SHARE & ENJOY E.G. Go ‘Stick Your Head In A Pig; – The Problem With Trusting Big Pharma & Forced Vaccination Strategies: Its not what happens today we have to worry about but what we then permit to happen tomorrow when we con ourselves into thinking such policies are acceptable and ethical.


The problem with mandatory vaccines policies that no one is considering is that it is actually giving a BIG tick to the very undemocratic idea that the private sector should control and run our health system. It that one factor which right now has me leaning towards no jab. Not because I have an issue with vaccination (have had plenty) or believes the ‘nano kill boy’ hysteria of the Billy Bull shitter brigade. Yet I baulk at the idea of injecting my self with a product who;

A.) manufactures receives indemnity a factor which Pfizer is clearly demonstrating a willingness to exploit to the maximum as mean of raping the third world resources. You are literally now seeing multinational saying to third world nations hand over your cash and “military bases” as collateral.

Source: Aljazeera Mar 11 2021 Investigation: Drug maker ‘bullied’ Latin American nations According to a UK media group, drug maker Pfizer held Argentina and Brazil ‘to ransom’ with ‘shocking’ demands.

Pharmalittle: Pfizer accused of ‘bullying’ some countries during vaccine talks; FDA to quickly analyze Covid-19 booster shots Feb. 23, 2021

B.) I don’t believe (but hand up have in reality no fucking clue – not having spent eight years at university on this topic) that todays vaccine are a sci version of a Frankenstein Werewolf vampires gremlin bioweapon’. And again I am a filthy dirty smoker so when faced with what I do put in my body a bit of jab junk the least of my worries.

I do believe (because unless you live in a cave it not news that their are some fairly terrifying techs very much in the advanced proto type and testing stages out there) that if you gives these folk, who really have an appalling human rights record, this kind of power your establishing commercial precedent.

If you permit mandatory forced medicine now then that become the permitted norm and then your opening a door that once open can’t be shut again. And then yes the killer nano bots GMO gremlins will be what we may very well be dealing with tomorrow.

C) And it does not take a genius or a scientist to see this is not a one off.

Rather each year we will be expected to get a mandatory booster shots not just for covid but for whatever the next boogeyman (or should that be buggey man) virus of the day is. Heard of ‘never ending wars’. Will welcome to never ending medicine to borrow a page from right wing hawk Henry Kissinger who thinks this is a good thing.

Withstanding that I am not a vaccine or GMO expert (and I don’t pretend to be). What I do know about this futuristic scenario is it will greatly enhances the risk of side affects and provides the perfect storm conditions for the risk posed by ‘bad’ vaccines. The kind vaccines which the world’s leading virologist New Zealander Dr Robert Webster of St Jude warns can and have cause global outbreaks. Be it due to vaccine’s being badly applied or becuase of third world knock off vaccines, or those simply hoping to cash in on the New World’s drug goldrush. Bad vaccines can and have being the catalyst for even deadlier strains (in which case no doubt we will get another mass vaccine to deal with that too and the derailing train will pick up even more speed).

Another things I remain concerned of is the risk a colleague of mine, a scientist, Lt Colonel Professor Chris Shaw raised. Shaw is a Canadian neurologist who studied mass vaccination program at British Columbia University, spurred on by his interest in Gulf War Syndrome ( where some troops received up to 17 jabs in one day ). His findings do concern me.

Source: Expert: Bad vaccines may trigger China bird flu MBC News December 30th 2006.

Source: Gulf War Solider Takes on MOD BBC 3 April 2014.

Namely his view that the formula multi-vaccine variants X multiple jabs, minus the time in between jabs, equals an enhanced risk of side affects. A risk which raises exponentially as jabs increase and the time between jabs decreases. I am aware of numerous sources that agree with Professor Shaw’s hypothesis and like wise sources who will dispute his findings. Yet if nothing else I like to see this issue being more widely discussed and not just by government mouth pieces, corporate funded media, or industry zampolits, who do more danger in public trust of authorities by automatically downplaying such warnings as opposed to acknowledging them and providing an un-bias assessment, an adult dialogue, as to what degree such scenarios are issue (or are not) that we may or may not need to consider going forward as we consider what our response will be not just today but it will be in the long term.

The climate of the public having to make decisions based on having to form reaction on the spot as opposed to forming responses based of foresight is becoming tiresome.

And there in lies the core issue of my scepticism regarding my unwillingness to trust ‘science’. Because largely were not dealing with science it self but those with vest history of lobbying for big pharma in the pursuit of their own agenda.

Much of the global approach is being steered by the Gates Foundation (Yes I know that a cliché. Sure but it also happens to be a truism) a man whom author conservationist and scientist Douglas Adams merciless took the piss out as he based the Sirus Cybernetic Company on Microsoft. Not because Adams was a ludite but because their business model, is all that wrong with un regulated capitalism. Namely it habit of creating a monopoly around flawed engineering (big on marketing, not so hot on actually delivering its over hyped claims), which require you to get never ending updates. Updates that never seem to actually fix the issue at hand permanently.

As drug monopolies emerge, as such companies who follow this model, are enriched by their investments, we will not see better improved vaccines. What we will in fact see is the human race faced with a undemocratic downwards slide caused by free market economics on steroids. So yeah if you live in the first world and have a great job your vaccine is probably not just going to be great it probably will be bloody marvellous (for some the future really is looking bright). The third world however is just going to become one big nasty experiment. Oh and the third world will be anyone outside the luxury bubble of the world’s top 5%’s. You got to pay if your going play in the new world normal.

My frustration with a lot of clever professionals and highly intelligent science minded folks is they certainly understand science better than me (and as as such I endeavoured at all times to check my self and remind myself my area of technical knowledge expertise is not vaccines and germs and what I do know is enough to get me in hot water – all examples are the view listed here are from scientist who I have come to trust based on their track record). However when it comes to understanding geopolitics history and economics they seem utterly naïve. I do not trust this government because I am anti vaxer I’m not. I don’t trust it based on it past record to make good decisions that provide checks and balances against business in the context of their history with Big pharma.

Dating back to 2017 Big Pharma’s Election 2017 lobby group, Andrew Little being busted the same year visa a private dinner from firms wanting drug funding contracts they got. Then of course Labour singed the TPPA despite telling voters if they voted for Labour* they would walk away from the pro drug companies TPPA (Which Helen Clark tabled in 2008 as a Labour Prime Minister).

*= As Labour and National both collaborated on the TPPA behind closed doors together.

And before that the 2005 Annette King Labour’s Minister of Health cover up of the Norwegian vaccine which used NZ as unwitting beta subjects.

And of course let not forget Nicky Hager’s Seeds of Distrust where Green Peace endorsed Hager’s findings of a GMO cover up by Helen Clark’s pro globalisation government.

Add to that the conflict of interest of funding for The Helen Clark Foundation (Clark incidentally is still a Privy Adviser as are insider trader Jenny Shipley, and convicted reckless trader Sir Doug Graham and whole host of ex politicians turned corporate lobbyists) which includes money from Bill Gates Foundation, The Ford Foundation and Arab Vision 2030 Arab nations partner of big pharma UNDP backed programs which Clark headed as the head of the UNDP, in addition to helping lobbyist change the UN position on GMO foods during her tenure at the United Nations.

Mandatory medicine is not a good decsion as it fixes a short term problem by enabling an even larger monster namely CORPORATE GREED.

Thus I think it insanity to put trust in entities whose record when it come to putting people over profits, scientific, transparency, rampant profiteering, and not abusing intellectual property monopolies, can be summed up as the punch line for Douglas Adam’s fictional Sirius Cybernetic Corporation’s Complaint Divisions Company song ‘Share and Enjoy’ which end with the immortal lines “Go stick your head in a pig”.


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