Tiny Gods & Hitler’s Sock Draw.

A quick note to two of my Christian mates and wise souls they are (you know who you are);

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At the moment their is a brand of Christianity doing the rounds of politics that frankly I want to kick to the curb as it pans for donations under the guise of promoting the truth (yeah right). As you know I am a bit of pagan and worship my chosen gods of Hitch Hiking, Chocolate, Music, Oddsocks and Bic Pens. As much because they are good tiny gods, not out to start too many wars and as imaginary friends go you can do worse.

However when ever I go to bash (via the key board) these bible bashers I always think of you two and thinks its very unfair to call some one out on their chosen belief system. Further its not their belief in God that really is the issue. Rather I find their faith is based more on their belief and fear in Satan than an actual belief in God perse. As for the idea of old Lucifer I personally deem him as living in the same time share apartments as Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Oh the devil is real all right but he lives in the heart and imagination of man not in Saddam Hussein underpants or Hitler’s toe jam infested sock draw.

Any ideas on how I might perhaps pour scorn on these fellows earthy ideas of bible their rather hypocritical doubles standards concerning guns and gold and what Christianity is supposedly to be about. How to do it with out insulting those who have chosen a different spiritual path than my own would be mostly appreciated.

Yours a happy heathen.

PS The Socks says hi.

One comment

  1. Were to begin? I’m a Christian. But not “one of those” of whom you speak Ben. I don’t even attend church and would probably have been burned at the stake as a heretic had I been born a couple of centuries ago.
    Your “mates” piss me off too. Their brand of alleged Christianity has little to do with the basic ideologies of New Testament teachings (which are more inline with Socialism-with a hint of Conservatism- than the Far Right).
    The whole gun thing. Very Old Testament “eye for an eye” and “vengeance is mine” mentality if you ask me. Very Mosaic and at odds with Jesus’s revisionist Peace and forgiveness philosophies.
    same goes for gold and all that represents it. Again very Old Testament stuff. What happened to “render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar” (Jesus’s response to a request to commence a resistance by refusal to pay taxes).
    I’m convinced that if there was a return of Christ in our lifetime, these so-called Christians would be the first in line to have him re-crucified.
    Bible bashing? Yeah, nah. Respect the beliefs or others (Atheism included) variety is the spice of life and each to their own. And these people who are preaching the Good Book should read it and understand it themselves before attempting to force-feed it to others.
    Here endeth ye sermon. I’ll get off me soapbox now.


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