Te Anau Corner Pot gets bumped big time.

I call this spot the corner pot. As it not unusual for quake which happens here to after shock with more power usually about a week later in the North Island. Whats odd about this quake is local resident hardly noticed it and yet at a depth of 5km and a magnitude of 6.0 one would have thought it would have had more of an affect on the surface.

Moderate 6.0 Milford Sound earthquake shakes Dunedin, Wanaka, Queenstown -  NZ Herald

The geology of this location runs on the same tectonic plate as Taranaki which runs like a crust up the west coast along the alpine fault. This is also the location were we have being seeing solid sulphur dioxide build up in the atmosphere for about a year. The source of the later is unidentified even after I sent in an OIA which acknowledged the sulfur build up but could not determine cause.

I however have speculated (having ruled out toxic man made sources) it might be a byproduct from the plates rubbing against each other and causing a discharge.

I have noted around a month ago the NEMA (previously Civil Defence) have being paying some attention to this area and Queenstown in relation preparing for a fault induced tsunami.

On the 24th a magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck off the coast of Vanuatu, USGS reports. The quake hit at 9.13am Friday (NZT).It was centred 33 kilometres southwest of Port-Vila, the agency at a depth of 21.8km.

It follow a 7.4 quake 300 km north of white Island 500 km from Vanuatu and 2000 km from the Mexico from the tip of the raoul lsland tectonic plate demarcation line around 500 km from the epicente.

A 7.4 quake also hit Mexico yesterday as a spate of 5+ earthquakes has over the past week hit both New Zealand and West Coast of the USA Cascadia subduction zone whose activities have caused a series of interrelated NZ & Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) exercises in past years and include NEMA communication system being FEMA based which emerges in the form of “presidential” text alerts

IONISED ATMOSPHERE LithosphereAtmosphere–Ionosphere–Magnetosphere Coupling

The 7.4 New Zealand quake took place as number of event took place in the southern hemisphere and along the satellite route used by star link clustered on the UK west coast.

This included whale stranding, bird dropping from the sky, freak lightening storms, spectacular rainbow, rippled skies, multiple mass reports of bolide (fireballs), recorded asteroid emf wake, solar activity, auroa borealis on Mars Saturn and Earth, apparent mass reporting of apparent propagation (signal boosting) cloud seed in the far north of New Zealand, the launch of US Defence Reconnaissance satellite (the first of ts kind outside the USA) and EMF monitoring equipment. Launches that were matched by China launch of ocean based military satellite system and this week a counter emf gps satellite system. Signal which enabled a 24 hour “bogey spotted” warning prior to the 7.2 event which was post on this page which recapped those anomaly. This current 6.0 event has emerge with no such precursors. Will be watching this week with interest as to what unfolds.


“We can all see, but can you observe?”
― A.D. Garrett, Everyone Lies

Rocket Lab To Launch National Reconnaissance Office Mission | Rocket Lab

DON’T STOP NOW ROCKET LAB JUNE 19 2020 LAUNCH NAMED AFTER QUEEN BOHEMIA SONG (“were going to turn the earth inside out”). ===== The Payload includes the Pentagon NRO satellite and the the ANDESITE (Ad-Hoc Network Demonstration for Extended Satellite-Based Inquiry and Other Team Endeavours) Satellite is a small satellite built by students at Boston University to study Earth’s magnetic field ACCORDING to Rocket Labs own websiteinitiate measurements of the magnetosphere with onboard sensors, later releasing eight pico satellites carrying small magnetometer sensors to track electric currents flowing in and out of the atmosphere, a phenomenon also known as space weather. These variations in the electrical activity racing through space can have a big impact on our lives here on Earth, causing interruptions to things like radio communications and electrical systems” ==== Don’t Stop Now follows on from NRO 151 reconnaissance satellite named after the HERALDRY OF THE STAG AND THE BIRDS OF FEATHER COMES FROM THE 1972 ROCKEFELLER ‘ILLUMINATE BALL IT REFER TO THE STAG HEAD DRESS WORN BY BARONESS ROTHCHILD AND THE BIRDS OF FEATHER DRESS WORN BY ACTRESSES AUDREY HEPBURN. ====== It follows a pattern of quirky launch names such as ‘Make It Rain’ that the Pentagon funded NZ Rocket Lab have adopted as much of the research is studying the earths atmosphere signal propagation, when not conducting spy missions, or conducting research for hyper-sonic missile capable of carrying nuclear payloads. =====Another example of this is QuakeTec whose exact launch specifics are unclear and is referred to in the pay load for RL#4 This One’s For Pickering” VCLS-1 (ELaNa XIX) & Rocket lab launch 10 Running Out of Fingers. The payload is named after William Pickering NZ born US Defence scientist the father of satellite communication the study of propagation (signal boosting) who took part in the 1954 geo-warfare experiment Starfish which disrupted the Van Allen Belt and triggered seismic events in Alaska and Chile in 1962 ten years before Project Long Bank conducted “geo-warfare” atmosphere experiment in Blenheim according to Owen Wilkes in his 1973 book Protest found the term in US declassified documents.

Rocket Lab's first launch of 2020 takes an NRO payload to orbit
21:13 – 22:03 UTCPICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN The mission objective for the CE-SAT-IB satellite is to demonstrate Canon Electronics Inc.’s Earth-imaging technology with high-resolution and wide-angle cameras & ADVANCED ALGORITHMIC ANALYST

My full length of precursors which indicate active ionisation which contemporary atmospheric scientists have come to associate with seismic activity ( known as LithosphereAtmosphere–Ionosphere–Magnetosphere Coupling and is the basis of the US Navy Lockheed Martin Rocket Lab Auckland University of Technology Quaketec EMF monitoring satellite and the NRO’s Don’t Stop Now — in addition to several other Rocket lab launches focused on propagation and LithosphereAtmosphere–Ionosphere–Magnetosphere Coupling interrelations) include.

I note when I first began researching geowarfare mainstream science was adamant the ionosphere had no impact on seismic events. My own research showed this was not true. Further I quickly discovered that much of that research conducted by the military as far back as the 1950’s had remained classified until he 1990’s. So the first observation of a plasma ‘sprite’ by civilian atmospheric or astrophysics scientist did not take place until 1995. Modern geology continues to struggle with the finding of contemporary astro and atmospheric research which the deem an infringement on their turf.

PPT - An Electric Coupling Model for the Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere  System PowerPoint Presentation - ID:1866358
  1. Whale stranding – this correlates with the research now conducted by former Soviet geowarfare scientist Soviet Academy of science projects Mercury and Vulcan. This has often being blamed on seismic sonar blasting. I query that on the basis of NZ allegations and limited necropsy studies on whales (conducted with little cohesion between NZ universities and authorities) in mass standings. Which showed no internal ear or organ damage and the tests blamed in question came no wear the 500 km danger area even when pod traffic and vessel course was back track and cross referenced. In contrast emf sources where active in the affected pods such as the 2010 201 mass whale standing in New Zealand which coincided with activity at HAARP (as documented in Canterbury University own HAARP studies Hop 1 & Hop2) and as shown on their own magnetosphere readings of activty before the site was taken off line and away from public scrutiny.
BIG ONE WARNING: Huge earthquake predicted after mass beaching of whales in  New Zealand | Science | News | Express.co.uk

2. Bird & Bees dropping from the sky en-mass this may be emf induced or in case of birds and mass mammal deaths from digesting materials used for propagation. Post quakes endangered bees have being housed in damaged homes of the former red zone. An idea which may offer resident a short term alarm system of it own. The Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 90, 2, pp. 312–323, April 2000 has some interesting notes regarding research in this arena

Effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMF) on honey bee  queen development and mating success | bioRxiv

3. Sulphur atmospheric readings as plates rub they ionise the atmosphere like rubbing your shoes on carpet. A combination of water evaporation producing salt* which then burns off and produces sulphur dioxide can leave a chemical finger print of seismic activity. This is what we have being seeing over Teanau since last year (when we began looking) and noting the correlative activity.
Recorded vapours, smoke and odours of sulphur or bitumen association in combination with earthquake lights or bollides dates back to 89BC.

* Which has conductive propagation properties and we note the NZ HAARP Longbank sites and Rocket lab transmitters are built in proximity to slat flats or water with high salt content.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 103290673_2729051980534293_6043427652521478173_n.jpg

4. Freak lightening storms Tornadoes – two or more event happening in excessive of normal expected weather patterns. The weirder the light show the more the sky is charged.

Houstonians get their cameras out as double rainbow appears over city -  Houston Chronicle

5. Rippled skies, gravity waves over marine stratocumulus pattern clouds.

Gravity Waves Ripple over Marine Stratocumulus Clouds
Introduction | SpringerLink

6/7. Multiple mass reports of bollides (fireballs) Sonic Booms- if associated with sonic booms indicating plasma activity is taking place with the atmosphere even better.

Ionospheric disturbances in the vicinity of the Chelyabinsk meteoroid  explosive disruption as inferred from dense GPS observations - Perevalova -  2015 - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library

Above below CHELYABINSK METEOR exact location telecommunication centre for Mscow missile defence network site. Eight other meteorite occurred that day landing at strategically sensitive sites such as Mariel, on the northwestern coast of Cuba. The same location of the 1960 Cuban Missile Crisis Normally only 8 asteroids occur a year The event recorded numerous Ionospheric disturbances (ABOVE)

8 SPACE WEATHER ‘BOW SHOCK’ Recorded asteroid/bolide emf wake ‘bow sock’ any space weather which stimulate atmospheric plasma activity enhances propagation ideal for signal transmitting. The larger the rock the larger the bow-shock the larger the seismic impact. Coupled with multi-event enhance exponentially the power of the bow-shock of subsequent activity following on from the initial event or shock.

Bolide Airbursts as a Seismic Source for the 2018 Mars InSight Mission |  SpringerLink

9. Solar activity any space weather which stimulate atmospheric ‘bow shock’ plasma activity enhances propagation ideal for signal transmitting.

The Magnetosphere (Chapter 12) - Geomagnetism, Aeronomy and Space Weather

10. Auroa borealis on earth indicating plasma stimulation in the upper high atmospheric. The greater the level of sightings – the further away from the pole the higher the level of atmospheric stimulation anticipated.

What are the Northern Lights? - BBC News

11. Multi planet light show In events when borealis is active on other planets this again is space weather pattern indicating a high level of plasma activity.

Project Cloverleaf - The Purpose Behind Man-Made Skies | Under the ocean,  Radar, Remote island

12. Apparent propagation (signal boosting) cloud seeding. A controversial subject but US military Operation Clover Leaf, which specifically used nano material made from refractive properties to boost and monitor signal transmission and dispersal patterns, appears to more widely documented than MSM credit it. Appears as an extension of Operation Crow Flight the USA, NZ Australian, post WWII studies into nuclear weapons explosions including Dr William Pickering experiments into electrons and propagation. Pickering can be credit as the father of electron warfare the evolution of atomic weaponry following his observation of what happened to electrons in the sky following Project Star Fish Prime and other atmospheric nuclear tests which was monitored by Pickering designed satellite explorer 1.

THE USAF RESCUE COLLECTION: USAF 2157th ARS / 4028th SRS / Operation  Crowflight Patch Set

13. Crow Flight Phenomenon non random locations -site specific. Events which relate to space anomaly that take place on known satellite orbits or known hardware launch sites – often marked by major exercise (often electronic warfare in nature) or significant geopolitical events.

As The Crow Flies | Rocket Lab

14. SALT FRYING Events which relate DIRECTLY to man made propagation research or facility or research programs tend to be marked by major exercise (often electronic warfare in nature) or significant geopolitical events. For example the Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab Launch 5: R3D2 - Rocket Lab R3d2 - Hoodie | TeePublic

15. Plugging In Events which relate to man made LithosphereAtmosphere–Ionosphere–Magnetosphere Coupling experiments tend to be marked by major exercise (often electronic warfare in nature) or significant geopolitical events.

QuakeTec - Home | Facebook

16. Electromagnetic Equipment disturbances radio gps satellite aircraft interference

17 Wave mantle atmosphere stimulated events have a more pronounced or exaggerated P wave.

Seismic Waves

The higher the level of emergence of such factor combined with the number of events present give an indicator of scale which combined with clustering of events geographical location given an indicator of where.

Events that have none of these or only a few can be terms classic or natural quakes.

Events that have excessive precursors are ‘quakes of interest’ especially when the 1) precursors are clearly are man made related and not just atmospheric or space weather induced. 2) Hardware can be found at ground zero or at time of event that is specifically focused on stimulating observing or researching LithosphereAtmosphere–Ionosphere–Magnetosphere Coupling

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