Short Memory – The Lesson We ‘Forgot’ About 9/11 – Profiteering & Civil Liberties Abuse Following A Global Crisis – The DEADLINE REPORT FRESH FM –

THE DEADLINE REPORT FRESH FM BEN VIDGEN ON FRESH FM 911 & THE LESSON WE HAVE NOT LEARNED. 26 Minutes with song break (Short memory Midnight oil)

Ben Vidgen who specialised in counter terrorism as political science student talks (and in 1995 complete 1 30,000 word dissertation on History of Middle eastern & Western European terrorism -overseen by Dr Vincent orange) terrorism and about the lessons of 9/11 visa the need to protect civil liberties abuse and preventing profiteering during a global crisis.

Ben talk about shutting down of the Convar cyber forensic and the story he published in October 2000 The Pacific Jihad warning how civilian aircraft would be used in terror attack and the interview he held with (now a former) Security Intelligence Service Middle Eastern Desk Officer James Adams on terrorism and inside trading.

Ben Vidgen Investigate October 2000

Vidgen looks at his 1995 article State of Terror where he warned on the rise of right wing terror (identifying in his 1999 best seller State Secrets Gun City owner David Tipple , the man who armed the March 15th Chch shooter’s links to those arming right wing mercenary forces and Islamic militants) and he talks of the expert and world leader who warned 911 was coming as that authorities were being prevented from investigating the issue due to “the politics of oil”. The show looks at how House of Saud and the US Military Industrial complex funded Osama Bin Laden who after 9/11 was used as the pretext for the invasion of Afghanistan and he look at how the fraud of Weapons of Mass Instruction in Iraq led to the invasion of Iraq on the lie Iraq was behind 9/11.

Ben Vidgen warns Christchurch in 1999 about David Tipple
the man who armed Mass Murder David Gray, Equipped Gangs and Operation 8 activist
and eventually white supremacist Brenton Tarrant as he finds him in bed with right the same American arming the Mujahedeen and Right Wing Extremist

Ends the show with a “smoking gun” looking at how Anthrax attacks in the USA soon after 9/11 when in an interview with NBC’s Meet The Press on December 9, 2001, then-Vice President Dick Cheney said,“It’s been pretty well confirmed that (Atta) did go to Prague, and he did meet with a senior official of the Iraqi intelligence service in (the Czech Republic) last April, several months before the attack”. Except the Anthrax was identified independently by the Federation of American scientist were traced to Fort Detrick and how this key fact combined with the Jane Intelligence report showing how a 9/11 terrorist Mohammed Atta was under surveillance by Czechoslovakia (meeting with Iraqi diplomat Ahmad Samir Al-Ani and the man “Atta” was identified for the Czechs by Israeli agents despite Atta reportedly not being knowing to western intelligence and that the actual Atta was getting a ticket in Florida on the day the man getting ‘anthrax’ from a Iraqi colonel was identified in Czechoslovakia.

US leader blame 911 terrorist for Anthrax based on intelligence report which identifies Israel knowledge of Atta meeting Iraqi diplomat – one mall problem the anthrax used in the attack turns out to be made in a Pentagon laboratory.


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