corporate funded hooks into our health system, constitutional reforms, academia and water. The future for our youth is looking bleaks and our Covid response wont help.

Then of course their another thing neurotic middle class Karen hates, intruding on her comfortable middle class North East Valley Dunedin lifestyle is the hard cold truth delivered with out pink hair and Mediawork (aka Media whores) marketing gimmicks.

Neoliberal first it stole our political process and now it stealing our souls.

Our Covid response strategy is based around protecting 7000 kiwis using Imperial Collge formula. Reality is the math (as offered up by other epidemiologists) shows the actual risk is about 3000. Or twice the pop of regular flu. So being generous our shutting down of the nation based on 1500 more people dying than usually happens. Give or take and yes these are just ball park figures.

Now how many of these well be;

A. be over 70 and lived their three score and ten.

73.4 years is the global, life expectancy which has increased by more than 6 years between 2000 and 2019 – from 66.8 years in 2000 to 73.4 years in 2019. While healthy life expectancy (HALE) has also increased by 8% from 58.3 in 2000 to 63.7, in 2019, this was due to declining mortality rather than reduced years lived with lie quality robbing disabilities (which in fact may be escalating).

B. Likely to either be dead in ten years and or

C. Suffering from dementia or other ailment where yes they are alive but with what quality of life.

I guess that cover at less a 1/3 of those who we ‘saved’.

Almost 70,000 Kiwis are living with dementia today. Almost 170,000 Kiwis are likely to be living with dementia by 2050 4 out of 5 New Zealanders know or have known someone living with dementia. The total cost of dementia to NZ is now around $2.5b and will reach around $5.9b by 2050. The raw math is by seeking to keep 3000 -7000 kiwi of whom 50% will be dead or wishing they were ( to quote my own mum who passed away last year thankfully from a painful bowel cancer – as opposed to her creeping dementia which she feared worse than the cancer). We also saw over 10,000 people delay life saving treatment for cancer, unknown amount die or become sick (the kind of sickness you don’t recover from) from other ailments so already the threat assessment math modelling looks wack and appear to be based on being seen to do good as opposed to deliver real relief and thinking ahead.

Next to add is impact on GDP where the rule of thumb is every 1% dump in GDP mortality average also dives 1% that work out in NZ to about 250,000 (last time I looked at the gdp dive) whose quality of life will be cut short. And no again that is not a precise figure either but it does convey the point the threat assessment model is not just based on Covid death but also on how economy decline can and does have an impact on the nations physical health and wellbeing. And Karen need to put that in her equation as she listen to the media works (whores) spin on what kindness actually is beyond the saccharine sound bytes.

To be my own devils advocate the actual issue of population growth is misleading if we accept the real issue is insufficient sharing of te planets resources. But as that not being addressed then over population does become the camel that brakes the planets back. So yeah let go and save Karens 99 year old granny and all the old people in western nations as the third word faces mass starvation 135 million and counting as a direct result of Covid lockdowns. Lockdown are something only developed nations can afford. Or those willing to steal from their kids future by borrowing massively.

Short version is Key is a douche and the right are opportunist but a deeper dive into our policy shows there a dark side that points to the unpopular idea the current cure is worse than the disease. Not withstanding quite frankly yes I do wish a plague came and took 20% becuase if it does not we may very will kill this planet anyway. We seem to be in a crisis that Karen believes in as she however think somehow it does apply to her as well.

The world is still 100 seconds to midnight after a punishing 2020 marred by mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic and continued fears over nuclear risks and climate change, according to the annual Atomic Science Doomsday Clock January assessment

I have no problem with that scenario were in trouble but acting like still living the first world dream that the planet cant afford. Other than of course those who deserve less to die are usually the most vulnerable. That is compared to the ass holes on this planet that really do need to walk in the shoes of my mum as she walked her last mile bed ridden a single clear and powerful teardrop being all she could muster. Her way of trying to say to me all the things she wanted to but had not the strength to express as she left this world with the dignity she was determined not to have robbed from her.

Meet the Precariat life was looking bleek already for the youth and now Covid assured they wont get the same piece of the pie we enjoyed.

A profound experience that confirmed for me that most people have not got clue regarding what actual compassion is. Verse the saccharine version we get delivered to us by politicians ‘left’ and ‘right’ out to please Karen and her neurotic sense of what being kind is. A version which seems more about being seen to be kind than based on any actual long term thoughts of how we should be treating this panademic in way we don’t rob our youth of their chance at prosperity and a good quality life as well.


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