The Men From Minerva – Where Ever They Go Things Seems To Go Boom! The Colonel & The Major.

‘Left’ & Right wing anti globalist extremist were annoyingly active in August 2021

You might also have heard me mention this month on two lot of chaps going found and putting up terror flyers in Nelson one was anti Maori (blamed on a group called Action Zealandia, named after the mythical daughter of Britannia the Imperial colonial version of Athena and the Roman Godess Minerva) the other was a was anti white and attempt to frame up Maori Nationalist .

Atma Moore & Shane Te Hamua get framed for planting flyer aimed at stirring up hate. ‘The Patrick Gower school of journalism’ however looses all interest when they catch the actual culprits and never mentions them again.

The anti white version fakely blamed Maori activist and I believe their has being arrest with two Pākehās (Caucasian) charged after threatening posters were circulated in Nelson, claiming to be from Māori activists.

“A 65-year-old man and a 56-year-old woman, both from Nelson, have been jointly charged with obstructing the course of justice. They entered not guilty pleas in the Nelson District Court”.

It is understood police obtained CCTV footage of people in balaclavas posting the pamphlets.

The pair will reappear in the Nelson District Court in July.

The matter is being kept very low key in the courts (bit like the guys who started those fires in Nelson a few years back – now I come to think of it) and so far attempts to find out more has drawn a blank. It however has allowed Nick Smith to publicly put down Nazi despite his own links to the ultra racist Nelson Club which was subject to an expose that showed the club was fill of racist far right types and ex military conservative fascists type who are wealthy and lawyered up and who oddly the Patrick Gower School of Journalism wont go near.

A third flyer drop also talk place in Dunedin where the March 15th shooter was based and where in 2017 20,000 rounds of ammunition was stolen (by local gang scene from which skin head use to be recruited from) from the Dunedin Pistol club whose sister club caused concern due to it apparent link to far right wing types including it was later revealed the shooter. The two clubs are used by the police for training and also have ties to the Todd Group who advertise

Geoff Todd Group A logo all abut crusaders and God.

The Todd System of European Military Close Combat comprise of three phases:

Phase One

  • Unarmed offensive and unarmed counter offensive assault
  • Edged and bludgeon weapon disarming at all ranges including being held at weapon point (phase ambush)
  • Preventing and escaping all holds and grabs
  • Psychological conditioning and preparation for actions on CQC/MSD
  • Medical aspects of close combat
  • Combat conditioning

    Their clients according to testimony on their website list US South African special forces, military insiders, and law enforcement. The school is also talked widely about in social circles affiliated with Dunedin’s predominantly white fight club scene also popular with the local gang scene and other ‘manly’ types.

You might if you read my 1999 best seller State Secrets recall me writing of a similar event back in the the 1990s; “The connection of these groups to the State are worth examining briefly: Current South Island far right wing organisations include Force 88, who popped out of nowhere in 1997, coinciding with Mike Moore’s (Moore was the tough ex meat worker, deemed the spin doctor for Labour economically right Rogernomics policies of the 1980s – he went on to head the WTO and tried to sell a philosophy of the free market as a ‘World Without Walls’. Left wing groups rejected this until it was re-packaged in the early 2000’s when Moore was now the UN special Envoy of Global Migration. It would now be known as the Global Migration Pact the same issue the March 15th shooter allegedly opposed Ed note) decision to make gangs a public issue. The sudden emergence of skinheads as the number one news story was assisted by a spate of
“skinhead related attacks” within Christchurch, including an attack on a Somalian woman and ending with the attack on an African male at Sumner beach. The gentleman, who coincidentally turned out to be the head of the Christchurch Africa Association, was set upon by two skinheads who then scarpered, leaving Police to charge a group of “petrol heads” who had gathered to watch the “entertainment”. One source, familiar with the group charged, described the group as “so stupid they wouldn’t know how to spell racism let alone know what it means”. The attack, which was said to have occurred for over ten minutes, took place within sight of a Police vehicle, but unfortunately the Police didn’t realise what was happening, and did not intervene until the original instigators of the attack had fled…. The African victim’s rescuers were, in fact, an off duty Police officer and civilian whose own brother had been slain in a racially-motivated killing the year before. Subsequent investigations discovered that the Stormtroopers Gang could be linked to the National Front, led by a skinhead working for the Christchurch City Council who was being paid to rehabilitate skinheads. For his work, the skinhead received a grant of $15,000 from the Christchurch council and another $35,000 from the Prime Minister’s Office Crime Prevention Authority”.

Left founder of Right Wing Resistance linked to Christchurch shooter and Australian Neo Nazi’s who fought with the Pentagon funded Neo Nazis, the Azov battalion, in the Ukraine where the shooter is believed to have got his combat training. This and the fact the government funded a right wing organisation for over two decades has never being commented on by the Patrick Gower school for contemporary journalism – so much for the deep dive.

The skin head in question was the founder of the National Front (and many suspect Action Zealandia as well) Kyle Chapman. His New Way Trust remained government funded and unaudited (despite early requirement of the Trust stipulating this be done yearly and funds drawn be signed off by councillor or a policeman) up until 2014. This is when their when serious questions were finally raised over just how was Chapman using the Council government provided Trust funds. Chapman remained involved in the trust despite academic Jarod Gilbert noting in 2020 police spoke up for the Trust conduct yet a plethora of violent racist activity from the allegedly ‘reformed’ skin head saw Chapman part from the trust, “His association with the trust became untenable and he left to establish a new skinhead gang – the Hammerskins”

Except as we now know Chapman continued to get state funding long after that via the vehicle of the ‘New Way Trust’. Oddly this has also not being mention once by either the Gower School of Journalism or the bloggers, vloggers and other pet press apparatchiks of Labour, who market themselves as ‘woke’ but again shy off going after the kind of white supremacist who can lawyer or up or have a record of being state backed.

Following his parting from the Trust Chapman established the Right Wing Resistance (RWR)

RWR can be linked the The Christchurch shooter and Australian soldier Ethan Tilling who fought in the Pentagon financed Neo Nazi mercenary Azov battalions along with at least six other Australians (As the USA had a on and off again relationship with Azov between 2016 and 2018).

The shooter like wise is known to have gone to the Ukraine, wore Azov dog tags and had a Azov mission patch sewn on to the combat pack he used in the attack.

US Financed operative Roman Protasevich shows the Pentagon link to Azov Neo Nazis – WHATS THE POINT IN PASSING NEW TERROR LAWS WHEN YOUR GOVERNMENT AND THEIR ALLIES KEEP FUNDING THEM

The March 15th shooter Azov Ukraine dog tags and mission patch.

The 1995 precursor to my book State of Terror details how the West used both far right and neo Nazi mercenaries during the war in Bosnia in the 1990’s. That these extremists where supplied with weapons flown in on aircraft with links to western intelligence. That included Auckland based Pacific Express the UN aid freighting firm who fled NZ after embezzling 12 million. The head of the New Zealand Serious Fraud Office Charles Sturt confirms the head of Pacific Express was CIA backed in his book Dirty Collars.

My 1999 book also talked of how David Tipple Gun City’s had being linked to Iran Contra white supremacist mercenary types, recall the book also talked about a Dunedin Christchurch based mercenary outfit Minerva.

Minerva set up in the 1980’s using far right Rhodesian SAS types and over seen by serving military top bass , national MPs and even Humphrey Rolleston the chairman of Christchurch Foundation who after the March 15th attack set up a special page for collecting donation for terror victim (never mind the victims say they have not received a dollar).

(Above excerpts from State Secrets (1999).

Minerva ‘let slip the hunting dogs of war’

Minerva ( a de-facto icon for the SAS 21st Artist Rifles) was run by a former Rhodesian born member of the British SAS Mike Graham, who worked with a racist Rhodesia government putting down African independence (creating unfortunately a environment which Mugabe later exploited ).

Graham now works in Auckland as head of security for a supermarket chain. Foodstuffs North Island, the company behind New World, Pak ‘n Save and Four Square outlets. Graham is also listed as a director in Legend Security Limited started on 14th February 2005. In July Food Stuff up graded it security infrastructure as most super markets have being doing over the past 12 months.

Graham’s British commanding office, since he served in the 1980’s, would have being Colonel Bernard Isherwood. The Colonel lives at Britannia Height Nelson (according to company records). His owns a company is called Fern Bridge Investments (Bernhard a big fan of Keys Silver Fern ‘NZ Story’ campaign), which in fact is high level security consultants for Government and American multinationals corporations world wide.

Colonel Bernard retirement plan keep getting disrupted as every where he goes things tend to go BOOM! Apparently Major Mike has the same problem.

The Old Boys Network

Minerva (and the fact one of its director was involved in a charity collecting money for victims of the Christchurch attack, despite his own right wing link) and its assortment of conservative military were white and were right types always reminded me of the really creepy Rhodesian special forces type I once worked with in the Force Intelligence Group, FIG was run by my Colonel Peter Maher who was my C.O. while I worked with them on attachment from 3Fld HQ;s

Maher is another man, post publishing my book, whose career I have followed with interest. Especially the bit where Maher got all chummy with ASIO and documents from the 1990 NZ Commonwealth Games {where he worked in security} start turning up in so called ‘Lucas Heights’ terrorist hands while he working on Australian Olympic security with my creepy old ex Rhodesian Scout mate from FIG.

The Major’ Mike Graham with then Rhodesian Minister of Defence Pieter Kenyon van der Byl.


Where ‘The Colonel’ goes things go BOOM!
Major Mike Graham enjoys falconry a sport enjoyed by at less one member of the Nelson Club as he now lives in Auckland as head of security for a super market chain who were overhauling their security pre attack.

In my book this man is called SKULL HAND due to the Rhodesian SAS tattoo on his hand Which looks like an upside down beetle. I always recall (as I detail in my 1999 book) SKULL HAND telling me how the scouts would go out and carry out attacks so they could arrest suspects or blame it on the Africans. The scouts were predator of the worse kind and Rhodesian SAS*1 were not far behind.

Excerpt from State Secrets written in 1999.

I also recall the tactic used by Brigadier Frank Kitson to play one side against each otter which became standard SAS M,O. in Africa, Ireland (Project Nemesis) and more recently in Basra in Iraq.

This divide and conqueror tactic was also employed during Italy years of lead where industrialists, supported by US intelligence established paramilitaries paid terror groups on the left and right to conduct bombings with the aim of polarising the populace. That way they were so they were so busy fighting each other they failed to notice how the only ones making money were the industrialist who had become monopolies. Subsequent anti corruption trials held in Italy in the 1980s termed this tactic the ‘strategy of tension.

‘ P2 perhaps was the most famous example of a strategy of tension terror cell, a deep state agent provocateur, born directly from the post war clock and dagger cold war era paranoia ( who also marks the point in time US intelligence began using hired Neo Nazi goons in its secret wars: as documented by recent declassified papers) ). Some commentators have observed that the polarisation of populace that were watching in the USA and the rest of the West as parrels with Italy’s era of the years of lead when P2 was active and the dogs of War (Minerva) were let loose and permitted to hunt.

Interesting times we live in for sure.


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